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SYTYCD Season 6: Finale

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Dun Dun Dun…. The Finale.

I have to start off by saying this is the least excited I’ve been for a finale in the history of the show. I think I’m suffering from SYTYCD Overload or something- which I never really thought could happen, but it has. Too much, too soon- especially those of us up here in Canada who have been blasted with Season 5 for the US, Season 2 for Canada and then immediately Season 6 for the US again.

At any rate, our finale opens with the Top 20 dancing to Scared Of Me (Radio Edit) by Fedde el Grand feat. Mitch Crown. This was a GREAT number and even more so because Jakob has the balls to wear those skin tight sparkling pants. I love this kid more and more every day. Kudos to you Jakob, Ku-dos! The routine as a whole was actually done really well- great way to start off the show.

After reviewing all the performances of last night, the show then launched into performances of previous performance night routines, starting with the 3-Hip Hop dancers (Kevin, Russell & Legacy) performing their routine from Week 1 of the Top 20. The routine is set to “Beggin’ (District 78 Remix)” by Madcon I’m still not mad about this routine.

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SYTYCD Season 6 Top 6: Finale Performances

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It’s very strange that we’re at the finale already, and that’s not even to mention the fact that there are randomly SIX dancers this season instead of the customary 4. I absolutely agree with both the comments on previous posts about how this season was rushed and poorly done. The random changes to how the show functioned and everything made it absolutely obvious that the studio was just doing it to keep up ratings. Tsk tsk.

Kathryn & Ryan


That said, the show started off with a bang as a SHIRTLESS Ryan (finally) dances a Samba with Kathryn to Magalenha by Sergio Mendes. It was a great routine and regardless of how well I thought it was danced (or not) the fact that Ryan danced with his shirt off made me rewind it and watch a second time. I wish he’d worn ballroom shoes for the routine rather than bare feet- but that’s just being nit-picky. Kathryn did a great job, especially with no Ballroom training and overall I truly enjoyed the routine (and staring at Ryan’s 1/2 naked body all during the comments- great camera work people).

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SYTYCD Season 6: Top 8 Eliminations

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So getting drunk before watching the show and writing the article went so well last night, I decided to do the same thing again tonight! I jest, but only a little. My friend Amit came over with his Mom’s famous (and rightfully so) butter chicken and we decided to watch the Glee finale & SYTYCD. Three tall Gin & Tonic’s later, and here we are…

The show opened with the Top 8 performing a number to the Samantha Ronson Remix of Pon de Floor by Major Lazer feat VYBZ Kartel (who the hell is that anyway?!). The routine was absolutely Sonya and we knew it before Cat even announced it, and in usual fashion- it was absolute amaze-balls. Ellenore & Jakob were the obvious focal points due to the fact that they are clearly the most skilled dancers, but the whole routine was awesome.

** editors note via Amit: Samantha Ronson REALLY needs to eat a hamburger.**… So true my friend, so true.

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SYTYCD Season 6: Top 8 Performances

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This week I’ve decided to try something new… getting drunk before watching the show and writing my article. You’ll have to let me know how it goes!

I kid, but only in the sense that I decided to just randomly get drunk. Rather, I’ve just returned home from attending a party for an organization that my friend Patrick is on the board for: The Paprika Festival. It was a great night with a silent auction (where I won some fabulous dance concert tickets), great music and friends.

Anyway, I digress. So here we are with the final 8! Unfortunately Ashleigh injured her shoulder and won’t be dancing tonight, we technically we’re watching the Top 7- but I still suspect she’ll be safe for the week.

Ryan & Kathryn


Our first couple to hit the floor are Ryan and Kathryn dancing the infamous Disco routine to a Samantha Ronson remix of Last Dance by Donna Summer. Ryan’s obviously the best guy for this routine, and were it not for the absolutely HEINOUS pants he was wearing, I would’ve been totally on board. That said, there were a few sync issues (Ryan was faster with his throwbacks than Kathryn was) and they obviously cut the lift the basket lift because they couldn’t get it- but overall I felt like they did a good job. It was at least fun to watch… but those pants… Sick.

