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The X Factor US: Top 10 SHOCKING Results

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My jaw is still literally on the ground. Tonight’s results totally threw me for a loop. Before we get to it, let’s talk about how much of a tool Steve Jones is. While he hasn’t received the warmest welcome across the board, I’ve held off jumping on the anti-Steve Jones train… until now. I thought I’d give him a few weeks to find his groove. Sadly, I don’t think that’s ever going to happen.

During last night’s show, I thought he made a gaffe with the amount of musical acts remaining, but ignored it. Tonight on the results show, I know 100% he screwed up. At one point, he talked about the impending elimination and said that there would only be eight acts left. UMMMM, OK? Last I counted, there was ten acts and no double-elimination in sight. Time to head back to Grade 2 Mister.

From what I hear, he also messed up during the interview with Rihanna as well. The “We Found Love” singer had to perform SLASH lip sync twice, during yesterday’s taping of her performance, since Simon and producers didn’t want to use the first Q&A. I honestly don’t think Steve Jones is going to make it to Season 2. Anyone else agree?

watch the performances after the jump

“Rock” invaded the “X Factor” stage this week and yielded some interesting results. I used air quotes around rock due to a couple of questionable song choices by the judges. Apparently, reggae is considered rock in one of the judge’s eyes. Is it me, or is “X Factor” starting to look and sound like “American Idol“? I already find myself in my usual Idol doldrums at this stage of the competition. The theme weeks definitely add to that dilemma. The show really needs to do something to step out of Idol’s shadow. And I’m not talking about implementing a cheesy boxing ring à la “The Voice“. Enough about that, let’s get to the performances.

Last week, Paula once again found two of her acts in the bottom two? Why does America hate groups so much? Because I know the public loves Paula. Hopefully, Abdul isn’t three for three this week. Not only is she an insightful mentor, but I love me some Lakoda Rayne. Check out how they fared and the rest of the Top 10 below. At the end of the post, I ranked all the acts. See if you agree with my rankings and post your own.

The Performances

LeRoy Bell

Song: We’ve Got Tonight by Bob Seger

Is it sad that I know and love this song. I love me some Bob Seger. LeRoy did him justice, but it was sorta of a snoozefest. With two groups already gone, didn’t you feel the judges minus Nicole were throwing him under the bus. I predict a Leroy elim coming soon. He went first plus received negative feedback. “For Whom the Bell Tolls”. I sense it’ll be for LeRoy Bell. How ya like my Ernest Hemingway reference? BAM.

see my rankings and the rest of the videos after the jump

The X Factor US: Top 11 Results

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Well they did better this week with the lip sync I guess, what a disappointment that was to learn last week hey?

Along with the group performance, we had two guests this week, Willow Smith and Jessie J. Willow surprisingly did a great performance to FIREBALL I believe, and I’m very impressed with where her career is going. Jessie J sang her new single DOMINO which I love. I didn’t give her much of a chance when she started because I HATED that money money money song, it was awful, but this one I dig.

After those two performances we got to the results, so who made it?

First announced was Stacy Francis. I was extremely happy about that obviously, so I guess I wrong about my bottom two. All of Nicole’s people made it through first, then Simon’s. It was down to Lakoda Rayne, Stereo Hoggz and Chris Rene. While my gut was SCREAMING FOR Chris Rene to be in the bottom two, sadly he was safe once again. He’s so gross.

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The X Factor US: Top 11 Performances (Video)

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It’s movie soundtrack week on “The X Factor“! So we’ve got our Top 11, and with the help of their mentors they are going to bring their best movie soundtrack songs to the live stage. Somethings I noticed this week:

  • 1. They brought in the announcer to say the names after the vanity clips, something that’s been missing.
  • 2. They brought in AWFUL cheesy background singers who don’t sing live, that was really dumb.
  • 3. The judges are attacking each other over the same things over and over again, it’s going past sass and getting into irritating.

Anyway, the show is about these contestants so let’s get down to it!

Watch all the performances after the jump.

The X Factor US: Top 12 Results

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I am in complete and utter disbelief. Not because of who was eliminated, not because of who was in the bottom two, but because the entire opening act was a LIP SYNC ACT!


Someone has to seriously speak up about this because this is a LIVE SINGING COMPETITION! You know who I know, oh because LEROY BELL’s voice was going, but Leroy Bell wasn’t singing! I don’t understand how that happened! Then as you look closer to everyone, no one seemed to be matching up to how their voice were sounding. I honestly have absolutely no idea what is going on here and I am sure we are going to be hearing something about it in 3…2….1………. Watch their performance below.

see the bottom two’s final performances after the jump

The X Factor US: Top 12 Performances (Video)

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This past week has been crazy in X Factor world, and not for what you would think. Without going TOO much into it because I can’t STAND the person doing it WE’VE GOT DRAMA! Perez Hilton (who I CANNOT STAND) has been coming for some of these contestants. Mainly Stacy Francis and Leroy Bell, and it’s incredibly pathetic what he’s trying to do. He is an internet BULLY and needs to knock it off. He’s perpetuating stupid drama and I hate to say it but it could affect people’s votes. But this post isn’t about that jerk, it’s about the absolutely INCREDIBLE performances that happened tonight on The X Factor.

It’s going to be really hard for me to judge who is going to be in the bottom two, so instead I’m going to give you the contestant in each category that I think was the weakest. However in some categories, like the girls, the weakest is still much stronger than other categories, like the boys. So grain of salt people. I will tell you that I’ve had a MAJOR shift about a contestant in the boys category and I will definitely admit it. Who is it? Well keep reading, we’re going through all the performance.


watch all the performances after the jump

The X Factor US: Top 17 Performances (Video)

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FINALLY we are at the live shows. These next 3 months are going to blow your mind, the production, the drama, the judges decisions everything gets SO intense. The live shows are what make this show the best thing on television.

A few things happened tonight. A couple singers made it through that couldn’t sing, Simon Cowell made some BIG mistakes with his mentoring, Stacy Francis looked perfect, and Paula Abdul proved that she is the best mentor. I think that last one was the most shocking of everything, but Kudos to her. Let’s get to it.

watch the performances after the jump

The X Factor: Top 16 Revealed & Makeover Pics

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You’re probably wondering why I’m writing this “X Factor” post. Normally, this is Tommy’s territory but we thought we’d switch it up this week. I’m doing the post on this week’s show and Tommy will be doing my Man Crush post for me tomorrow. Wait til you see his choice. You won’t be disappointed. But back to “The X Factor“.

After auditions, bootcamp, judges’ home and even a rain delay, we finally have the final 16 acts vying for “The X Factor” crown and that lucrative $5 million dollar prize. Tonight’s episode had it all- raw emotion, lots of crying and even a twist. Yup, Simon Cowell and company surprised everyone with a big surprise at the end of the show. Personally, I’m glad he did that. The show wouldn’t be the same without the “twist“. Check out the first official pics of all the competing contestants below. Makeover and all.

check out the makeover pics after the jump

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