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Who’d You Rather: Pine VS Hardy

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This weekend, a little romantic comedy titled This Means War hits theaters starring Reese Witherspoon. The premise of the film? For Reese’s character to decide between two men she is dating who just happen to be two of the CIA’s finest. Who play these strapping gentlemen? Chris Pine and Tom Hardy of course. So, seeing as the film is the ultimate game of Who’d You Rather, I thought I’d pose the question to you, our loyal readers.

You remember Chris Pine from his starring role in Star Trek but I remember this newbie actor when he made his debut in the awful romantic comedy Just My Luck which also starred Lindsay Lohan. Born in LA, Chris comes for a very active, show business family with both his father and mother being actors. Chris is currently working on the sequel to the JJ Abrams Star Trek hit due out next year.

Tom Hardy is fairly new to my movie actor vocabulary but has actually been around for a long time. I first caught wind of him in Inception and he later went on to impress me in Warrior as well. This English actor is gearing up to promote the latest Batman flick, The Dark Knight Rises which will blow the roof of theaters this summer and I cannot wait. Now, check out the photos and vote below.

Pics of the men and your vote after the jump…

Who’d You Rather: Hammer VS Donovan

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This week, Trevor Donovan posed with only a towel in Us Magazine and the black and white photo shared a striking resemblance to Armie Hammer. So, I decided to pair them against each other for this week’s Who’d You Rather.

Armie Hammer is a Los Angeles native with ties to the business running in the family. His dad owns Armand Hammer Productions which is a film/television production company. When he was seven, his family moved to the Cayman Islands but settled back in L.A. after five years. Armie is best known for playing both Winklevoss twins in The Social Network and can be seen next in the upcoming fairytale remake of Snow White titled Mirror Mirror where he plays Prince Andrew.

Trevor Donovan is also a California native, growing up in Mammoth Lakes. This enabled Donovan to become quite the avid skier and snowboarder and in his teens, became a member of the US Teen Ski Team. Aside from being great at almost any sport he tries, Trevor also plays guitar and can sing playing in punk bands a lot through high school. Career wise, Trevor made a few appearances on Days of Our Lives but hit it big as Teddy Montgomery on 9O21O. His character came out on the show last year, making it a huge statement for the CW network.

As per usual, you cannot judge these men based on their backgrounds and careers alone, you have to look closely at the photo evidence. Check out the photos and make your vote for who’d you rather below.

Photos of the men and your vote after the jump.

Trevor Donovan Nude In Us Weekly

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I have been faithfully tuning in to 90210 this season but it’s definitely been missing its sexy Trevor Donovan gay story lines. Let’s be honest, Donovan’s character of Teddy Montgomery was a trail blazing moment for the CW in introducing a prominent gay character into their network featuring a gay kiss as well between him and actor Kyle Riabko. Not going to lie, this moment still gives me goosebumps.

Without being on 90210 regularly, Trevor has had some spare time to take part in a few photo shoots – one of them being for Us Weekly. You might want to turn on the AC because this one is HOT HOT HOT! Shot in black and white, Trevor dons nothing but a towel covering his naughty parts for the new photo. Swoon.

“It was supposed to be a 60s Steve McQueen/James Dean-type shoot mixed with ‘naked in Atlantis,” the actor, 33, tells Us Weekly of the exclusive photo, taken at a pal’s house in, naturally, Beverly Hills. “But the zip code was not 90210!” jokes the hunky blond.

How did Trevor prepare for the shoot? “Shots of tequila,” he tells Us. “Just kidding! Listen, there is nothing shameful about the human body. It’s a beautiful thing!” We agree Trevor, your body IS a beautiful thing and you should definitely pose nude more often. To maintain his great physic, Donovan trains with a personal trainer everyday, eats well and does a lot of cross-fit workouts.

Check out Trevor Donovan’s semi-nude photo after the jump.

Who’d You Rather: Moore VS Beckford

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It’s Wednesday which means it’s time for our weekly Who’d You Rather showdown. I noticed that my January pairings were looking a little vanilla, so I thought I’d bring a little chocolate to the party. And who better to have go up against each other than these two sexy fellas – Shemar Moore and Tyson Beckford.

Shemar’s keeps himself busy posing for the camera and acting in front of it as well. While many of us may know Shemar from some of his sexy and revealing photo shoots, or from the leaked nude swimming photos a few years back, he has also been appearing in Criminal Minds for the past eight years. But more may know him as Malcom Winters in The Young & The Restless. Either way, there is no denying that this man has a body and he is not ashamed to show it off.

