Tonight is the last day of 2012 and with 2013 only a matter of hours away, I thought it’d be fun to share world renowned mentalist, Sidney Friedman‘s predictions for 2013. Friedman apparently has a documented track record at 73% accuracy over 15 years of stating predictions on various mainstream shows like The View, The Today Show, and 20/20 among other shows in addition to his predictions printed in publications like Forbes magazine and the New York Post.

Friedman has a near perfect record of predicting Oscar winners and has only missed twice in that period. He also includes some economic forecasts as well as various other specific events. One that stood out to me was that a major discovery or major event will happen in regards to solar flares. This is actually in line with other people that have been predicting the same and I am not looking forward to that. A power outage that impacted six million people in Canada back in 1989 was caused by a strong solar flare in 1989 and the same type of solar storms are expected in 2013, according to The Examiner. Other unfavorable predictions involve a huge portion of the internet going dark for some time and a plague-like pandemic affects populations in Europe and to some extent in the USA – apparently this occurs in hospitals.

Not all the predictions are as scary as those few, but I wanted to highlight them as they really stood out to me. Check out the list of Friedman’s 23 predictions for 2013 below.

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