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A BIG shake up for The X Factor next season! Firstly, it’s probably not too surprising given the drama this season, but Nicole Scherzinger will not be returning. E! Online is reporting that it was her request and that Simon Cowell gave her his blessing.

The source told E! that Scherzinger “wants to focus on her music career,” adding that “X Factor took a lot more of her time than she ever expected. She didn’t have any time really to work on her music. She was doing X Factor six days a week.” The former lead Pussycat is currently rehearsing for her upcoming European tour that starts next month.

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Man Crush 2011 Showdown: Round 3 (Sep-Dec)

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We’re in the home stretch of our 2011 Man Crush Showdown. Just one more final round, before the Top 10 battle it out in the finals. How excited are you? In Round 1, Jonathan D. Lovitz and Chris Hemsworth automatically advanced to the finals due to their first and second place finishes. Joining them from Round 2 are Marco Dapper and Justin Gaston. They received 35% and 27% of last week’s votes respectively. Who will join them from Round 3?

The top two vote-getters from this final round will join that quartet of hotness. Rounding out the Top 10 will be four wild card spots. Those will be given to the studs who received the four most votes. So, Matt Pokora and Mike Vogel from last week who earned 25% and 24% of your admiration might squeak in to the finals. It all depends on the votes.

Check out the Man Crushes who won my cyber heart from the months of September to December of this year. Be sure to vote for all your favorites and vote often. Don’t assume they’ll advance just because they’re pretty.

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Steve Jones & Jake Shears Lock Lips

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Back in September, this video made it’s rounds and conversation went crazy. However, I hadn’t seen the video until yesterday so for those of you who also may not have seen this action go down, you’re welcome. I’m happy to share it with you. X Factor host and recent Man Crush Steve Jones pulled quite the practical joke on one Jake Shears when the two presented a band on UK television. Without hesitation, Jones planted his lips on Shears after calling for more masculinity. I agree Steve, male-on-male kissing is supes totes masc. In an interview with After Elton back in September, Jones talked about the incident.

AfterElton: You ambushed him with a kiss, and trust me our readers noticed that. What prompted you to kiss Jake that way?
Steve Jones: Well, because I thought it would be funny and because I’m a big fan of Jake, and I knew he would take it the right way. And I would do anything for a laugh, and the look on his face – the shock was well worth it. I never considered ‘Is it okay to kiss a man on TV?’ I’m personally one of those “Who gives a shit, everyone is doing what they are doing, no one is getting hurt and everyone is having fun do whatever you like” people. That’s never an issue for me to kiss a man. I can do that any day of the week.

AE: The look on his face was utterly priceless.
SJ: It was wonderful. It was wonderful and I’m glad I did it. He came up to me afterward and he’s such a sweet guy and he came across and said ‘Was my breath smelly? I felt like I had onions before…” No, no, no, minty fresh. Don’t worry about it, Jake. It was a good kiss. [laughs]

You wouldn’t have to ask me twice… with either of them. Am I right? Check out the cheeky little clip below.

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Man Crush: Steve Jones

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In honor of “The X Factor” finally premiering on Fox, I thought I’d dedicate this week’s Man Crush to the show’s delicious host. He’s been called the British Ryan Seacrest, but I think that’s a disservice to him. Steve Jones is much more than that and a thousand times hotter. Plus he has a sexy accent- Welsh one at that. Jones was originally tapped to co-host the show along with Nicole Scherzinger, but became sole host when Scherzinger replaced Cheryl Cole on the judging panel. Speaking of which, I sorta dug Cole on the panel. She’s adorable and I had no problems understanding her Geordie accent. So much for those rumors that her accent did her in. But enough about them, let’s get to know Jones more.

He was born Stephen Ashton Jones (how British is that name) in Rhondda Wales in 1977. With his bone structure, it was only natural he began his career as a model and appeared in magazines like Esquire. It didn’t take long before he transitioned into presenting. His first big gig was working on a show called “The Pop Factory Awards”. He entranced viewers so much, Channel 4 (a popular station) snatched him up and immediately put him to work. This experience led to bigger things and eventually landed him on BBC.

Jones is such a celebrity in his homeland, that he’s often the subject of gossip fodder. His potential love interests regularly dominate tabloid headlines. He’s been linked to Paris Hilton, Natalia Imbruglia and Pamela Anderson to name a few. He’s definitely known to love the ladies and vice versa. Who can blame them? Check out a few shirtless pics of him below and you’ll see why. He’s definitely the X in “The X Factor“.

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