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When Warner Bros released Channing Tatum’s character poster for Magic Mike XXL using the hashtag #MagicMondays, I assumed that the artwork for the rest of the cast would follow on subsequent Mondays. Guess I was wrong.

The studio debuted ones for Adam Rodriguez and Stephen Boss better known as tWitch this week as well. Rodriguez’s hit online Wednesday with #HumpDay and today we get tWtich’s accompanied with the hashtag #TGIF. I’m kinda curious to see what hashtags the PR team comes up with for Matt Bomer and Joe Manganiello’s.

Magic Mike XXL gyrates into theaters on July 1, 2015. Check out the other character poster below. BTW. I think Adam is hot, but not feeling his new hairstyle in the film. No bueno.

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Another season of So You Think You Dance premieres tomorrow. Can you believe it’s the tenth season? It just seems like yesterday when the dancing competition began. In its inaugural season, it was all about crowning America’s Best Dancer. Realizing it was just one big popularity contest, it quickly changed to America’s favorite dancer. For the purpose of this post, it’s all about crowning America’s hottest dancer. My kind of contest.

Over the years, FOX’s dancing competition has featured a bevy of flexible studs, dropping it like it’s hot while shirtless and sweaty. Every season there seems to be one or a couple male contestants that captivate the hearts and eyes of teenage girls and horny gay men everywhere. I decided to go back through all the seasons and pick the Top 15 hottest male dancers to ever compete on the show. Will recently-anointed winner Chehon Wespi-Teschopp make the cut? One particular season dominated my list, owning all Top 3 slots. Find out which one and my HOTTEST pick below.

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I haven’t followed So You Think You Can Dance as religiously as I used to. However, after seeing a couple promo videos, I’m actually looking forward to the dancing competition’s tenth season. Adding to my excitement is the fact Season 9 was a step up from the previous years. Airing only once a week definitely revived the show.

The first clip I have for you gives a behind the scenes look at the SYTYCD Season 10 All-Stars during a photoshoot. On hand are Homorazzi friend Mark Kanemura, along with Twitch Boss, Allison Holker, Whitney Carson, Lauren Froderman, Kathryn McCormic, Robert Roldan and Neil Haskell. Speaking of Neil, he is looking better than ever. The blond cutie has certainly aged well. A few of them give updates of what they’ve been up to since their respective seasons. Holker talking about her engagement to Twitch is a smudge adorable.

The second clip you might’ve seen on television already. It’s a promo highlighting the science of dance with numerical algorithms sketched over dancers performing. One of the best teaser promos I’ve seen in awhile. Last and certainly not least, the final clip gives a first look at Season 10. Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy along with guest judges and host Cat Deeley talk about the talent and what to expect this upcoming season. Watch all three videos below.

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Love is in the air, especially for former reality television contestants. Just the other day, a showmance on Big Brother resulted in Daniele Donato and Dominic Briones’ wedding. Just a few months prior, another couple from the CBS summer guilty pleasure also tied the knot- the infamous Brenchel. From the looks of it, Cupid has moved on and aimed his love arrows on another long-running reality show.

To the best of my recollection, I can’t think of a relationship resulting from FOX’s So You Think You Can Dance. Even American Idol has Ace Young and Diana DeGarmo. Please correct me if I’m wrong. If not, this could be SYTYCD’s first engaged couple. Not just any ordinary one at that, but an All-Stars one. Can you just imagine how insanely beautiful their first dance will be at their wedding? The best part of this news is that I actually really like both of these two. Have any guesses? They’re pictured in the photo above.

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Earlier this week, Fox debute their celebrity diving competition special called Stars in Danger: The High Dive. For the men, the show featured Terrell Owens, Antonio Sabato Jr., David Chokachi, and Stephen “Twitch” Boss. Their dives aside, they all successfully pulled of the speedo attire considering they all looked smoking hot!

Olympic Diver, Troy Dumais (who was featured on Homorazzi as a Sports Stud back in 2012) will help the stars in the competition. Other celebrities featured in the show include JWoww, Alexandra Paul from Baywatch, Kim and Kyle Richards from the Real Housewives series, and Bethany Hamilton, the teenage surfer who got her arm bitten off by a shark a few years back.

Twitch, who was partnered with Bethany Hamilton, took the synchronized trophy prize, while Antonio Sabato Jr. took the solo prize. I’ve included photos of the guys below so without further delay, dive in and enjoy!

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Friday, July 27 is just around the corner and “Step Up Revolution” will be dancing its way into theaters near you. Featuring some of the industries leading choreographers in film and TV, the movie promises to show off some really slick moves not seen in the previous Step Up films. In fact, it’s being said that this instalment in the series is the most diverse in dance style yet. Did I mention that it’s also available in 3D?

The synopsis of the film is set in Miami, FL. Sean played by Ryan Guzman leads a flash mob troupe known as “The Mob”. Their dancing antics have garnered the attention of Miami newbie Emily played my So You Think You Can Dance alumni, Kathryn McCormick. When a big corporate business man plans to tear down their homes and neighborhood, Emily and Sean team up to rebel and make a difference through dance. Sounds compelling right? If the trailer hasn’t given you enough of a tease, you can watch the first three minutes of the film’s opening sequence below.

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So Dan is BIZZAY again. That means you get another round of hot ginger dance recapping. And, what a week to do it! Top ten! All stars! Before we get to all that, I have to give Skeletor (AKA Nigel) some mild praise. He gets on my nerves more than Tyrant, but I have to applaud last week’s cuts. Alexander was holding Sasha back. It was so tragic. And Ryan? Good lord. When are the producers going to wake up to the fact that they cannot force their favourites on us? It always backfires. Ryan was in the bottom 3 FOUR times. And her solos really weren’t that amazing. Just because Mia wants a piece doesn’t mean the rest of us do. On the bright side… Ricky’s solo was stellar. I think that will help catapult him past the other guys now that Ryan is out of here. Here’s hoping we get some shirtless Pasha tonight!

We start off this week with the judges. Nigel blah blah. Mary wail wail. And…. NEIL PATRICK HARRIS! Shut up. It’s Doogie. No. It’s Barny. Love him. I feel like Doogie typing away. I should turn my screen blue.

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SYTYCD 7: America’s Favorite Dancer Is…

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We have finally made it folks! America’s favourite dancer has been revealed after two long, painful, filler-crammed nonsense hours. Can you even believe it! Lauren, Kent and Robert are the final three contestants (as you all know from Wednesday night’s performance show) and one of them will be walking away with the title. The show opened with its usual style; a performance with a collection of all-stars and season seven contestants, including an injured Alex Wong performing sitting choreography.

The piece was yet another new routine for Kent, Lauren and Robert to learn on top of all their routines from Wednesday. The number was put together by Christopher Scott, known from his role in LXD (legion of extraordinary dancers). I thought this routine was pretty fantastic right off the start and it makes sense when credit was revealed to Mr. Scott.

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