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Queen of Latin Pop, Gloria Estefan has just debuted her music video for her dance hit, “Hotel Nacional“. The song is from her most recent album “Miss Little Havana” that has been out since the fall. This single has reached number one on the Billboard Dance Music chart and the music video doesn’t disappoint. If you haven’t heard the track yet, beware because the “rhythm is gonna get you”.

Directed by Footloose’s Kenny Ortega, the video features Susan Lucci (first appearing as her name is sung in the lyrics of the song), as well as various female impersonators. The impersonators had actually competed all around the country for their chance to be in this video. Hundreds of entries were received and Estefan herself selected the winner, April Carrion from Club Krash in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Oh, and as shown in the photo, there’s a lot of dancing by a hot guy in his underwear that I’m sure you’ll enjoy.

This won’t be the only Estefan fix you’ll be getting this month. As you probably already know, she’ll appearing on Glee later this month playing Santana’s mom. For now, enjoy her wacky & fun new music video below!

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All My Children & One Life To Live Saved?

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It’s a page written out of a soap opera 101 writing handbook. Just when you thought they were dead and gone, “All My Children” and “One Life To Live” might have a shot of living on. Like many characters on their shows who have died only to rise from the dead years later, ABC’s recently canceled soap operas might follow in their footsteps and also rise from the ashes.

The New York Post is reporting that media company Prospect Park has purchased the online rights to the show. They are in the final steps of forming an online TV network that would feature both AMC and OLTL along with future plans of incorporating other programming. Prospect Park currently produces USA Network’s “Royal Pains”. When both shows leave ABC, the storylines of the residents of Pine Valley and Llanview will continue on the internet.

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Susan Lucci Joining Desperate Housewives?

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Is Susan Lucci moving from Pine Valley to Wisteria Lane? It could very well happen. Ever since “All My Children” along with “One Life To Live” were canceled by ABC, speculation on where one of daytime’s most beloved stars would be moving to, was on every fan’s mind. Susan Lucci’s Erica Kane has ruled Pine Valley ever since the show debuted in 1970. If La Lucci does end up on ABC’s nighttime soap, it would definitely make it interesting for the residents of Fairview. Housewives, keep you husbands on a short leash. No one is immune to the powers of Erica Kane.

ABC insiders say that Lucci has a solid contract with the network and will continue even after “All My Children” stops airing, making it ideal for her to join the “Desperate Housewives” cast. Shooting for the show doesn’t begin til July and will only overlap with “All My Children” for a month. An ABC rep has said that Susan won’t be filming Housewives in July but also didn’t deny she would be joining the cast. Erica’s people have also said she is fielding many offers.

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