The sexy Matt Damon joined The Today Show host Matt Lauer for their “Social Q’s” viewer mail segment this morning where they tackled “How To Handle Awkward Holiday Situations.” Coincidentally, yesterday I wrote about Juicy Couture’s Dos & Don’ts for the holiday season as well.

The viewer question in today’s segment read, “My girlfriend is an excellent cook and really defensive. When she cooks, she tosses the salad with her hands without washing them and tastes everything with her fingers. It makes me feel a little sick. Can I fix this?” Well, Damon couldn’t resist being set up for a perfect joke. “That’s not what they told me about tossing salad,” he joked. Personally, I’m curious to know how exactly how much Damon knows about tossing the salad – wink 😉

So just to be clear in case you aren’t familiar with the phrase “tossing the salad” when it comes to bedroom slang… it’s oral-anal sex, otherwise referred to as Anilingus. I just wanted to make that clear so were were on the same page with how naughty (and funny) it was for Damon to say that on live television. Watch the “cheeky” clip below.

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Straight Twin Twinks Learn Gay Slang

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Earlier this fall, popular YouTube video blogger, Tyler Oakley did a video with these two cute & straight twin brothers and taught them some gay slang. The boys (who are from the UK) are also popular YouTube stars that uploaded a video teaching Oakley about learning British slang. Someone sent me the gay slang video this morning and I thought it was worth sharing with you.

The adorable twin brothers’ names are Jack and Finn Harries. Oakly first tackles the word twink, telling them that they’re serving “twink realness”. They then talk about bears, Grindr, kiki, and “throwing shade“. He then tells them the things he might say if he saw a hot guy: “Woof!” or “I’d sit on that!” LOL.

Watch the funny video below to see these two cute twins take a lesson in gay slang from YouTuber, Tyler Oakley.

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What New Words Were Added To The Dictionary?

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In this technological age, us as a human race have created a new code of language that we use to communicate. Whether it’s the smashing of two words together or finding a funny abbreviation of a word, we have adopted them out of our texts and instant messages and incorporated them into our everyday speech. How many of your friends says “totes” instead of totally thanks to the movie I Love You, Man? I know I can name a handful.

The Concise Oxford English Dictionary has added a whopping 400 new words for its 12th edition and some of the words that made the cut will surprise you. I thought it was crazy when bootylicious entered the dictionary a few years ago but now, some words that I would just consider slang have made the cut. Check some of them out and their definitions below.

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I’m back from four days in Florida, and “No Homo” is my first article back…on a site called Homorazzi? So ironic. Anyway, if you haven’t heard the slang phrase “no homo,” I’ll give you the down low. Essentially, when a straight guy says something gay, or that sounds gay, he’ll follow it by saying “No Homo,” giving him immunity. Anything he said can no longer be interpretted as gay. The phrase came about so that those saying something gay, wouldn’t be seen as gay or closeted or bisexual.

Rappers tend to use this phrase the most, using sexually explicit “gay” lyrics in their songs, then following it up with a “no homo”. A few examples are “It’s crazy how you can go from being Joe Blow/ To everybody on your dick, no homo,” in Kanye West‘s lyrics in a Jay Z song, or in Lil Wayne‘s “Let the Beat Build”: “I wear bright red like a girl toe, no homo.”

Watch how far this rapper goes with his lyrics, as the women listening in on the session struggles to understand this concept.

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A Tease

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a-teaseI have two brothers – they’re twins (9 years older than me)!  Either they were a handful, I was an accident, or I’m secretly adopted – I’ll figure itout sooner or later.  Anyway, they were teens in the 80’s and while I was watching the Smurfs and Inspector Gadget and tattletailing on them (“the devil made me do it!”),  the terrible two were like having a totally awesome time driving me crazy with these sayings:

  • 1.   Smooth move, ex-lax.  What do you do for an encore?
  • 2.   That’s my name, don’t wear it out.
  • 3.   Let’s not, and say we did.
  • 4.   Grodie to the max!
  • 5.   Psych!
  • 6.   I know you are, but what am I?
  • 7.   Say it, don’t spray it!
  • 8.   No duh!
  • 9.   Gag me with a spoon!
  • 10. Cool Beans

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