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Simone Bredariol Goes Under The Hood For Da Man

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I first noticed Simone Bredariol when he popped up on the high fashion cycle of America’s Next Top Model. Since then, I’ve been a fan of this sexy Italian male model and followed his career. If you missed it, be sure to check out my Model Behavior post on him. Plenty of photos of him there.

Bredariol’s latest fashion editorial finds him in a racing state of mind. Photographed by Marco Marezza and styled by Cannon, Simone smolders surrounded by an armada of vintage automobiles. In one instance, he’s shirtless underneath one of the vehicles. Vroom, vroom is all I have to say. I’d definitely like a peek under his “hood”. When he is clothed (which is a shame), he’s sporting threads from Emporio Armani. Check out his spread in the latest issue of DA MAN magazine below.

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Model Behavior 2011 Showdown: Round 3

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We’re in our third and final preliminary round for our Model Behavior 2011 Showdown. Who’ll make it to Top 10 of 2011? It all depends on your votes. Speaking of votes, are you curious to know what the results of Round 2 were?

Winning the second round of the showdown was Craig Malozzi with 40% of the votes. Coming in second was Kamil Nicalek garnering 23% of your votes. The two automatically join Bernardo Velasco and Andrew Stetson who took first and second place during Round 1.

The four of them automatically earn their spots in our Final Showdown which will feature the top two vote-getters of each round. The remaining four wild card spots will be determined by the next four highest receiver of votes from all three rounds. Based on last week’s results, third and fourth place finishers River Viiperi and Parker Hurley stand a good chance of making the finals.

Without further ado, take a trip down memory lane and see which fashion and fitness models I featured during the last part of 2011. Remember, if you want your favorites in the FINALS, vote for them and vote often. Some of these hotties have fervent followings and vote hardcore for their men.

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Italian Male Models Prance Around To “Americano”

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Greetings from Rome. Words can’t describe the great time I’m having here. I’m in such awe of the historical monuments, culture and more importantly… hot men. If you enjoyed reading this week’s Model Behavior feature on Simone Bredariol, then you’re going to love this video. Bredariol along with a bevy of gorgeous Italian male models prance around to the tune of “We Speak No Americano“. Given how stunningly hot these boys are, they don’t have to speak an iota of English. I can understand their body language just perfectly.

The following video was a promo conceived by Ivan Muselli for the 4th edition of Client magazine. Much like the Brazilian models and Ford models in their respective clips, the Italian boys take their shirts off while participating in some horseplay with each other. it’s good PG-rated sexy fun. Enrico Magistro directed the clip while Matteo Greco was responsible for the styling.

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Model Behavior: Simone Bredariol

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As you’re reading this, I’m en route to Europe for a little vacay. Even though I feel I’m utterly unprepared, I’m excited to go despite planning nothing. Since I’m visiting a few places during my European vacation, my Model Behavior picks will reflect the country I’m in for the next four weeks. First stop for Brian and I is Italy. Choosing a male model to represent this beautiful country was a no-brainer. Meet the stunningly gorgeous Simone Bredariol.

If Bredariol looks familiar to you, you’re probably a huge ANTM fan. During the first high fashion cycle, Simone posed with the girls during the statue photo shoot at Lake Como. I was so jealous of those girls being manhandled by this 6’0″ stunner. Bredariol has been featured in numerous fashion editorials for various publications including Hercules Magazine, Attitude Magazine and Slurp.

One of his most recent ad campaigns was for Gas Jeans 2011 Winter collection. He’s represented by Major Models in New York and Nous Models in Los Angeles. His mother agency is d’management group which is located in Milan, naturally. Check out this Italian hottie’s sexy pics below. I hope I’m inundated with gorgeous guys like this during my week long stay in Italy. Please, oh please.

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For this week’s “Model Behavior” feature, instead of highlighting just one gorgeous male model, I’m giving you eight fine specimen of men. With ANTM about to crown its 15th winner, I thought what better time to crown this cycle’s top male model.

Not only was ANTM Cycle 15 deemed the “high fashion” season with its unprecedented high caliber of fashion industry giants involved, but it is also noteworthy for another reason. This cycle featured male models in more episodic photo shoots than ever before. To which we say a collective, HOORAY. So while this season’s winner graces the pages of “Italian Vogue“, the male model you pick as the winner of our poll, will win a coveted “Man Crush” feature on our Homorazzi. So, check out the models below and cast your votes.

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Previously on America’s Next Top Model, the wannabes got shat on by a bird in Venice. That’s pretty much all that’s worth mentioning. Well… that and the fact that Ann continued to slip in her rankings allowing Jane and Kayla’s stock to rise. Liz continued her whiny ways and managed to complain her way right off the show. Thankfully, Cycle 15 kept the moving along with hot guys every episode and we got some more man candy. Will there be some more hunky hunkyness tonight? Will Tyrant continue to speak in a stupid Italian accent? Will Mr. Jay ever let let Chelsey show off her beautiful freckles in a photo shoot or keep covering them up? Who will be eliminated tonight?

First things first. This recap is late. My bad. I was dinner partying last night and drank way too much good wine. Ugh. Not feeling so hot today, but at least it’s a holiday up here in Canada and I don’t have to work. Those extra couple glasses of whiskey at the end of the night sure didn’t help any. Anywoo… let’s get all recappy up in here!

We start off this week back at the girls’ Venetian hotel. Chris is choked that she was in the bottom two. She confesses that she needs to be stunning to stay in the competition. Mmmm… I don’t think stunning is a word I would use to describe Chris. Kayla, on the other hand, is psyched about winning best photo. She doesn’t think Chris wants it like the rest of them do and says, “Chris is not high fashion”. Truer words have never been said on this show. Except for that time in Cycle One when Elyse called Robyn psycho. Ooooooh Jesus.

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