Tyson also pulls double duty infront of the camera, posing and acting which keeps Mr. Beckford very busy. Tyson got his big modelling break in 1993 when Ralph Lauren picked him up to model the company’s Polo line of male sportswear. Instantly, Tyson became a household name when it came to male models. When not modelling, Tyson has appeared in a few movies including Zoolander and Into The Blue. His next film will be Shady Creek hitting theaters in 2013.

Another common thread between the two is Toni Braxton. Shemar Moore dated the singer back in the early 90’s and appeared in her video How Many Ways. While Tyson Beckford never dated her, he appeared in both her Breathe Again and Unbreak My Heart music videos. You can check them out as well their photos to help you vote.

Pics of the men and your vote after the jump.

Who’d You Rather: Tebow VS Brady

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NFL Playoffs are in full swing gearing up for one of the biggest days of the year – the Super Bowl. I saw a few requests online to have this pairing take place so I am happy to make all your wishes come true. This Wednesday, the battle is between Denver Broncos’ QB Tim Tebow and New England Patriots’ QB Tom Brady. In advanced, you’re welcome.

Tim Tebow, 24, seems to making headlines less for his football skills and more for “relationship” with the divine – and the intervention that seems to be bestowed upon him when all the chips seem to be down. Tebow joined the Broncos in 2010 and is their current quarterback donning the #15. Tebow is a spokesman for Nike, Jockey International and FRS Health Energy. In 2008, he graced the cover of Men’s Health.

Tom Brady, 34, has played in four superbowls and won three of them. He’s also won two Super Bowl MVP awards and holds the NFL record for most touchdown passes in a single season. Brady is unstoppable. Brady has played for the Patriots since 2000 donning #12, and playing quarterback. Brady endorses Nike, Sirius and Visa. Check out photos of the men and vote below.

Photos of the men and your vote after the jump.

My first Who’d You Rather of 2012. How exciting! I thought I’d start strong with two of soccer’s (or football’s depending on where you live) most high profile stars – Cristiano Ronaldo and David Beckham. The idea of pairing these two together came after reading up on David’s new underwear launch for H&M (pictures to come). Plus, both of these men are extremely sexy so why not make it a friendly competition. Shall we?

Cristiano plays for the club team Real Madrid and is also the captain of the national team for Portugal. Outside of soccer, Cristiano was the first non-American personality to reach over 10 million fans on Facebook and used the site (along with Twitter) to announce the birth of his baby boy in 2010. Cristiano also owns two boutique clothing shops with his sister titled CR7 which are his initials and jersey number.

David Beckham has played for Manchester United, Real Madrid and recently renewed his contract to play another season with the LA Galaxy. I guess the Hollywood lifestyle has played nice with the Beckham family. Married to Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham, the two have four kids – 3 boys and 1 new baby girl. David has modelled in his undies for Emporio Armani and has now launched his own line through H&M.

So, not only are these boys amazing soccer players and personalities, they are also entrepreneurs and fathers. How can you not be amazed by them? I can’t wait to see who you guys will crown victorious in this battle. I think it may be a close one. Check out the photo evidence of the men below and cast your vote.

Photos of the men and your vote after the jump.

Every now and again, a picture of some sexy guy pops up and you wonder who it is. Then, you do a little research and the result blows you away. This would be one of those times for me.

I first saw this model (pictured above) as a young eighteen year old posing with his sister in a Burberry ad campaign. After that, this stud continued on the path of modeling as his sister shined in the spotlight as a leading actress in one of the best selling, most popular film series’ of all time.

In a recent photo shoot with Harry Crowder, we get a look at him all grown up and with longer hair. The model poses in a coat with fur lining, his pajamas and of course shirtless. But just which celebrity star is he related to? Find out below.

Find out who this man is after the jump.

Who’d You Rather: Presley VS Blucas

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Today’s Who’d You Rather pairing comes courtesy of the upcoming film “Touchback” which actually stars a slew full of celebs. However, I’ve picked of the most delicious men from the bunch to make you decide which one you’d rather. May I introduce to you Brian Presley and Marc Blucas.

You may recognize Mr. Presley from the soaps General Hospital and Port Charles. Since then, he hasn’t really been able snag any attention. But now, he’s ready to take on the leading role in the upcoming film. Mr. Blucas became a household name with his role on Buffy The Vampire Slayer and hasn’t stopped working ever since. Aside from this film project, he’s also starring in the series, Necessary Roughness.

Check out some hot photos of the men and then vote for you you wouldn’t kick out bed for eating crackers below. Remember, you can only have one and you can’t say none. Now go play.

Hot pics of the boys and your vote after the jump…

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