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SYTYCD Season 6: Top 10 Eliminations

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Tonight’s show started off with the Top 10 dancing to It’s Still Rock And Roll To Me by Billy Joel. I say it was the Top 10, but it’s more like Jakob danced the number and the other 9 supported him- which was good because the routine itself was pretty lame, so at least it gave me something fun to watch.

We were then treated to a montage of last night’s performances and I was reminded all over again at how amazing Jakob & Ellenore were and just how shitty some of the other numbers were. We also got a peak back at the solos and holy Mother… Ellenore is absolutely brilliant. A bit weird, but absolutely brilliant.

I then had to bust it to the washroom because Dominic Sandoval from season 3 popped on to showed America that he’s sold out to become a spokesperson for none other than… K-Mart. Seriously? Seriously. Barf.

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SYTYCD Season 6: Top 10 Performances

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And here we are, finally at the Top 10 where the masses control who stays and who goes! Tonight they are doing bio’s on each of the Top 10 and in the interest of brevity… I’m just gonna skip right over all that (though it was super cute to meet some of their families).


Noelle & Ryan
A Napolean & Tabitha routine starts off the night with Noelle & Ryan dancing to Give It To Me Right (Melanie Fiona). I’m sorry this totally shocked me. When I first realized who was dancing and the style they were given I didn’t hold out much hope… but I was really surprised. It’s true that you could tell Ryan’s not a hip-hop dancer, but I thought they both did a great job (and I’m sorry, who couldn’t have chemistry with Ryan? I mean, honestly.) Oh, and Noelle did a great job too.

Check out the rest of the performances, and my predictions after the jump…

SYTYCD Season 6: Top 12 Eliminations

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Here we are revealing the Season 6 Top 10 dancers and Kat Deeley looks a freaking’ mess tonight. I love ya girl, but someone jacked up your hair tonight.

We open the show with the Top 12 dancing a BRILLIANT Nappy-Tabs routine to “What’s A Girl Gotta Do?” (Basement Jaxx feat Paloma Faith). I loved the routine, loved the song and loved Jakob standing out with those amazing extensions. I can’t say he stole the routine, but he sure was brilliant.

Nigel then embarks on a well meaning bout of verbosity which I tuned out. Something about Thanksgiving and how Britts don’t celebrate it, blah blah blah. There was something in there about bringing soldiers home safely though which of course was a worthwhile mention. Mary & Adam then speak some more for the simple joy of hearing their own voices which I completely fast forwarded through.

The first two couples to find out their fate were Karen & VIctor and Ashleigh & Jakob. Unsurprisingly it was Karen & Victor who landed in the bottom 3 couples with their heinous Hip Hop routine.

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SYTYCDC Season 2 Finale

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We’re finally here Canada – time to announce our FAVOURITE dancer!! I hope it’s Tara-Jean, but only time will tell!

The opening group number was absolutely beautiful. It’s funny, I forgot about SO many of the people in this routine but I was SOOOO happy to see Danny Lawn and Nicolas again! LOVE! The drums and music were amazing and the ending was beautiful. Sean Cheesman always does us proud!

After Leah announced the staggering 3,000,000+ votes, the top 20 in no particular order and the typical assortment of judges (with special guest judge Kenny Ortega, director of Michael Jackson’s This Is It) we jumped right into the excitement! Surprizingly, Mia Michaels injured herself while choreographing a routine for the top ten dancers and spent the night in a Toronto hospital, so couldn’t make it to the live finale. Get better soon Mia! Once again, I feel like tonight is going to be a night with a lot of exclamation points.

We then jumped into the judge’s favourite routines, starting with Kenny. He chose Sean Cheesman’s Theatre piece danced by Tara-Jean and Everett. I’m not going to add any commentary on these routines as I don’t have much to say past what I’ve gushed about in my previous posts.

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