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Last week, the infamous Russell Hantz was voted out (for the first time ever) and sent to Redemption Island to face Matt in a dual. “Right now this is his house and I’m about to take it from him,” he says in confessional. Meanwhile, his minions Stephanie & Krista without their fearless leader and realize they need to find an idol. Unfortunately for them, Mansweater…I mean, Ralph has it. He decides to tell everyone except Russell’s girls that he has it.

At the other tribe, Phillip wakes everyone up sweeping. Everyone is getting really annoyed of “Saggy-Bottom Panties,” as they call him. I don’t blame them, I would be going insane.

So, the tribes get word that they get to each send two people to Redemption Island to watch the duals. Phillip and Kristina go for Ometepe, while Sarita and Ralph go for Zapatera. I don’t really like that they get to send people…I think it be more fun for them to be utterly shocked when the person who gets to enter back from Redemption Island returns.

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After last week’s shocker blindside, Matt was reunited with Francesca on Redemption Island, and the two have to prepare to dual each other the following day. At Ometepe, Boston Rob couldn’t be happier with the turnout (Matt blindsided, Philip being loyal, and Kristina’s idol getting flushed), but is of course concerned with Andrea being upset about not being privy to the blindsiding of her island boyfriend. I don’t blame her. Well, as intense as last week’s episode was, this week’s was just as good.


So with Matt and Francesca both on Redemption Island, the time has come for the first every Redemption Island dual on Survivor. Two people from each tribe were randomly selected to witness the dual. From Ometepe, Ashley & Andrea and from Zapatera, Steve and David.

Before the challenge starts, Andrea makes it clear that she didn’t vote for either of them. I would do the same – LOL. So, Francesca and Matt must use sticks and rope to make a long pole, then use the pole to retrieve 3 keys. The keys open three locks on a door. The first person through the door continues on in the game.

Find out who won the dual and who was voted out after the jump…

Well, last week’s episode was extremely intense to say the least and Francesca was the first person to be voted out and sent to Redemption Island. She left her pal Kristina (who has an immunity idol) behind and this week we’ll see how well she copes with Boston Rob (who’ll be out to get her) and Phillip who’ll be driving her mad. At the beginning of this episode, Francesca checks out her new “pad” on Redemption Island and seems hopeful for her chance at getting back in the game later on. I’m not as confident in her as she is, but I hope she surprises me because she’s awesome!


With Francesca getting voted out last week, Kristina couldn’t be happier that she didn’t play the idol. When they got back to camp, Phillip tells Boston Rob that he owns his vote until he is sent to Redemption Island. WTF? This guys is a nut job. Shortly after, Boston Rob tells his girl alliance/followers that Phillip will be the next to go.

A showmance is budding between Andrea and Matt, and Boston Rob is keeping a close eye. In fact, he decides to talk to Natalie about it and they discuss breaking them up by voting Andrea out. NO – vote Phillip out!

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All I have to say is WOW! What a great start to the season. This episode was intense and my heart was pounding leading up to and during tribal council. Okay, maybe I get a little too into this game, but whatever.

As the episode kicks off, the teams get dropped off by a helicopter on the Nicaragua beach, where Jeff Probst tells them they are waiting for two more players… Another helicopter arrives and Boston Rob and Russell Hantz come out. Everyone is shocked (and star struck I’m sure). Rob has played three times already and Russell has played twice. Combined, they bring 156 days of Survivor experience. “They’re sizing us up like we’re prey,” says Francesca. Um, sweetie, you don’t wanna say anything bad about these guys as soon as they arrive. Don’t you agree?

Jeff then does a random draw for buffs. Ometepi gets Boston Rob while Zapatera gets Russell. He then announces the big twist this season. When you get voted out, you go to redemption island, where you have to do everything yourself (keep the fire going, get food, etc.) When the next person gets voted off, the two will compete against each other in a challenge…winner stays, loser goes home. At a certain point in the game, the last man or woman standing on redemption island will reenter the game. This idea is absolutely brilliant. Teams now get their maps and head to their respective camps to get set up.

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Meet Survivor Redemption Island’s Cast

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With about a month to go before “Survivor: Redemption Island” premieres, CBS unveiled the cast. Well, sorta. The network revealed only 16 out of the 18 castaways competing this season. The two remaining slots will be for two returning players who will be announced at a later date. “Survivor: Redemption Island” premieres Wednesday, Feb. 16 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

Seriously, CBS. The jig is up. Everyone knows that Russell Hantz and Boston Rob are coming back. And revealing part of the cast isn’t doing you any favors in fueling the speculation that those two infamous contestants are coming back. We all know Survivor is always gender-equal when casting. Out of the 16 revealed cast, nine of them are women and seven are men. Presumably, that would dictate that the remaining two are men. It doesn’t take Angela Lansbury to solve this mystery.

