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The end is almost here. American Idol bids adieu in just a couple of weeks. Hopefully, the network plans to send the show off in style. After all, the singing competition did chance the face of television.

FOX begins the three-night extravaganza with a 90-minute retrospective titled American Idol: American Dream on Tuesday, April 5. It’ll feature Ryan Seacrest, judges including Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul and more, along with alums walking down memory lane to share their personal memories and tell never-before revealed stories.

The two-night finale then starts on April 6 with the show crowning its final Idol on April 7 live from the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood. The big Thursday show will feature group and solo performances from a whackload of former contestants including Kelly Clarkson, Daughtry, Carrie Underwood and Fantasia.

I’m personally looking forward to seeing LaToya London, Kimberley Locke, Tamyra Gray and Jessica Sanchez the most. They even have Sanjaya on deck. Sadly, Jennifer Hudson isn’t included in the list. What’s up with that? Check out the lineup below.

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The other day, Fox revealed their new celebrity dating show, “The Choice“, debuting this summer. It’s “The Voice” meets “The Dating Game” sprinkled with a little “So You Think You Can Dance” courtesy of Cat Deeley. The British host will be serving double duty this summer for FOX by returning to SYTYCD and hosting this new reality guilty pleasure.

So what is “The Choice“? It’s your opportunity to go on a date with a “celebrity”. The six-episode series will feature singles pitch themselves as the ideal love connection to celebrity bachelors/bachelorettes who are seated with their backs turned to them a la “The Voice” during the blind auditions. If more than one celebrity turns around, the non-famous single person will get to choose who they want. From there, it goes to some sort of “Speed Choice” round, but I’ll wait for Cat Deeley to describe that part when the show airs. This post is to reveal all the celebrities involved.

Appearing on the show are 20 male celebs and 4 female ones. They range from professional athletes, to reality stars to actors. If you’ve ever wanted to date Mike “The Situation”, Olympian Jeremy Bloom or middle child Joe Jonas, then “The Choice” is the “choice” for you. Check out all the stars willing to sell themselves out for some television airtime. Truth be told, there are actually a couple of hotties. I’d even sign up for an opportunity to win them over.

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I love when celebrities makes bets with each other. The result is always amazing stuff like this. When Stephen Colbert challenge Late Night host Jimmy Fallon to raise $26,000 for charity, I don’t think Stephen realized the power that Jimmy had to pull in funds. In losing the bet and being a great sport, Stephen took to the stage at Jimmy’s show to sing a rendition of Rebecca Black’s song, Friday.

The musical number involved some pretty awesome special guests. For the rap, Jimmy’s house band The Roots kicked it mocking the car scene by driving in with just a car door. For the famous bridge, Jimmy Fallon made his own cameo and then out of nowhere, forgotten American Idol winner Taylor Hicks.

To finish off the number with a bang, the New York Knicks’ Dance Team jumped on the stage with an explosive dance routine. This was absolutely hilarious and so much better than the original. I think they should record a full version and sell it on iTunes to raise more money. What do you think?

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Is Lee DeWyze The Worst Idol Winner Ever?

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Perhaps Lee DeWyze should’ve picked a different title for his debut album instead of “Live It Up“. That title certainly don’t describe his first week sales of his debut album. His first post-Idol CD not only debuted at No. 19 on the Billboard 200, but it only moved 39,000 units. That number represents the worst figure ever for an Idol winner debut. In fact, it’s even lower than any of the runner-ups as well. Diana DeGarmo previously held that record with 47,000 records.

Some might argue that the recording industry has changed since DeGarmo competed. In other words, people don’t buy full records like they used to. That may be true, but last year’s winner, Kris Allen, sold 80,000 while runner-up, Adam Lambert, moved almost 200,000. While I liked DeWyze, I didn’t feel he was the rightful winner from Season 9. Just like Allen, they were the token guitar-playing cute guys who won the hearts of the tween girls across the US. Both Lambert and Bowersox were robbed. In the end, record sales is the sweetest revenge and Glambert certainly proved that. I hope Crystal Bowersox can do the same when her debut, “Farmer’s Daughter” hits December 14th.

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New American Idol Season 10 Video Promos

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Let the official countdown to “American Idol Season 10” begin. The following two ad spots (30 sec and 60 sec) started airing during Fox’s World Series coverage. With all the extensive changes the long-running show has undergone over the summer, I was worried the upcoming season would focus on Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler. Thankfully Nigel Lythgoe and company focused instead, on the talent. You even get to see a handful of auditioners at the end.

Both clips feature all of American Idol’s previous winners in their respective hometowns. The commercial spots reminds us all the star-making potential this show has. Without it, we would’ve never known the joys that are Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood and Jordin Sparks. You can also add plenty of other names on that list who’ve appeared on the show but never won.

Every year I look forward to “American Idol“, but in the last few years, it’s certainly lost its way. Just look at the picture above. The first six winners, love them or hate them, are memorable. I really hope the producers are true to their word and focus the show on finding the next music superstar and not about the judging drama or weekly mentors.

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American Idol Winners: Who’s The True Idol?

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I really wanted Adam Lambert to win American Idol. He took the whole formula to a new level with his creativity, style and talent. But like several of my favourites before him, he lost. Oh well. He’ll probably go on to a mega career anyway without having to sing that HORRIBLE “No Boundaries” song. Now that I think about it, maybe he’s actually a little thankful he didn’t win. What about years gone by? Which winners rocked, which flopped and who should’ve won? Much like Donovan’s ANTM winners list, here is my take on America’s Idols from worst to best.

Number 8: Taylor Hicks

Ugh. Soul Patrol my ass. I don’t even really want to talk about him. No video for you! Let’s talk about season 5’s Katharine McPhee and Chris Daughtry instead! Chris should’ve won in a close match against Katharine. His “Hemorrhage” and her “Somewhere over the Rainbow” are two of my favourite performances. He’s gone on to great success and she has turned her Idol turn into an okay singing an acting career.

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Why Adam Lambert Could Lose Idol

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Let me preface this post by saying that I am an UBER Lambert fan…I think we’re called GALMBERTS correct? I caught on a bit late this season, but have never jumped on a bandwagon faster than I did the Adam Lambert bandwagon. Yes he’s gorgeous, yes he’s a sister, but the bottom line to all of this is…YES HE CAN SING!

Sadly, that isn’t the only thing that is going to matter in this year’s Idol decision. It’s true that it’s not all about the voice. You need stage presence, a good look, you gotta be charming and approachable. Check all four for Adam Lambert. He’s got it all, but he’s also got one more thing…

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