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Every time I see that Timbaland has released a new track, I get pretty stoked. However, nothing has really compared to his epic music realness when he brought us Shock Value and Shock Value Volume 2. One day late for the party, Timbo pulled together some of his good musical pals to great a new track titled The Party Anthem.

When the track first starts, you can’t help but think to yourself, what kind of party is playing this track? It sounds like a broken piano, trailer park kind of party from a horror movie. But then, T Pain drops his auto tuned vocals on the hook and BOOM, we have a party jam. And the song only picks up from there. Lil Wayne’s verse is pure fire but nothing prepares you for what Missy Elliot has up her sleeve. Oh man have I ever missed Missy in the music game. I hope she has a full length album coming.

Rumor has it that Timbo is preparing to release Shock Value Volume 3 this year. I really hope it features some of the club bangers that he has been featuring on Timbaland Thursdays on his official SoundCloud Page. These tracks are what I’ve come to expect from the massive producer. Give a listen to The Party Anthem and tell me if you’re gonna add it to your next party playlist.

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The Ten Worst Album Covers Of 2011 Are…

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For every best list that has come out this year-end there is a worst list and our friends at Idolator have pulled out all the stops for this one. While their special skill is reviewing music to it’s fullest, they admit that sometimes they are distracted by the artists’ awful choice of artwork for their album or mix tape.

This year, the crew have assembled the 10 Worst Album Covers of 2011, an honor that MGMT received last year for their album, Congratulations. This year, there are a few albums I absolutely agree with on the list and a few that have me scratching my head. So, I’ll present Idolator’s list below with my own thoughts on each album cover. Let’s begin.

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New Releases Out This Week: December 6

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How goes your Christmas shopping? If you’re like me, you haven’t even started. Honestly, I’ve always been more of a last minute type of shopper. For those of you who are a little bit more on the ball than I, here are this week’s new releases. There are a few great movies and some great music hitting the shelves this week that are the perfect stocking stuffers; especially this week’s feature release.

Amy Winehouse’s highly anticipated posthumous release Lioness: Hidden Treasures is finally here in it’s entirety; a collection of previously unreleased tracks, alternate versions of existing classics, as well as a couple of brand new Amy compositions.

Following her tragic passing, some of the producers and musicians who worked closely with Amy Winehouse, among them Mark Ronson and Salaam Remi, spent time listening over the many recordings that Amy had made, before, during, and after the release of Frank and Back To Black. It was said by all who worked with Amy that she never sang or played a song the same way twice. It quickly became apparent to Salaam and Mark that they had a collection of songs that deserved to be heard, a collection of songs that were a fitting treatment to Amy the artist and, as importantly, Amy the friend.

Check out more new releases including music from the cast of Glee, smooth tunes from Robin Thicke and some hilarious movie watching courtesy of The Hangover Part 2. All of them featured down below.

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I have been waiting for this album to be released since the summer of last year when he released the song Alright with Machel Montano and the music video followed shortly after. Even though that song was one of my favorite jams last year, it didn’t perform as well as a usual Pitbull hit does. Work continued on the album and in the winter, the Miami rapper released Drop It To The Floor featuring T-Pain.

His newest track featuring Afrojack and Ne-Yo is blazed up the dance charts upon its release and is sure to be hit at Pride festivals this summer. But the guest stars on the album doesn’t stop there. This album has more features than a David Guetta album and David even has a producing credit on a few tracks. So when can we finally expect some fresh Ptibull content? The date has been set for June 21 and I am so stoked.

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Jay-Z Is The Richest Hip-Hop Artist

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It ain’t no Hard Knock Life for Jay-Z! He may have 99 Problems (and a bitch ain’t one)…but neither is putting food on the table. . Brotha’s bring in that cash-money! He makes more money than any other rapper out there. How much? Last year, he brought in $63 million! The shitty deal for him is that because of his tax bracket, he’ll be shelling over approximately $22 million to Uncle Sam – man that’s gotta hurt! That is almost as much money as the runner up made, P Diddy who made $28 million. Kanye West went South, going from making the 3rd most last year to 10th at $12 million this year – perhaps because of his douche comments about Taylor Swift earlier this year. Pharrell made just a bit more than him this year, at ninth place. Drake raked it in at 11th.

To be on this list, artists have to make their primary earnings off of hip-hop or rap and it includes all record/digital sales, tours, TV shows, endorsements, movies, books, etc.

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T-Swizzle’s Thug Story

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Not too long ago, I had posted about some of this things that drive me nuts. At the top of that list was country songbird Taylor Swift. I don’t really need to get into the details of why she drove me nuts, but essentially I just wanted to break things when I heard her songs.

Cut to today.

I’m checking out the YouTube, and I come across Taylor Swift and T Pain doing “Thug Story” (a parody if “Love Story”) It’s one of the funniest videos I’ve seen in a while. Honestly, I have a whole new respect for the girl. She really takes the piss out of herself. The funniest parts about this video, are probably not the most obvious either. Check out T-Pain’s chain, and how he makes fun of himself with the autotune voice, at the end when he talks it’s still in autotune.

Just watch it, you’ll love it!

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