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Something called The Harlem Shake is taking over the Internet and it’s hard to hate the trend when it involves hot shirtless guys dancing (sometimes in just their underwear). Originally, “The Harlem Shake” was only a dance that originated back in 1981. Last year, a song by the same name was released by Baauer that was released back in 2012. Now in 2013, The Harlem Shake that is taking over the Internet is a YouTube video/dance to Baauer’s song and it’s in a category of its own.

This new Internet meme that started in early 2013 and it’s being compared to “Gangnam Style” in terms of YouTube popularity. Each video usually begins with one person (often masked) dancing to the song alone for 15 seconds, surrounded by other people who appear unaware of the dancing person. When the bass drops, the camera transitions to the entire crowd doing the dance for the next 15 seconds, often wearing minimal clothing or crazy outfits while making use of strange props.

Check out a handful of these humorous and kind of hot videos below. Even Anderson Cooper and his staff did one! Enjoy!

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Straight Guys React To Gay Porn

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Davey Wavey is back at it again. The last time I wrote about one of his videos, he was asking what gay men what they think about vaginas. This time, he’s flipped the script and has also gone a bit further with shocking his video volunteers.

The description to the video says it best: “4 Straight Guys + 2 Clips of Explicit Gay Porn…. Well, You Do The Math.” At the beginning, he’s got the guys blindfolded. From there he take it off and the guys have a computer in front of them showing them some intense gay porn – I mean the double-stuffed kind. Their reactions are priceless.

One of the funniest moments in the video is when one of the guys is shocked to realize that one of the guys in the porn looks like him. Needless to say, he is beside himself (…or watching himself…depending on how you look at it). Watch the video below if you want a good laugh.

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YouTube star Davey Wavey has an interesting way of telling things like it is, and his latest video is no exception. In this video titled “Gay Things Straight Guys Do,” he lists and/or demonstrates various things that straight guys do that can seem pretty gay in the eyes of gay men.

The first example, as you can see above, is wrestling. “Wrestling is pretty much the gayest thing in the world. The only difference between wrestling and like 90% of gay porn is that… there actually is no difference – so they’re the same thing.” Following that statement, Wavey and his straight friend demonstrate some wrestling, but it gets cut short when he says, “Stop! I’m getting hard!” LOL.

As always, Davey Wavey is just having some fun with the topic and it’s not to be taken seriously. If anything, he demonstrates that gay guys and straight guys have a lot more in common than one might think. Watch and enjoy the video below.

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If there’s one thing we gays know about, it’s underwear. Most of us know what looks good, what doesn’t look good, what is appropriate for what situation, and when it’s time to toss them away. Many straight guys do not have this gift, or simply haven’t tried making the switch from unflattering cheap stuff, to a pair that is much more comfortable and flattering in all the right places.

In this video, it’s Davey Wavey to the rescue! “Doing what I can to make the world a better place – one pair of straight boy underwear at a time,” he says. He first asks a bunch of women to describe their man’s underwear. The responses are pretty much two great big thumbs down. He then has a hot straight guy over and has him drop his pants to see what the guy is wearing: baggy, cartoon boxers. Wavey has him change into some sexier aussieBum briefs and gets him to come out and show them off.

Enjoy the video below and share what brand/style of underwear is your favorite in the comments! Have you ever had a boyfriend with bad underwear? Share your story in the comments for that too!

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If you’re someone that is into “straight guy fantasies” (I am), then this trailer is for you. How will two hot guys handle having to make out in a scene in “Performance Anxiety“? We’ll have to watch to find out.

In an upcoming short film, two straight actors rehearse for a movie’s gay love scene. As you’d expect, they’re not so comfortable with it at first. But as they try different tactics to make it work, it looks as though they may be more “into” it then they had originally expected.

The film stars Danny Lopes (as Jacob), Lawrence Nicols (as Duke), and Anthem Moss (as the gay film’s director) and was written and directed by Reid Waterer. The short film is currently touring festivals worldwide. Check out the sexy trailer below.

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Stupid Sh*t Gay People Say

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YouTube sensation, Davey Wavey posted a video yesterday about some of the “Stupid Sh*t Gay People Say“. The post was in response to a video he had done previously, talking about some of the thing that straight people say.

In this latest video, he addresses the topic of gays trying to turn straight people gay, the term “straight-acting”, gays hating on gays by making fun of how feminine they are or how high pitched their voice may be (as in the case of Davey Wavey), etc.

Watch the video and share your thoughts on the topic. Is there too much gay on gay hate still going on these days? Is Davey Wavey right in saying that this is just a reflection on one’s own insecurities?

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“Gaydar” Alert!

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Okay…so I’ve been out now for about a little over a year now. Until this day, people can either instantly tell that I am gay upon meeting me (excellent gaydar), but then there are the people who have no idea until I tell them (terrible gaydar). Even when I was “straight” people would still ask me if I was gay and others wouldn’t know a thing. All of us gays are blessed with a “gaydar” because after all they are our own kind.

Usually, after I become somewhat close to a person and they haven’t ask me about my sexual orientation, I will just flat out say it or make comment like “That guy is really cute.” That was the exact situation with one of my really good new friends. At first, she thought I was trying to play some kind of joke on her. But seriously, what kind of straight guy would try and pretend they’re gay? This is a prime example of a girl was a terrible “gaydar”.

Now, I am proud of being gay, so when people can’t tell, I am somewhat disappointed. When i let new people into my life and they don’t know I am gay, I ask them why they didn’t think that. They respond with various reasons like “you don’t walk like you’re gay” or “you don’t talk like you’re gay.” These are very common stereotypes that I receive from people. Not ALL gay people have to act a certain way. We are just normal people who were born this way and I don’t think a lot of people are educated of that.

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Friday night after having drinks with friends my partner and I walked back home. Our tummies were rumbling and decided to grab something to eat. A Seven-Eleven taquito was our not so glamorous choice, but good enough to ease our hunger. Since we were just a few steps from home we decided to share our greasy choice instead getting our own. Just when we were about to cross the street my partner fed me a bite of this phallic gourmet without noticing two straight boys standing on the opposite side of the street.

These guys, stumbling with drunkenness, asked us for directions. Like good citizens and people we are, we stopped and tried to help them out. We took the time to try to understand what they were saying and where were they going, as they were making no sense. After providing them with directions, just before turning around to keep going we were stopped by a condescending question: “Hey, are you guys gay?” Proud of being who I am and not wanting to hide my sexual preference and being aware that there would be a confrontation I responded: “Yes, we are gay.” The “dude”, as he was called by his friend, started to laugh sarcastically and asked us if we were going to go home to suck each others dicks. His friend, being aware that my partner and I were cold sober and them not even able to keep their sight “straight”, pushed his friend away from us and told him to carry on.

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