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Who’d You Rather: Lachey VS Timmons

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For this week’s Who’d You Rather, I thought I’d turn the temperature all the way up to 98 Degrees and throw down a battle between two of its hottest members… front man Nick Lachey and co-hottie Jeff Timmons. I first remember 98 Degrees for their hotness in their music video for The Hardest Thing. With them being all shirtless and sweaty, I’m sure the song wasn’t the only “hardest thing”.

Nick Lachey was a pivotal player in 98 Degrees’ success. His smooth vocal stylings on the lead vocals made their sound current and pop enough for the times but still made them fresh. Nick was able to make all the girls (and the girly boys) swoon when he looked into the camera with his dusty blue eyes. I’m sure that is one thing that soon to be wife, Vanessa Mannillo loves about him too (besides his hot body).

Jeff Timmons was personally always my favorite. He had the whispery voice and that cutest face out of all of them. PLUS his body was so muscular and to die for. As a young boy confused about his sexuality in high school, the posters of him shirtless that showed up in J-14 Magazine were also snuck into my bedroom. Once the band split up he tried to go solo but couldn’t seem to the catch the wave of success.

Hot pics of the boys and vote Who You’d Rather after the jump.

Is it true that things come in threes? Good or bad, it seems to happen more often than we’d like but in the case of this game, sometimes having things come in threes is a lot of fun. Especially when you play Homorazzi’s new favorite game, Marry, F-ck, Bitch Slap. Donovan started the game last week when we had to pick where we’d place the Jonas Brothers. This week, I thought I’d up the anti with three of the hotties from the Twilight sagas. I have never seen any of the movies or read the books, but I’m an in-tune enough gay male to know that these men are smoking hot.

What’s really hard is that all the men are supremely good looking, so who do chose which title will fall on which male? Robert Pattinson is the brooding male that seems loving a caring but can’t seem to shake that personality of a wet mop, Kristen Stewart. Kellan Lutz has that killer body that we’ve all seen in Calvin Klein underwear and lets be honest, we all know it’d look better on the floor. *wink* Last but not least, Taylor Lautner who is new the scene but made a big impact when his body made us all drool at its perfection. So, who would you marry, who would you f-ck, and who would you bitch slap?

More steamy pics of the men after the jump.

Spring may be in the air but TV is sure stuck in the winter slump. With many networks wrapping up their hiatus’ shortly to prepare for sweeps, I couldn’t more about excited about The CW’s return of 9O21O. I never really got into the show until this year when fellow Canadian Kyle Riabko jumped on board as Teddy’s (played by Trevor Donovan) love interest. I decided to go back and re-watch some of Season 2 to catch up and have now got myself hooked. I think I may have also created a fan out of Patrick too who really has no choice but watch the show considering we live in the same household.

New episodes of the 90’s remake return on April 18th and with the cliffhangers that ended the last episode, I can’t wait to see what all goes down when the kids head down to Cabo for a little R & R. I have a feeling that no one will be getting their much needed rest including hottie Teddy who runs in to an old flame at the resort, Tripp Wallison, played by the gorgeous Alan Ritchson. Put these two together and you’ve got one hot make-out session which is apparently all cued up for the episode. I. Can’t. Wait.

More about 9O21O’s return after the jump.

Shirtless and looking sexier than ever, Rob Lowe is gracing the cover of Vanity Fair’s May 2011 issue. Inside, Rob discusses his early life as an actor, his friendship with the Sheen family, Tom Cruise, and of course, the movie that launched his career, The Outsiders.

Rob Lowe grew up as a good friend of Charlie Sheen as his family lived nearby the Lowe’s house. Rob recalls that Charlie was “one-of-a-kind… a Polo preppy clotheshorse in a world of O.P. shorts and surf T-shirts. A wonderful mix of nerd… and rebel.” Life growing up in Malibu is fun when you have Charlie Sheen and Chris Penn as friends although, Rob admits that they were uncool and Malibu girls wanted nothing to do with them.

“I wasn’t a beach volleyball player, a surfer, or a quasi-burnout.” However, him and his two buddies would plot out their acting careers in Sheen’s pool and shortly after, him and his friends shot into Hollywood stardom. I bet those Malibu girls are kicking themselves now.

Check out more of Rob’s story and see the full cover here.

Who’d You Rather: Meyers VS Cavill

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Happy hump day! Its time for Who’d You Rather? This week, I thought I’d bring on a little Tudor action and pair up two of the hottest stars from the show: Jonathan Rhys Meyers and the soon to be Superman, Henry Cavill.

33 year old actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers was born in Ireland and had quite the rough childhood. After his father left the family, Meyers spent some time in an orphanage. When he was permanently expelled from high school at 16, Meyers met his first casting agent and the rest is history. He currently plays Henry the VIII on The Tudors but has 3 films ready to come out this year.

27 year old actor Henry Cavill grew up in Jersey but as he puts now, he “floats around the world.” One Cavill’s most interesting facts is that he has a pet parrot. He may be the most well known for his role in The Tudors but now, he’s landed the coveted role Superman in the newest production directed by Zach Snyder.

Check out pics of the boys and vote Who You’d Rather here.

Who’d You Rather: Meloni VS Statham

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Today is a Who’d Your Rather like no other. Today you get your pick of two “DILF” like men for those of you who are in to men of the, older variety. I have to give Donovan a shout out for this WYR suggestion and what a great suggestion it is. Lets get to know today’s subjects, I mean men.

Chris Meloni is known for two iconic roles. The first is his most recent depiction of Elliot Stabler on NBC’s Law & Order: Special Victim’s Unit. I worked with a straight guy at Starbucks who once said to me he had a man crush on Mr. Meloni after watching him in his other iconic role as Chris Keller on HBO’s Oz. Who wouldn’t have a crush on him after watching him be the bad boy behind bars showing off all of his best assets, back and front. Chris is 49 and married to Sherman Williams and has two children.

Jason Statham is an action star extraordinaire. Normally performing his own fight scenes and stunts, this on-screen bad boy made a name for himself in Guy Ritchie’s films like Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch. In America, Jason scored the leads in three huge action films such as Death Race. But the true test was when Jason starred alongside some legendary action heroes in The Expendables. Jason is unmarried but currently linked to Victoria Secret model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

Check out pics of the men and chose Who You’d Rather after the jump…

A while back, I told you about the exciting news that hottie James Marsden (aka Cyclops in X-Men) was going to be guest starring on one of my favorite TV shows, Modern Family. Well, now that the holidays are almost over and television is about to fall back into its regular schedule, ABC has released a teaser of the Modern Family episode titled, “Slow Down Your Neighbors”.

In the teaser, Cameron and Mitchell discover a stranger in their hot tub, and when he stands up, they see the stranger’s hot bod and decide to get to know him better… They discover that the stranger actually just moved in next door and thought the hot tub was a shared amenity. Marsden plays a Reiki (a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation) practitioner in the episode that airs on Wednesday, January 5th. The banter between Cameron & Mitchell is hilarious…as it always is. I love them. Check out the clip below and see for yourself.

Check out the video after the jump…

James Marsden On Modern Family!

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One of the hottest actors (in the physical sense) combined with the funniest show on television right now makes for an amazing episode! The sexy 37 year old X-Men and The Notebook actor, James Marsden is guest starring on an episode of Modern Family, where he’ll be playing a Reiki (Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation) practitioner who moves in next door to Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) and Cam (Eric Stonestreet)

Ferguson explains, “James is hilarious. “Believe me, he would not have been in Mitchell and Cam’s hot tub if he wasn’t funny — okay, funny and hot.”

More pics after the jump…

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