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With Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt in London that past little while, the rumors were already circulating that they’d be in this new season of Celebrity Big Brother in the UK. Now, with the official cast revealed, the rumors turned out to be true and it looks like it’s going to be one hell of a season.

The new season debuted on Thursday on Channel 5 in the UK and nearly 3.5 million people tuned in, down from 5.1 million who watched in 2011. I so wish we were able to watch Celebrity Big Brother here in North America. I wouldn’t mind seeing how Speidi fairs in their return to Reality TV and I also wouldn’t mind seeing Sam Robertson, the hot model/actor in the house, wearing as little as possible. The series is expected to last three weeks, with the first eviction due on Wednesday.

Without further delay, check out the new cast of Celebrity Big Brother below.

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Yesterday, former The Hills star Heidi Montag did an interview with Access Hollywood Live and discussed her extreme plastic surgery and what her thoughts are on all of it now.

In case you don’t remember, the now 26-year old had gone under 10 plastic surgeries in one day back in 2010. This was at the “height” of her fame, when she and her husband Spencer Pratt couldn’t get enough of the spotlight.

This is the first interview I’ve seen with Heidi Montag where she seems back to her old self again, and actually looks a lot more human than she did a couple years ago as well. It seems that her time away from the spotlight has helped ground herself and really reflect on the person she was becoming, on the inside and out. She also talks about the money situation (and lack thereof) and how she got involved with the Strip Club in Las Vegas. Watch the interview below. So glad to see her so down to earth and level headed these days.

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Heidi Montag is heading from The Hills to the desert. The former famebot has been laying low these days (with the exception of the occasion EP being released), but now she is set to make a pretty descent paycheque for headlining at a strip club in Las Vegas.

Crazy Horse III, the extravagant gentlemen’s club located at Playground in Las Vegas, will be celebrating its three-year anniversary with Heidi Montag as their host on Friday, October 19. “I am so excited to host Crazy Horse III’s third anniversary celebration,” says Montag. “I’m ready to party!” She’s also ready to accept a cheque in the amount of $25,000. TMZ is reporting that Spencer Pratt will be accompanying her.

The event will feature “beautiful entertainers,” cocktails, hookah… and interestingly enough, sushi. Check out the full poster below.

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Hate is a strong word. I try to refrain from using it as much as possible in my regular vocabulary. There are many things (and maybe a few people) that I truly dislike, but to actually honestly say you hate something or someone is quite intense. However, a recent poll has discovered that there are some people (mainly celebrities) that some people hate out there.

A recent study from E-Poll Market Research tracked the awareness and appeal of over 6,000 celebrities to find out who the top ten most hated people in America were. I’ve checked out the list and to be honest, there aren’t that many surprises. However, I was shocked at how quickly the person who holds the #1 spot sky-rocketed to that position. Check out the list below.

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The Hills: The Movie?

In: Celeb Gossip & News, Patrick

It’s a definite possibility. MTV’s hit “reality” (and I use that word loosely) show, “The Hills” has the potential to become a movie according to one of the stars. Audrina Patridge sat down with an on air interview with Ryan Seacrest and said that there original was plans for a movie, but everyone needed a break after the show ended:

“We were kind of all just so fed up with each other that we all needed a little break. We’ve all had our break. Maybe we’ll all come back together and do a movie.”

I should clarify that this is separate from Lauren Conrad’s “L.A. Candy” being made into a movie. This would be the actual cast from The Hills.

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Virgin Mobile Burns Heidi & Spencer

In: Celeb Gossip & News, Patrick

You may have seen a recent ad from Virgin Mobile where they manufacture a fake celebrity couple: Spencer Falls + Sarah Caroll = Sparah. Of course desperate for attention, former Hills stars Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag (aka Speidi) went public with their anger that Virgin Mobile would copy their likeness and demanded to be paid.

Virgin Mobile has responded to their criticism in the BEST way possible. Reps for the new spoof celebrity couple “Sparah” told TMZ that they have no time to respond to Spencer’s accusations “due to their pressing endorsement commitments with Virgin Mobile and their frequent interactions with real celebrities.” BURN! Love it.

Chances are you’ve only seen the 30 second spot of this commercial. I’ve included the 60 second version below. My favorite line is from their publicist (Anna Curtis) at the very end of the commercial when Spencer says, “I’m so confused.” She then responds, “See! That right there? That’s a tweet. Tweet that shit.” LOL.

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I’ll give you a second to go to the toilet & throw up…. Okay, you back? Well, it looks like these three reality reject fame whores are combining powers (Captain Planet style) to come up with a new show about their annoying lives. The concept of the show hasn’t come to light yet, but considering they are three of the most despised reality stars and biggest fame whores, I think it may have something to do with that.

This week, Heidi Montag (The Hills, etc.), Danielle Staub (Real Housewives), and Jake Pavelka (The Bachelor) were spotted filming at a restaurant in Los Angeles. They’ve all already done reality and between the three of them, they have sex tapes, nude photos, plastic surgery galore, gay rumors, lawsuits, and have been fired and tried to become pop stars. What more could they possibly have to offer?

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If you have been having Heidi Montag/Pratt withdrawals, have no fear. Heidi may be on your TV screen sooner than you think. With rumors of Camille Grammer and one other not returning to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Speidi wants in on the opening.

According to sources, Heidi and Spencer met with Bravo execs about the show and the possibility of the couple moving to Beverly Hills. Spencer even said “we would move to Beverly Hills in a heartbeat… We would be psyched if this happened for us.” As much as these two are a nightmare, I think they would be a really interesting mix to the show no?

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