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His cover of Whitney Houston’s “How Will I Know” gave me goosebumps. Sam Smith hits another homerun with his latest cover. The male Adele takes on Tracy Chapman’s classic “Fast Car” for BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge.

As expected, the stripped-down acoustic arrangement is beautiful beyond words. The more I hear Smith, the more he wins me over. He also gave a heart-wrenching performance of his current single, “I’m Not The Only One.” Check them out below.

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It’s no secret Kiesza loves 90s house. You can certainly hear the influence on both “Hideaway” and “Giant In My Heart.” It appears the Canadian singer loves all genres from the decade, including grunge.

She takes on Nirvana’s classic “Heart Shaped Box” for NME’s Basement Sessions. Armed with just an acoustic guitar, Kiesza delivers a cover that is emotional, powerful and spectacular. Definitely give it a spin below.

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Who knew Brandy was such a Coldplay fan? The 35-year-old singer gives the band’s track, “Magic,” a soulful R&B makeover. The result is something truly, excuse the pun, magical.

I forgot how gifted a vocalist the former Moesha actress is. It’s clear, Brandy took this song cover seriously given that she took the time to record a studio version. Hopefully, this is a sign of new music to come from Brandy.

If a new album is on the way, it’s probably going to be on the independent front. Brandy’s last studio album, Two Eleven, performed so abysmally, both Epic Records and RCA dropped her from their respective rosters. Girl needs to deliver a hit LP and make her former bosses regret ever doubting her ability for a comeback. She’s too good to just give up. Brandy FTW. Give her cover of “Magic” a listen below.

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Rixton Covers Ariana Grande’s Problem

In: Donovan, Music

Of all the One Direction clones popping up everyone, Rixton is a favorite. Their extremely catchy “Me And My Broken Heart” is hard to shake out of your head once in it. The single is currently a Billboard Hot 100 Top 20 hit. Surprisingly, the boys have yet to release the track in their native UK. It’s only getting the official release next week.

The quartet recently took on an equally catchy pop track to cover. They give Ariana Grande’s “Problem” a brass-heavy production complete with guitar licks and snazzy finger snaps. If you’re a fan of the track, definitely give it a listen below. I’ve also included the music video for “Me And My Broken Heart” in case you haven’t heard the little gem yet.

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Karmin Kinda Butchers Grease Classic For Twizzlers

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Even though Karmin has failed to match the success of “Brokenhearted” with their followups, I’ve remained a fan. I love me some Nick Noonan ;) However, their latest is somewhat of a tragic mess.

On paper, the real-life couple tackling the classic duet “Summer Nights” from Grease sounds like a great idea. Sadly, it fails on every level in my opinion. The arrangement is just awful. Why they and their team chose to sell out for a Twizzlers commercial is a little puzzling. Give it a listen below and weigh in below.

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I’m always down for a Whitney Houston cover. But when it’s by the sensation that is Sam Smith, my excitement hits a whole new level.

The male Adele teased his “How Will I Know” rendition when it appeared on an episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Ever since, fans have been eagerly waiting to hear the entire version. Their wishes were granted this week. Smith performed it for SiriusXM listeners. It’s astonishing how he transforms a peppy 80s pop song into a yearning love ballad. I’m even more obsessed with Sam after this, if that’s possible. Give it a view below.

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Danish boys really know how to blow ;) At least they do in this clip.

The Bottle Boys aka Flaskedrengene in their native tongue are a group of cute Danish dudes who make beautiful music blowing into empty bottles. Their previous masterpieces include covers of Taylor Swift, Carly Rae Jepsen, PSY, LMFAO and Eminem.

For their latest, they’ve tackled Michael Jackson’s classic “Billie Jean.” Watch them incorporate their new technique, “double bottle playing,” below. Something definitely not recommended by dentists.

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John Mayer Releases Studio Version Of Beyonce Cover

In: Donovan, Movies

I’m not John Mayer’s biggest fan by any means. Dude can sometimes come off as a douchebag. However, I’m loving the studio version release of his Beyonce cover.

Back in April, the 36-year-old performed an awesome live version of Bey’s “XO” during a concert in Australia. Almost universally, people responded to his cover positively. Naturally, John released a high quality version of the Ryan Tedder-produced ballad. For the most part, it sounds identical to his live performance which is a testament to how great a performer Mayer is. The only significant difference is you can hear his vocals much clearer. Check it out below and see how it compares to Mrs. Carter’s original track.

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