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It’s swimwear season soon for most of us in the Northern hemisphere. I can’t wait for those long hot Summer days just chilling . Naturally, it’s time to start shopping for some fashionable trunks for the pool and beach.

Marcuse Swimwear taps Steven Dehler to front their latest ad campaign. While Dehler looks sexy no matter what, I much prefer him with a short buzz cut as featured in my Model Behavior series. Oh well, I guess there’s just more to hang onto 😉 Check out more pics snapped by Serge Lee below.

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What happens when a former American Idol contestant doesn’t make it far enough to even have anyone consider giving him a record deal? He becomes all kind famous on his own honey and that’s exactly what Todrick Hall is doing with himself. You may remember a little “Beauty and the Beast” parody that Patrick wrote about a while back. Well that was Todrick’s creation and now, he’s back with another fairy tale story. This time around, it has a stronger message: to legalize love for all.

Featuring some major co-stars like Janice Dickinson, Willam Belli, Shangela, Aubrey O’Day, Kimberley Cole a few Andrew Christian model boys and that big gay guy from “Mean Girls,” Todrick recreates the story of Cinderella with a little gay twist. CinderFella heads to the ball to meet Prince Charming, played by none other than Lance Bass. The music choices and lyrics for this video are absolutely amazing and exceed every expectation you think you’ll have about this video parody. I promise you. Give a watch to “CinderFella” below and share your thoughts and comments!

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Just in time for the weekend, Andrew Christian has delivered a new video where the boys create a messy muscle masterpiece, inspired by Kat Graham’s “Put Your Graffiti On Me“. Two things I love combined in one video, titled “Tag Me“.

In this video, the boys sit down in a painting class to paint a nude model (Brandon Wertz). When his sexiness is too much to handle, the boys decide to make the model the canvas. With familiar drool-worthy models like Quinn Christopher Jaxon and Stephen Dehler, alongside other hotties that include Jose Valdivia, Ivan Velasquez, and Johnathan Myers, they’ll take you on a journey from painting to panting. Oh, and yes… there is also an uncensored version 😉

Get the idea? Enjoy the video below and have a great weekend.

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“The Gay Pimp” Jonny McGovern has released a sexy music video for this new single “#TOTDF” aka “Texting On The Dancefloor” and we’ve got your first look. The track is from his album, ‘The Gayest Of All Time’ and the video is fittingly sponsored by

As the video starts off, McGovern and his boys are on their way to the club, ready for that “cellular intoxication”. While there, theres a lot of dancing, debauchery and dudes…or “Bros with Phones” in this case. Actually, I recognized one of the guys as Stephen Dehler, the Andrew Christian model that I recently met and who was featured in last week’sWho’d You Rather” fantasy poll. You’ll also see Randy Blue model, Colby Keller make a cameo as well.

Check out McGovern’s latest music video below and despite what the lyrics say, don’t text on the dancefloor. 😉

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Who’d You Rather: Dehler VS Medina

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Having just come back from White Party 2012, it seemed appropriate to highlight a couple of the Andrew Christian hotties we met while we were there. Whether helping host the events, perform on stage, or busy doing a photo shoot, the boys were busy shaking their money makers. Of course there are many hot AC models, but we’ve decided to highlight Jason Medina and Steven Dehler and ask you who you’d rather in… and out of their AC underwear.

Steven Dehler we met while walking home from one of the pool parties. He’s a 25-year old German/Irish model from LA and has been featured in some AC shoots and promo videos. Great body, great smile, and he was great to talk to.

We met Jason Medina when arriving at the Sunday T-Dance and he informed us that he was going to be performing later on. A couple hours later, he was crawling on stage with “Fuck You Betta” singer Neon Hitch riding along on his back. The sexy model/dancer has been featured in many AC campaigns and videos.

Check out their photos and vote for who you’d rather below.

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Model Behavior 2011 Showdown: Round 2

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Round 1 of our 2011 Model Behavior Showdown is officially in the history books. As promised, the top two vote-getters automatically earn their spot in the finals. Congratulations go out to Andrew Stetson and Bernardo Velasco who received 31% and 28% of the votes cast. Coming in close behind were Jamie Dorman and Jed Hill who garnered 27% and 26% respectively.

Depending on how Rounds 2 and 3 go, Dorman or Hill might earn one of the four wild card spots up for grabs. It all depends how many votes the runner-ups in the upcoming rounds get. Side note. How bummed were you that “Once Upon A Time” killed off Dorman’s sheriff character on the show? I was. Damn you ABC. I’m going to miss my Jamie sporting that sexy facial hair on a weekly basis.

If you enjoyed last week’s roundup of my Model Behavior selections from last year, you’re going to love this second crop featured from March til July. Show some love to the following guys and make sure you cast votes for your favorites from Round 2. They’re not going to make the finals on their own.

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Model Behavior: Steven Dehler

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After a couple of weeks featuring high fashion models for my Model Behavior series, I thought I’d go a little gayer and buffer this time around. Steven Dehler is an up-and-coming model from southern California- as if you couldn’t tell from his blond hair and blue eyes. He’s been modeling for a few years now, and a natural, modeling swimwear and other merchandise that shows off his sexy body. He doesn’t do frontal nudity (a classy girl never does), but clearly has no problem showing off some skin.

Dehler grew up in Simi Valley and attended junior college in Santa Clarita. He decided to model on a whim and hasn’t turned back since. In his spare time, he plays the piano and works out at the gym. As mentioned earlier, Steven is indeed a “mo” and can be seen tending bar in West Hollywood. You’ll just have to settling for flirting or ogling from afar. He’s engaged to his longtime boyfriend. Check out all of Steven’s assets below and enjoy.

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