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Okay, the first part of that isn’t a surprise, I think everyone and their blind grandmother knew Tucker Knox played for our team. However, his married status is a bit of a surprise. The So You Think You Can Dance Season 10 alum revealed this juicy tidbit via Instagram sharing a couple of photos of his hubby who kinda sorta looks like him. Apparently, the two have been happily married for five months. Congrats.

This bit of news renewed my annoyance with the FOX dancing competition. Clearly, some of the contestants are gay but producers choose not to disclose or share this info with the viewers. Fine, their sexuality could be a secret but the fact Knox was married would’ve been an interesting fact to share. This reminds me of Adam’s rant regarding Kent Boyd seasons ago. Remember his ramblings about SYTYCD being anti-gay? Check out the lookalike couple below and weigh in afterward on why you think Nigel refuses to reveal some of the contestants’ sexuality on air.

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Looks like Nigel Lythgoe has been a good boy in 2012. Shocking because he’s on the naughty list in my books. The American Idol producer just received word that his reality show baby, So You Think You Can Dance, has been renewed for a 10th season.

“Great news for Christmas: FOX officially picked up Season 10 of #SYTYCD # DanceOnFox. First audition City Austin TX. #MyBestChristmasGift.” – Nigel Lythgoe’s Twitter

Truly, I’m a little shocked. When FOX trimmed down the series to air only once a week for its ninth season, I thought the dancing competition was on its last legs. Much like MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew, SYTYCD has been slipping in the ratings steadily the past few years. MTV axed ABDC, so I assumed a similar fate would follow the FOX show. Apparently not.

“I couldn’t be more proud of the amazing work that Nigel and the entire So You Think You Can Dance team has done over the past nine seasons. This show is truly one of the most compelling series on television and I can’t wait to bring it back for Season 10,” – Mike Darnell (Fox’s President of Alternative Entertainment)

When the Season 9 finale aired, I thought the proverbial fat lady had sung. I compiled my Top 15 Hottest Male SYTYCD Dancers list, thinking it was permanent. I was even going to laminate it 😉 Now, I’m going to have to update it when the next season starts. Hopefully, there will be some decent talented eye candy. That’s the only way I’ll keep tuning in. I’ve grown very tired of the series. Too much power rests in the judges *cough* Nigel’s hands *cough*. Don’t you agree?

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It’s hard to believe that the summer is winding down and we find ourselves tuning in for the So You Think You Can Dance Season 9 Finale! At the end of this epically long two-hour event, Skeletor will hand pick SLASH America will decide who their top favorite female and male dancers are from this year’s fresh round of contestants. While this season has been sluggish at best, and it seems inevitable that this will be the last season for the Fox hit that has slowly declined in the ratings over the past few seasons, I am quite excited for tonight’s episode. First off, it was announced on Facebook that pop sensation Carly Rae Jepsen would be performing during tonight’s episode, and that’s reason enough to tune in!!

Let’s get on with the show! Actually, wait! Who do you think is going to win this co-crown?! I think it’s been too obviously set up for Cyrus NOT to take home the male prize, sorry Chehon. For the ladies, it’s been a much tighter race to the finish; however, I think Eliana is going to sneak out the win even though I truly feel Tiffany deserves the crown as well. We’ll know soon enough!

The show opened with a recap of all the past winners for the last 8 seasons, including the nonsense that was Russell’s season. That still makes my blood boil…

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SYTYCD 9: Top Four FINAL Performances!

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Holy smokes kiddies, where did the summer go?!? It’s hard to believe that the ninth season of So You Think You Can Dance is winding down, and we’re already at the stage where the final four dancers take to the stage for one last performance. I have to admit, I’m secretly relieved. While Adam has been an AMAZING guest writer throughout the season, my absence for some weeks has really caused an inability to connect with this year’s set of dancers. Is there a dance from this season that I truly remember, and would place in my all-time favourites collection? No. And that doesn’t make me happy.

I truly wanted to believe Skeletor’s over-produced rant about finding the best set of dancers this show has ever seen, but as the season has played out those words have simply proven to be false. Sure, Eliana has had some brilliant routines, and Cole was a master at embodying his characters each week, but was there a Melanie, or Twitch, or Alison, or Jakob caliber performer? Not by my standards. The fact that Cyrus, while brilliant in his own style, is still in this competition of apparent ‘all around’ best dancers just further proves my point. If So You Think You Can Dance survives to air another season, I BEG of Nigel Lythgoe to let go of his ridiculously tight grip on this competition and truly let America decide who should be going home from the very first week. Bring back a fresh top ten new girls and guys, and pair them up for the first few weeks. Showcase new dance styles again, like the brilliance that was Bollywood when it was first introduced. Help us fall in love with the next Kerrington, or Travis, or Heidi, or Neil, or Brandon, or Janine. Hell, let Cat Deeley choose her own outfits again! Take the standard recession business model, and get back to your roots and remember the core of what made you great in the first place.

