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Sports Stud: Bachar Houli

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Since it’s pouring rain where I am here in Vancouver, for this week’s Sports Stud I decided to highlight someone from somewhere hot and decided to feature an AFL Footie player from Australia named Bachar Houli.

This handsome 24-year old is an Australian rules footballer for Richmond in the Australian Football League and he plays as a midfielder. An interesting fact is that he is the first devout Muslim to play in the AFL. When he was a kid, he had to sneak off to play football because there wasn’t much sports played in Islamic schools and his parents didn’t approve at the time. His persistence to want to play the sport eventually influenced his parents into accepting and supporting him and that led to his path to become an AFL player.

Houli is also only the second player of a Lebanese background to play in the AFL. The sexy athlete is off the market, married to a beautiful woman named Rouba Abou-Zeid. Check out more of his sexy pictures below!

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Sports Stud: James Ellington

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With all of the rain and gloomy weather this week, I’ve decided to highlight This week I decided to highlight someone from the Summer Olympics to remind me of warmer times. This week’s Sports Stud is the incredibly sexy British sprinter, James Ellington.

The 27-year-old races in the 100 metres and 200 metres. He made his world senior championship debut at the 2011 World Championships in Athletics, running in the 200m and finishing 5th in his heat. He was also a part of the Great Britain Olympic team for the 2012 Summer Olympics, running in the 200 metres. He finished fifth in his heat of the 200 metres and failed to progress.

Another interesting fact about his Olympic story is that he got a lot of attention worldwide by selling his sponsorship rights on eBay leading up to London 2012. The winning bid was £32,550, but that turned out not to be a genuine deal. Instead, Ellington was sponsored by King of Shaves.

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Sports Stud: Robbie Rogers

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Yesterday, a handsome 25-year-old US professional athlete and Olympic soccer player came out of the closet and his name is Robbie Rogers. Needless to say, I had to make him the Sports Stud for this week. He has decided to leave soccer (not sure if that is indefinitely or not) and focus on the next chapter of his life.

In his blog posting he wrote that throughout his life he has “been afraid, afraid to show whom I really was because of fear… Fear that judgment and rejection would hold me back from my dreams and aspirations. Fear that my loved ones would be farthest from me if they knew my secret. Fear that my secret would get in the way of my dreams.” By coming out of the closet, he has created the space to make whatever dreams he wants to come true a reality. “Secrets can cause so much internal damage. People love to preach about honesty, how honesty is so plain and simple. Try explaining to your loved ones after 25 years you are gay. I always thought I could hide this secret. Football was my escape, my purpose, my identity. Football hid my secret, gave me more joy than I could have ever imagined.”

Rogers played in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing and is also the co-owner of a men’s fashion brand called Halsey. Check out his sexy photos below as well as his entire “coming out” blog entry.

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Sports Stud: Dan Bailey

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This week, I decided to do something totally different and not choose a Sports Stud from a typical sport. I’ve chosen a CrossFit athlete named Dan Bailey. He placed sixth at the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games and the 28-year-old trains with two-time Games champion, Rich Froning. Not only do the two train together, but they live together, too.

He was featured in Men’s Fitness magazine in 2012 as one of four in the running for title of “Fittest Man On Earth.” Crossfit is described as “Constantly Varied Functional Movements At High Intensity” and there is always something to work on and improve on which makes it hard to get bored of. Bailey has a great body as a result and I’ve included a few videos and pictures below for you to check out.

As a side note, I joined CrossFit about three or four weeks ago and I am absolutely loving it. I’m eager to go each morning and so happy that I went after I leave. I can already see results and I’m pushing myself way further than I was in the gym – and having fun in the process. Check out Bailey’s photos and videos below!

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Sports Stud: Rolandas Mascinskas

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This week, I thought I’d start of February’s Sports Studs with a rower to mix things up a little. Also, rowers wear very tight clothing – wink 😉 This guy’s name is Rolandas Maš?inskas and he is a rower from Lithuania.

At the 2010 Summer Youth Olympics, the now 20-year old won the gold medal in the single sculls event and with that, he became the first Lithuanian champion and the first medalist in the Youth Olympics. At the 2012 Summer Olympics, he made it to the finals of the men’s double sculls where he and his rowing partner finished in sixth place. He’s definitely one to watch for in the next Olympics!

I’ve included a handful of photos of the handsome athlete below. Pay attention to where your eyes go when looking at the photos. I don’t know how anyone would be able to conduct an interview with a rower while they’re in spandex. My mind would totally be wandering… Enjoy the photos and a video of him rowing below.

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Sports Stud: Henrik Lundqvist

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Since the NHL is back on the ice, I figured it be a good idea to highlight a hockey hottie so I decided on Henrik Lundqvist. He’s a Swedish pro hockey player that is the goaltender for the New York Rangers. He is the only goaltender in NHL history to record 30 wins in each of his first seven seasons. He is 30 years old (31 on March 2nd) and his nickname is King Henrik, given to him by fans. Aside from the NHL, during the 2006 Winter Olympics in Torino, Italy, he led the Swedish men’s team to their second Olympic gold medal.

Off the ice, Lundqvist has been named Best Dressed in Sweden, one of People‘s World’s 100 Most Beautiful People in 2006, and in 2008, he was named one of Page Six Magazine’s Top 25 Best Dressed. Lundqvist is married and he and his wife gave birth to their first child this past July.

Aside from his impressive athletic ability and good looks, he’s also does a lot for the community and also supports the You Can Play campaign, dedicated to fighting homophobia.

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Sports Stud: Mathieu Debuchy

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This week I decided to highlight a French hottie named Mathieu Debuchy that plays professional football for Newcastle United in the UK. The 27-year old actually only just signed with them on January 4, previously playing in France. He just signed a five-and-a-half year contract which will take him to the summer of 2018. The fee was not disclosed but it is believed to be in the ballpark of $5.5 million.

Given that he’s a professional soccer player he obviously has a great body, but he’s also so incredibly handsome and his tattoos are the cherry on top of a delicious… I was going to use alliteration with the word cake (ie: BLANK cake) but then two really dirty “c” words popped into my head so I decided to leave that alone.

One special treat with this guy is that there is a video clip of him and a teammate giving each other a nice big wet kiss on the field after celebrating a goal. I’ve included a screenshot as well as the actual video below. Enjoy!

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Sports Stud: Moritz Leitner

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Now that we’ve finally wrapped up 2012 and named the winner of the 2012 Sports Stud Showdown, we can kick off 2013 and what better way to kick off the year than with a sexy soccer player.

The first Sports Stud for 2013 is a little on the young side, but he’s become a sexy symbol nonetheless. His name is Moritz Leitner and he 20-years old and plays for Bundesliga club Borussia Dortmund as a midfielder. He’s a very young player on the team and according to The Hard Tackle, he has at least two more years, even by Dortmund’s extreme standards, before he is expected to start regularly for the club and develop into a better footballer.

Check out his pictures below and be sure to keep an eye out for him over the next few years as he becomes a bigger force to be reckoned with on the field. Also keep your eye out of his sexy, ab-tastic pictures. He’s already ahead of the game in that department.

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