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Gee, I wonder who she’s singing about 😉 You know what they say about assuming things, but I’d bet good money it’s about a certain floppy-haired Canadian singer.

Selena Gomez just released the latest taste off her forthcoming album, Revival– her first with her new label, Interscope Records. Charli XCX, Benny Blanco, Ross Golan and Stargate are believed to be the creative minds behind “Same Old Love.”

It’s bit of an unexpected sound from the 23-year-old, but I like it. Like “Good For You,” it’s more of a mature sound, but unlike that hit, I’m immediately gravitating towards this track. This has all kinds of potential. Give it a listen below.

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Selena Gomez Sings ‘Come & Get It’ On New Track

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I wonder if Ryan Seacrest is pissed. “Come & Get It” was originally supposed to debut on his KIIS-FM show on Monday morning, but made its way online a couple of days early. Selena Gomez herself posted on her Facebook page, “A little early but that’s ok! This has been such a fun ride and I’ve worked so hard on the new record. This song is a fun introduction to what’s coming 😉 Hope you guys like it! Love y’all!”

Co-written by Ester Dean and produced by Stargate, “Come & Get It” is more grown up than her previous singles. I’m loving the slightly Indian-tinged beat. Gomez revealed she wanted to create something fun, sassy and playful. Mission accomplished. It definitely has potential and ripe for a dance remix. The jury is still out if the song is about her ex, Justin Bieber. Check out a bit of the lyrics below and judge for yourself.

You ain’t gotta worry it’s an open invitation
I’ll be sittin’ right here real patient
All day all night I’ll be waitin’ standby
Can’t stop because I love it, hate the way I love you
All day all night maybe I’m addicted for life, no lie.

I’m not too shy to show I love you, I got no regrets.
I love you too much, much to hide you, this love ain’t finished yet.
This love ain’t finished yet…So baby whenever you’re ready…

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It’s been a minute, but Alexis Jordan is back with a hot new dance track called “Acid Rain” featuring J. Cole. Alexis Jordan’s debut single, “Happiness” was one of my favorite songs the year it came out and her follow up track, “Good Girl” I loved as well. She had a few hits after that but we didn’t really get anything new in 2012. This year, she’s off to a great start with this club anthem!

The song was produced by Stargate and written by Sia, and is dance floor-ready with a pulsating beat and catchy hook. In the chorus, Jordan sings, “It’s like acid rain / In a hurricane / Might hear your call to bring you cover / It’s a crown of thorns, leaving me torn / Might hear your call to bring me cover.” J. Cole’s verse in the song is hot as well.

Are you excited about the forecast for “Acid Rain” and more new music from Alexis Jordan in 2013? Listen to the song below and let me know what you think.

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Rihanna Debuts Brand New Single, ‘Diamonds’

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There is no one that grinds harder than Rihanna. It’s hard to believe but Rihanna is already ready to release ANOTHER new album and this morning, debuted a brand new single. Diamonds received worldwide radio release this morning at 8am EST and had fans alike rushing to their radio dials to hear the Stargate produced track.

So shine bright tonight, you and I
We’re beautiful like diamonds in the sky
Eye to eye, so alive, we’re beautiful like diamonds in the sky
Shine bright like a diamond

The singer had previously referred to the track as “happy and hippy.” I personally, find the track to feel a little Lana Del Rey with a Rihanna twist. The hook and post-chorus are catchy but kind of sound like Del Rey’s National Anthem, no? The track was penned by Sia and and I can definitely hear that influence in the single as well. Overall, I think that Rihanna will find success in the song. I like that she didn’t just stick to her dancefloor formula but took a risk with a more midtempo track.

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Karmin’s “Brokenhearted” has truly become one of my favorite guilty-pleasure tracks this summer. You can’t even imagine how many times my friends and I have uttered “cheerio“. Coming off their first Top 20 hit, the duo just released their music video for “Hello“, the third single and title track from their debut album. Just like them, it’s a cute and colorful affair. It’s the perfect visual for the Stargate-produced track.