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SYTYCD 9: Top 6 Perform & Two Are Eliminated

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Howdy folks, I’m back in the driver’s seat again after Adam took over the reins while I spent over two weeks gallivanting around Europe and dancing to my heart’s content CC Blooms in Edinburgh, complete with an epic “Call Me Maybe” CRJ dance off! A HUGE thanks to Adam who killed the reviews each week, and may actually be a little better than I am at recapping these episodes. Could it be so? Perhaps we should both do the recap each week and see how our comments flush out without knowing each other’s responses first? Thoughts folks?!

I have to admit, I just blew threw the last two recap articles to learn who did what, and who managed to squeak through to the top six performing tonight. Due to all the disruptions this season with both the airings and the new format, I really haven’t connected with any of the new dancers and find myself routing for Alison each week as if she still has a chance at winning. Believe me, I wish that were the case. Sadly, I think this is the last season for the show, as my this point Nigel is usually boasting about the next season already being picked up and talks of where the auditions will be held. Stealing the words from a lot of the comments last week, it really pisses me off that the judges are still deciding who stays and goes. This has now become, “So Nigel Thinks You’re The Best Dancer”. Lame to the max.

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SYTYCD 9: Top 8 Perform & Two Are Eliminated

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No more foolin’ around kids. As we watch the Top 8 perform tonight we finally start to see some hard dancing from our remaining possible winners as the chaff has been put aside and we pare down to only the best of the best. I’m gonna cut the rants to a minimum today as you readers have proven yourselves to be the better conspiracy theorists in the comment section (which I love reading by the way!), and focus myself on the dances and their performers.

What? No bitchy Adam? Of course not, you can’t have one without the other I assure you so don’t fret, but I promise to collect all the vids I can for you at-work and looking-to-avoid-the-commercials folks and succinctly present them to you in the hopes that you don’t- like so much of America seems to be doing- quit on this show due to the fact that this enterprise has basically turned into a completely sales driven 2-hour variety show with less and less redeeming qualities. Damn, that certainly got bitchy! Let’s get to the show, shall we! Before we start in on Opening Number I’ll let you know that tonight we see 8 different pairings and 8 different solos tonight so there’s gonna be a LOT of dance. Thankfully, Jesse Tyler Ferguson of “Modern Family” is the guest judge tonight. He’s basically the slightly less emotional and less educated version of Adam Shankman so I’ll take it. Oh, and Cat looks amazing in a slinky little black number and my crush on her is back on. Okay, now on with the show!

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SYTYCD 9: Top 10 Perform & Two Get Eliminated

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And we’re back!! After last week’s LAME attempt to shove “inspired remakes” of Mia Michaels routines down our throats as SYTYCD sought to save some bucks on hiring a cast of actually varied choreographers to produce actually new pieces (note: that is not fact but my favourite conspiracy theory as put forth on last week’s article’s comment wall, thanks Mason!), we’re hopefully in store for some GOOD and ORIGINAL programming tonight. As we finally cut the fat (though not all- I still miss you Amber!!) down to the Top 10 what matters most is that we get back some All Stars to pair off with the newbies and present some excellent duos for our viewing pleasure.

This Top 10 cast features all the “lucky” dancers who will take to the road once this show comes to a close and perform for screaming fans at likely less-than stadiums all over the country. Though I jest, in fact about 6 writers and a plethora of other good gays and I went to see one of these tours when it was nearby in Everett, Washington and the show was a riot. However, it was during Neil and my personal fave Kameron Bink’s years so maybe we were a bit spoiled… BUT I digress! Tonight, Cat finally has returned to a reasonable level of fashion and style and we finally have some eye candy in the judges booth as Benjamin Millepied– choreographer of Black Swan and Nat Portman’s husband takes a seat next to Mary. Let’s cross our fingers he has something good to add: on with the show!

Watch the performances & find out who went home after the jump…

SYTYCD 9: Top 14 Perform & FOUR Get Eliminated!

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Well, the b!tch is back! Dan is taking yet another jet-setting trip around the world and will be checking in via wireless to make sure I don’t drop the ball as we count down towards finding out just WHO are America’s favorite dancers. Step by step we’re losing the girls and boys in tandem as we cringe at some of the more painful dances and jump to our feet for the rare beauties. Thus far I have no problem saying that to me it’s been the choreographers more than the dancers themselves who have been causing the kids to lose their spots on the mains stage. So, as we watch tonight’s performances and await the final axe and see who goes home, let’s judge like the mean girls we are and see if our faves continue to impress!

We are reminded that 4 dancers will be going home tonight due to the show’s hiatus which means a ton of pressure for the kids to do well so they avoid the judges’ picks to leave us once America’s lowest voted upon are revealed. Oh, by the way, I’m being facetious. We ALL know that Skeletor himself has already decided who’s to leave tonight based upon census numbers from his marketing team who warns him which kids are the biggest draws for advertisers and viewers alike. Sorry to be so cynical, but that’s how this game is played my loyal readers. America might get to narrow it down (and I’m not sure I even believe that aspect of the show) but it’s the big bad skeletal wolf who we all know makes the final decision. OH! And we’re JUST getting Mia Michaels routines tonight? Old pieces redone?? This night has the making to be somethin’ special or a total freaking disaster! Let’s get to the show and enjoy the dancers’ talents while we can.

Watch the performances & find out who went home after the jump…

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