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You’re Just Too Gay

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Who’s your ideal man? When I think of the guy that I’d like to spend forever with he’s tall (at least 6’0), he’s strong (but not a body builder), he has beautiful eyes (blue or green), and when he opens his mouth he doesn’t have my accent. What accent you ask? The one that you might have too– you know, the gay one.

A few weeks ago, my friends and I were sitting around having a conversation about gay rights and how now was really the time to start supporting each other and really educating ourselves about ways in which we can aid the gay rights movements. Within that conversation, how we treat each other came up and all of us were admittedly guilty of calling another guy “too gay”.

Why do we do this? There is a de-masculinization (a word that according to Microsoft I am making up… but you know what? Macs are better anyway!) associated with being gay in general– so it seems like someone is straight up calling you a big girl when they say that you’re “too gay”. Just because we’re gay doesn’t mean that we want to be women.

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The Princess and the Racist?

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I have a niece who is half African American, and from a very early age was given a black doll to play with. My sister recognized that growing up in a small town in BC where seeing a black person was like spotting a four leaf clover, my niece would need some recognition eventually of her own skin colour, in absence of her African American birth father and being surrounded by us whities. Fast forward a couple years later when, on a trip into Vancouver, my niece from her stroller, pointed to little black girl and said “Look Mommy, she’s just like me”. Despite her being given that doll from birth, not one word of her having a different skin colour had been uttered, and she figured it out all by herself.

Disney’s latest film “The Princess and the Frog” stands for a couple of things. Firstly, it’s hand drawn, back to the basics, and hallelujah, I feel like people my age are damn excited about a Lion Aladdin and the Beast Mermaid Disney film that isn’t about some form of computer animated inanimate objects; maybe it’s just me making myself feel better about getting older. GO PUMBA!

Secondly, this is the first Disney cartoon ever to feature a black princess. Wait, what year is it? Yes that’s right. Ever. Despite Disney’s obvious attempt at racial Princess equality with films like Aladdin, Mulan, and Pocahontas, the racial issue plaguing the States since the early 17th century (count your fingers and your toes people), has been swept under Mickey’s rug until 2009. Not once has Disney given any little African American girl an animated roll model, a plush toy, an action figure with a tiara, to look up to and think “She’s just like me”.

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More To Love: Not For Gays?

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In recent years I. like many people, have found myself very attracted to reality TV. I’m a busy guy and sometimes I just want to get lost in the lives of other people. I like that I don’t have to follow it religiously in order to enjoy it. That being said, I recently made a rather poor choice in my reality tv line up… More To Love. The show is a Bachelor style show – but with a twist. The twist being that instead of having all of the people on the show look like models, they are all heavier set people.

Now, you can say what you want about the show…is it really a good thing to put on TV? Are these people being taken advantage of, having their weight and love issues combined into one thing and then projected for all of North America to watch? Maybe it’s a really great step in the direction of having larger people more accepted? I don’t know what the answer is, but I’m confident in saying…this would never fly with the gays.

How many times did you go to the gym this week, or go for a run, or go to your fitness class? The reality is, most of us have an immediate answer to these questions that involves a 4 or 5 times a week workout. Those lucky enough to be naturally thin and fit may not go to the gym – but they’re likely looking to date someone that is equally as toned as they are.

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Criminal Names

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Well this is just such a “bitch please” moment for me. I’m not sure if this is acurate or not, however it may help you on your search to find a husband. A good husband who isn’t a schmuck or a criminal. At least, not by his name!

A study from Shippensburg University in Pennsylvania has found that the more unpopular, uncommon or feminine a boy’s first name is, the more likely he is to become a CRIMINAL.

If you’re wondering WHY this is the case, it’s because people tend to make fun of boys with unusual names, or discriminate against boys with names that SOUND as if they come from a poor family.

Anyway, here are the ten names which are most likely to turn your son into a criminal:

alec-baldwin#10) Alec
ernest-p-world#9) Ernest

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Review: Les Misérables and Altar Boyz

In: Saturday Submissions

I have always been a big fan of theatre, and as a guilty pleasure, mainstream musicals are my favourite. In the last couple of weekends I indulged myself with two shows playing in Vancouver: Les Misérables and Altar Boyz. Both shows were amazing and concluded with a standing ovation.


Les Misérables is based on Victor Hugo’s novel tells the story of Jean Valjean whom after spending years in prison starts a new life. He comes to encounter characters that will challenge his identity and his conditional freedom. Simultaneously, a group of idealistic students get ready to fight in the French Revolution to defend their country and beliefs. A love story entangles Jean Valjean’s daughter and the student leader of the student movement, creating the perfect formula for a breath taking play.

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