Amy Heidermann is seen biking around Chinatown on her Beach Cruiser by day and struttin’ it out in sexy attire at the same location by night. Meanwhile, Nick Noonan, her real life boyfriend, is at home contemplating a new look. The cutie takes a pair of scissors and clippers and cuts off his adorable curly locks. Eventually the couple reunite when Noonan picks up Heidermann in his vintage ride. So does she approve of his new look? Watch the music video and find out.

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Back in 2004, Ne-Yo made a triumphant break in the music industry when he penned a track for up and coming artist Mario. The song was called “Let Me Love You” and it quickly became a massive hit. The track gave Ne-Yo his big break and soon, we were singing along to his own recorded tracks on the radio. Ne-Yo’s first official single of his upcoming R.E.D. album (which stands for Realizing Every Dream) is also called “Let Me Love You,” don’t get it confused. His new track is anything but a slow R&B jam from the early millennium. Instead, this one is ready for the clubs.

Not straying far from Ne-Yo’s newfound sound in dance music and beats, the R&B artist employs drum and bass along with glittery synths to juxtapose his smooth vocals on a track that is sure to have you fist pumping and dancing along. While the title of the song may seem long, it’s lyrically perfect for the new single. The track is a little typical for my liking especially when it comes to Ne-Yo but, the Stargate and SIA produced track is sure to be a radio hit. Give a listen to his new single below.

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Preview Rihanna’s “Talk That Talk” Album Here

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The full album won’t be out in North America until November 21, but today, I am fortunate enough to treat you to a preview of Rihanna’s upcoming album, Talk That Talk. This album sampler only gives us a taste of what to expect from the songstress but from what I’ve read from press who have already heard the whole album, they all have one resounding review… it’s DIRTY. VH1 even said that it was possibly the dirtiest pop album since Madonna’s Erotica. Check out the track list below.

  • 1. You Da One
  • 2. Where Have You Been
  • 3. We Found Love
  • 4. Talk That Talk (feat. Jay Z)
  • 5. Cockiness (Love It)
  • 6. Birthday Cake
  • 7. We All Want Love
  • 8. Drunk on Love
  • 9. Roc Me Out
  • 10. Watch n’ Learn
  • 11. Farewell

Some of the lyrics will make even the naughtiest homo blush. (Yes Adam, I’m “talk-that-talking” to you.) I’m sure that has many thanks to album’s co-writer, Ester Dean. Already, I can tell that my favorite tracks will be Where Have You Been which Calvin Harris also produced as well as Birthday Cake and Roc Me Out. In other exciting Rihanna news, she will be premiering the track You Da One on radio tomorrow! Get your ears ready for that. Until then, listen to the album sampler below.

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After taking a two-year hiatus, Sean Paul is “getting busy” once again. How smooth was my dropping of his big hit in the first sentence of this post? Silky smooth I say. The often-unintelligible reggae singer is back with a hot new track, “Got 2 Luv U“. I hate to say it, but I think the 38-year-old Jamaican has a potential smash single on his hands. Of course having the amazing Alexis Jordan on the track helps his cause. Why that girl isn’t a huge pop star yet is beyond me. Hopefully this is the crossover hit that’ll win her legions of new fans.

The Stargate-produced track was released back in July but it’s only now that Sean Paul is finally giving it the promotional push it deserves. The track has already hit Top 10 in several markets including Germany, France and The Netherlands. With a new slick music video now out, I’m sure “Got 2 Luv U” will conquer the US charts soon. It’s the lead cut from his forthcoming fifth album, which has yet to have a release date.

Filmed in Las Vegas at the Hard Rock Hotel, the clip is a flashy visual treat. Not only does Alexis Jordan look flawless in every shot, but it also makes me want to book to Vegas stat. Side note, I’m actually heading there next week for a debaucherous weekend for a friend’s birthday. Should be a blast. As with most music videos these days, there’s a slew of product placement. Some of the products being pimped out by Sean Paul and Jordan are Remy Martin, Mini Cooper and Haze Nightclub. Check out the products and singers below.

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