Overall, Survivor 22’s cast looks promising. There’s a former beauty pageant winner, two former NFL players, college head cheerleader, hot yoga instructor along with your usual suspects of attorneys, doctors and waitresses. Couple this with the Redemption Island Twist, this season is poised to be an entertaining one. Jeff Probst revealed more details to about this game-changing twist. All contestants will be informed about the twist upfront, unlike the Survivor Pearl Islands where the remaining survivors were sandbagged with the Outcasts twist. Here’s what we can expect from Redemption Island:

“We have all our duels laid out… Luck of the draw which one you get. Depends what time you’re at Redemption Island. Some will be a little tougher. Some will be puzzle based.”

Even though CBS didn’t reveal the final two contestants or the tribe breakdown, we here at did a little digging and came up with more details. Check below to see which teams will be lead by Russell and Rob.

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Survivor 22 Spoilers: Redemption Island

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SURVIVOR REDEMPTION ISLAND cast has been announced. Click here to check out all the castaways.

We’re days away from closing the chapter on “Survivor 21: Nicaragua“, and what better time to look ahead at the upcoming season than now. If you’re like me and love reading spoilers, boy have I got some juicy morsels for you today. As you can tell from the title, the upcoming season will be titled “Survivor: Redemption Island“. Before I go into more detail, I’m going to give you one final warning.

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Previously on Survivor, Rupert finally got his scraggly lice infested beard voted out. That leaves Colby Donaldson as the lone hero… but he has been anything but heroic this season. On the Villains side, Parvati, Sandra, and Russell are fighting tooth and nail to win it. Jerri on the other hand is playing the quiet game. Can she slide into the finals? Will Parvati and Russell turn on each other? Can Sandra lip her way to another million? Can Colby win a challenge? Stay tuned!

We start off this week with the final five celebrating another successful tribal council. Well… “celebrating” might be the wrong word. They’re actually fighting. Gotta love the Villains. Russell is pissed at Sandra for keeping her idol a secret and he’s accusing her of wasting it. Then he starts accusing Parvati of lying. Russell has totally lost his mind. He has no perspective on the game. He thinks he’s the only one that is allowed to make moves. Ultimately, Sandra and Parvati just shrug it off and mock him a bit more. He must HATE watching these episodes and these women belittling him. I love it. Parvati says she could care less if Russell is running around stomping his feet like a two year old child.

Colby loves it too. His only hope is an immunity win or a total villain implosion. And Russell’s temper is playing into Colby’s corner. Russell’s sights are now set on Parvati because she’s too much of a competitor and threat. He thinks it’s time to get rid of her. Russell secretly hopes that Colby wins immunity so the choice is made for him. If he can get rid of Parvati, the jury has to give him the million because Sandra and Jerri don’t deserve it. He certainly hasn’t lost any of his end-game arrogance from Samoa.

At the immunity challenge, the castaways compete in a dish stacking competition we first saw in China. They have to place plates and bowls of different sizes on a small wobbly platform. One hand to place the dishes, one hand to hold the rod steady. This looks like a must win for Parvati and Colby. Sandra, of course, is the first one out. Surprisingly Colby doesn’t fall right after her. LOLs. Jerri is the second one out of the challenge. Then Russell. Wow. So it’s down to the people who need it most. DRAMA! My money’s on Parvati. She has been soooo solid. Yep! Parvati wins it! Colby’s plates crashed. Looks like his days are numbered. Jerri’s annoyed. She REALLY wanted Parvati gone.

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Previously on Survivor, the producers threw a curveball at our castaways with two tribal councils in two days. Candice turned on her heroic clan just to get voted out the very next day. Then Russell tried to manipulate Parvati and Danielle into a fight. The girls didn’t believe a word he said… so he went to his back-up plan… bullying. Danielle broke down at Tribal which freaked Jerri out. She joined up with Russell, Colby, and Rupert to take out Parvati’s number one gal. Can Parvati and Russell mend their broken fence? Will Rupert and Colby be able to take advantage of the apparent rift with the Villains?

Before we start… I have to tell you that his was one of the BEST Survivor episodes EVER. So much amazeballing. I loved every minute of it. Hold on to your buffs.

The episode started off in the dark back at camp. Parvati confesses that she’s pissed, but she refuses to let Russell know it. She no longer trusts him, but she doesn’t want him to know that. Jerri tells Parv that Danielle messed up… that’s why she changed her vote. Russell tells us that Jerri will do anything he says and now Parvati will have to come crawling back to him. Russell my love… somehow I doubt that very much. Haven’t you figured out that Parvati is WAY smarter than you? After all the confessionals, the three of them pretend to be all nicey nicey. Villains rock.

Then we get some Rupert time. UGH. I have never liked Rupert. I don’t get America’s love for him. He sucks, he’s delusional, and he’s a hypocrite. Rupert tells us that he keeps getting closer and closer to the million. If that happens… fuck.

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