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Sports Stud: Ashton Eaton

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This week I’ve decided to highlight another athlete from the Olympic spread that Vogue recently did. This time, I’ve got the sexy decathlete, Ashton Eaton from Team USA. The 24-year-old competes for the Oregon Track Club Elite team based in Eugene, Oregon. In one of the photos from the Vogue shoot, Eaton attempts to jump over a floating Karlie Kloss, who was the model that accompanied all the athletes in the shoot.

Eaton currently holds the world record in the heptathlon (6645). He achieved this at the recent IAAF World Indoor Championships where he won the gold medal in the heptathlon competition winning 5 events (60m, 60m hurdles, long jump, pole vault and 1000m). I’ve included the video of this achievement below.

Ashton is engaged to his fiancé, Brianne Theisen of Humboldt, Saskatchewan. She is also a successful heptathlete. Let’s hope they’re able to overcome the hurdle of the border between Canada & the U.S.! Be sure to watch for Eaton at the 2012 Summer Olympic Games this year!

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Sports Stud: Jonathan Horton

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This week I decided to highlight one of the hotties from the Vogue Olympic Photo Shoot I wrote about last week. Let me introduce you to Team USA gymnast, Jonathan Horton. He’s 26 years old and stands 5’1″ tall. I was talking to Tyrell and was like, “This guy is shorter than us!” We are both 5’5″, but he explained to me that gymnastics actually stunts your growth which I didn’t know. Anyway, Horton is adorable and has a great body.

He started gymnastics back in 1990. “I was a wild child,” Horton said. “I once climbed a pole in the middle of Target all the way to the ceiling. I used to do back flips on my parents’ bed and I rode a garage door to the top when I was 3 years old.” He is the 2008 Olympic silver medalist on high bar, 2010 Worlds all-around bronze medalist and a two-time U.S. National All-Around Champion. He is a 17-time medalist at the U.S. National Championships. Needless to say, he has a lot to look forward to with the 2012 Summer Olympics coming up.

Horton is taken, having married a former gymnast named Haley. Check out some of his striking photos below.

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Sports Stud: James Magnussen

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This week I thought I’d make another splash with an Olympic hottie from the upcoming 2012 Summer Olympics in London. James Magnussen is a 21-year-old swimmer from Australia who has won a total of five medals in major international competitions. These include three golds and two silvers spanning the World Championships, Commonwealth Games, and the Pan Pacific Championships.

His stroke is freestyle, for which he holds the record for the 4th fastest swim in history in the 100-meter freestyle with a time of 47.10. Wowza! I used to be a competitive swimmer myself… and that’s fast!

At the upcoming Olympics, he’s planning on competing in the 50-meter freestyle, 100-meter freestyle, and the 4×100-meter freestyle and medley relay. Check out his amazing body in the photos below and be sure to keep your eyes out for him during the Games!

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Sports Stud: David Boudia

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With the Summer Olympics creeping up on us, I just couldn’t resist highlighting another sexy diver for this week’s Sports Stud feature.

From Team USA, let me introduce you to 23-year-old David Boudia. He started diving in 2000 and has been a part of the U.S. national team since 2005. He specializes in the 10m and 10m synchro dives (with his dive partner Thomas Finchum).

Boudia is a 2 Time World Championship Medalist (Silver, Bronze) and is working his butt off to get the chance to win a gold medal at the Olympics this summer. He’s got beautiful eyes, a great body, and from the sounds of it, a good head on his shoulders. “Dive” in below to check out some amazing pictures of him and be sure to keep an eye out for him at the Olympics!

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Sports Stud: Danny Amendola

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This week I decided to feature the sexy 26 year old wide receiver for the St. Louis Rams, Danny Amendola. I’m surprised I haven’t written about this hottie before actually.

Amendola first played for the Dallas Cowboys in 2008, then moved onto the Philadelphia Eagles in 2009 and is currently still playing for the St. Louis Rams. Last year, he was put on Injured Reserve after he had to get triceps surgery. Sidenote, his arms are huge.

He’s got some pretty sexy photos, thanks to a shirtless photo shoot he did last year for “Alive,” a lifestyle magazine in St. Louis. Check them out below!

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Sports Stud: Mario Gomez

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Since soccer season is starting for me, this week I decided to highlight a sexy soccer player named Mario Gomez. The 26-year old is of German-Spanish descent and plays for FC Bayern Munich.

Gomez is also very supportive of gays in sports and believes that “they would play as if they had been liberated” if they did so. Gomez, whose nickname is “Super Mario,” has also said he would like a “radical rethink” about homosexuality in football (soccer). It’s great that someone like him with such a huge platform has used it to speak about something so important. This was a couple years ago when he first made these comments, and slowly but surely other athletes have also spoken about this and some have even come out.

Gomez does have a girlfriend and her name is Silvia Meichel. They look adorable together. Check out “Super Mario” and his sexy pictures below!

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Sports Stud: Maxime Mermoz

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So I only realized halfway through this post that I’ve now done a French athlete two weeks in a row now. Last week I featured professional tennis player Arnaud Clément from France. This week, I’m tackling Maxime Mermoz, a rugby player who is also from France.

I came across Mermoz because he recently did a commercial and ad campaign for DIM underwear, a popular French men’s underwear line. The photos are so sexy, as is the behind the scenes video which I’ve included below along with the actual commercial for your viewing pleasure.

If you’re into dark features, sexy lips, and muscles, then you’ll especially love this guy. Check out his pictures and videos below.

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Sports Stud: Arnaud Clément

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This week I thought I’d step onto the tennis court since I haven’t featured anyone from the sport for quite some time. I’ve chosen to serve the sexy Arnaud Clément, a professional tennis player from France. Voila! Not only is he fancied by the gays because of the sexiness he exudes, but he is also in a relationship with a French singer named Nolween Leroy who is also a bit of a gay icon herself. They’re quite the hot couple!

The 34-year old’s biggest achievement is reaching the final of the 2001 Australian Open. Other highlights include beating top players such as Andre Agassi, Patrick Rafter, Carlos Moya and more recently Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Novak ?okovi?.

He often wears a bandana and sunglasses while playing, but the sunglasses were actually medically prescribed to him because of severe eye problems he has had in his life, which had nearly left him blind as a child. Check out his sexy pictures below.

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