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This weekend, Justin Bieber is working double time as both the host and the musical guest on Saturday Night Live.

In this week’s promo, Bieber is paired up with the hilarious Keenan Thompson and they appear to be in one of the control rooms in the studio. When Bieber hits a certain button, all of the screens reveal pictures of Bieber and Bieber is creeped out. In another clip, Thompson can’t stop making “Believe” puns and it drives Bieber crazy. The promos aren’t insanely funny so hopefully the episode is much better. Hopefully he’s able to make fun of himself and some of the controversy as of late (ie. sexy Instagram photos, pot-smoking, grabbing a fan’s boob etc.). Apparently he has actually given the writers free reign to take on any marijuana gags so that’s promising.

Watch Bieber on SNL this coming Saturday, February 9 11:30pm ET/PT on NBC. Check out the promos below!

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Last night, Adam Levine ditched his bandmates once again to take the spotlight and tackle the hosting duties of Saturday Night Live. Levine already appeared on the show this season with his band Maroon 5 as a musical guest. In his opening monologue, Levine poked fun at himself admitting that he was overachieving and attempting to act. Well, as long as you recognize it buddy. What made his opening monologue so stellar was the spoofing of his reality show, The Voice. Three chairs turned around in the opener revealing former SNL’er Andy Samberg, Cameron Diaz and Jerry Seinfeld. In the end, Levine ended up with his shirt off.

The overall tone of Adam’s sketches where, erm, gay. I mean heavily. Starting with the hilarious talk-show sketch Circle Work alongside Kenan Thomas where the two homosexual hosts dished out gay advice to straight people. They even convinced Jason Sudekesis’ character that was in fact gay. And can I say that Levine played the part really well. The gay themes didn’t stop there. In the sketch Firehouse Incident, Bill Hader took on the role of a jealous ex-boyfriend who loses his mind over Levine hitting on his ex-girl from 9 years ago whom he dated for two weeks. Hader’s character was an overly dramatic homosexual and was really hilarious.

But the icing on last night’s cake was the sketch Adam and Janet where SNL player Bobby Monahan donned a ginger wig and glasses as a Yonker’s living, Maroon 5 fan who fed Levine a few pills to take him home with her. Check out a majority of Adam’s skits below and vote in the poll on which was your favorite Overall, I thought Adam gave a strong performance minus that awful music throw down/rumble with Train, Jason Mraz and John Mayer. Definitely the weakest of the night. Did you watch SNL last night? How did you think Adam did? Share your thoughts below.

Check out some of Adam’s sketches after the jump.

This weekend on Saturday Night Live, Adam Levine isn’t the musical guest… he’s the host! The musical guest is actually Kendrick Lamar. The promos for this week’s episode have just been released and the hilarious Bobby Moynihan is Levine’s right hand man for the clips.

In the first clip, Moynihan comments on the fact that Levine has already been a musical guest and now he’s a host so he nervously asks, “What’s next?” Levine responds, “Sleep with a cast member.” From there, they look at each other and slowly slide out of frame, not before Moynihan gazes right down at Levine’s crotch. LOL.

In the last clip, Moynihan shares with Levine that it’s his first time doing promo clips and he doesn’t know where the camera is. When he’s told where the camera is, he freaks out and runs away in the opposite direction. Watch the funny promos below.

Watch the promos after the jump…

This weekend, Golden Globe-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence hosted Saturday Night Live and did a fantastic job. I watched it with Adam and Tyrell and prior to the episode, Adam revealed to us that he wasn’t a big fan of her but after watching her on SNL, he changed his mind.

In her opening monologue, Lawrence poked fun at all of her fellow Academy Award nominees, bragging that they had no shot at winning against her. As for her sketches, they were all strong for the most part. Two of my favorites were the “Girlfriends Talk Show” where she played this bad-ass bisexual and “50s Diner” where she played the most awful waitress ever.

Although she wasn’t in it, there was a mock Starbucks Verismo commercial that was absolutely hilarious as well. Watch the sketches again below and share which one was your favorite in the comments.

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This weekend, Golden Globe Award winner Jennifer Lawrence will be hosting Saturday Night Live for the first time, with musical guest The Lumineers. The actress won her GG Award earlier this week for Best Actress in a Movie Comedy or Musical for Silver Linings Playbook, so it seems only fitting that she should bring some of that comedic talent to SNL.

Lawrence had joked at the beginning of her Golden Globe acceptance speech by saying, “Look what it says, it says I beat Meryl.” She had received a bit of backlash following the awards as people said it was a diss to Meryl Streep, but she later explained that it’s actually a quote from The First Wives Club. Regardless, everyone needs to settle down – LOL.

The promos for her SNL hosting gig have been release, with Lawrence alongside Jason Sedekis. The two make some Golden Globes jokes, perform some archery from The Hunger Games, an more. I love Lawrence’s sass and have always thought her to be quite funny in interviews. Can’t wait to watch this weekend! Watch the new SNL promo videos below.

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Most Popular ‘SNL’ Sketches Of 2012

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Another year of hilarious SNL sketches has wrapped up and like every year, there were a handful of sketches that really stood out. With social media, it has become easier to track the popularity of certain sketches following their original airing because their views can be counted.

Hulu, the American TV video streaming site, has revealed the top 5 sketches of 2012 and the finalists shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that watched all or most of the episodes this year. The top sketch of the year was “The Real Housewives of Disney,” featuring Lindsay Lohan. I’m so happy that came out on top because it was indeed, effing hilarious. Coming in second was a fake election ad called “Undecided Voter,” where “undecided voters” asked the hard-hitting questions like, “When is the election?” LOL.

Watch and enjoy the top 5 SNL sketches of 2012 below.

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This past Saturday’s episode of SNL had Jamie Foxx hosting with Ne-Yo as the musical guest. While Foxx is a very talented actor/singer, the episode as a whole wasn’t my favorite. His opening monologue was all about things that could be deemed as stereotypically “black,” where he’d then say, “How black is that!?” That was okay, but both Adam (who was over watching it with me) and I felt like that theme more or less carried through the whole episode and I’m not sure why the writers didn’t give him a bit more variety – but I digress.

The best sketch of the night by far was the very last one. Vanessa Bayer and Cecily Strong brought the laughs big-time as they played to former (potentially brain-damaged) porn-stars that were taking part in an ad to promote Swarovski Crystals. Bayer played “Becky” and Strong played “Other Girl” because she forgot what her name is. It seriously had us bursting out laughing. I’ve included the best quotes from the sketch below, but one of the hilarious moments came towards the end when Jamie Foxx said, “…one thing that never goes out of style is…” Becky said “Crystals” at the exact same time as Other Girl said “Anal“. LMFAO.

Watch the video and check out the best quotes after the jump…

Last night, Anne Hathaway hosted SNL for the third time, with musical guest Rihanna. The episode was actually really funny and one of the best SNL episodes I’ve seen in a while.

One of the sketches had Kate McKinnon as talk show host Ellen DeGeneres and Anne Hathaway as her guest, Katie Holmes. Before “Ellen” brought her guest out, she did a little dancing (more than her body could handle), a little pranking, and even cut to her favorite little girls, Sophia Grace and Rosie (played by two other SNL cast mates). McKinnon’s impersonation of Ellen was so bang on and Hathaway pretty much nailed Katie’s speech and facial expressions, which she’s done before on SNL.

In another sketch, Hathaway parodied actress Claire Danes in a hilarious Homeland sketch of Danes’ kookie character. Check out the funny ‘Ellen Show’ parody below.

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