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Who’d You Rather: Zano VS Hoffman

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If you watch the CW’s 9O21O, then you’ve noticed that these two have made their way into guest starring appearances in the last couple of episodes. With that, I thought it would be the perfect time to pair these two together for my weekly Who’d You Rather. But, the popular California zipcode isn’t the only tie these two share. They also both have a connection to Amanda Bynes. Curious? Let me explain.

Nick Zano became most famous starring alongside Amanda in the hit TV series What I Like About You. Amanda also played a part in quick starting the career of Robert Hoffman when he played alongside her in She’s The Man. You may recognize Nick more recently from his appearance on 2 Broke Girls while Robert just did a few episodes of Drop Dead Diva.

While Nick may be the more recognizable name, you’ve probably seen Robert Hoffman in many movies you’ve watched but haven’t put two and two together. Hoffman is also in Step Up 2: The Streets as well as You Got Served. His little performance of The Yes Dance also got him some YouTube fame. Check out the boys below and pick Who’d You Rather.

Check out pics of the boys and pick who you’d rather after the jump.

Many of you may not have ever heard of Big Time Rush but to catch you up, they are big on Nickelodeon. I gave you a little insight to these boys when they debuted their music video for the track, The Music Sounds Better With You. One member in particular, Carlos Pena, has been stepping out into the limelight on his own.

I first took notice of him separately when he starred in a little viral video with Carly Rae Jepsen’s Call Me Maybe alongside some other famous friends. Now, he’s catching the eyes of few of his female (and gay) fans. Why? Because he is giving the Speedo a rockin’ comeback. While on vacation with Samantha Droke in Hawaii, the two hit the beach and Carlos showed off his assets – if you catch my drift. Check out Carlos Pena in his speedo below and vote if think he rocked it out!

Check out Carlos in his speedo after the jump.

Male model Jake Davies has quite the strong portfolio having posed for the likes of DKNY, Karl Lagerfeld and Hugo Boss. Now, the normally fresh faced and clean cut model is scruffing up for his latest photos and ad campaign for H&M. Davies is taking it mostly off the show off the brands latest styles in swim and loungewear.

In swimwear, Jake shows off a few plaid styles and one in green with a palm tree landscape. For loungewear, we see a striped pyjama pant and a long robe with some sexy white boxer trunks. There’s no doubt that Jake has a body to lust after and since adding a little bit of facial hair and longer locks, his appeal has only grown on me. Check out more photos of Jake for H&M below.

Check out Jake’s body (and the H&M swim and lounge wear) after the jump.

Ask and you shall receive. Well, on the terms of asking John Stamos for something, that seems to be the case. The sexy former-Full House star posted a shirtless picture of himself on his WhoSays account after a fan asked to see a picture of his belly button that apparently looks like a nose.

Stamos posted the following photo on the account with the caption, “Is it really that bad?” No one is certain whether or not the photo is recent or old considering that John Stamos never seems to age. And honestly, I forgot what the point of the photo was exactly… oh right his belly button. But come on, was any really looking that anyway? Check out Stamos’ rocking bod below.

Check out John’s sexy Twitter picture after the jump.

Who’d You Rather: Duhamel VS Olyphant

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Over the weekend, I was perusing through a People magazine while awaiting my order at a favorite local sushi restaurant. In the pages, I found a little quote where Josh Duhamel said how flattered he was to be compared to (and sometimes confused for) Timothy Olyphant. While their looks aren’t extremely uncanny, the two do look similar. They aren’t even that far apart in age with Josh sitting at 39 and Timothy at 43. So I thought, why not make them a Who’d You Rather pair?

Josh Duhamel became a household name for soccer moms everywhere when he starred on All My Children as Leo du Pres. Then in 2004, Josh had his feature film breakout role in the terrible (but endearing) romantic comedy Win A Date With Tad Hamilton which shamefully, I own on DVD. He then went on to star on the TV series Las Vegas and then move his way through the ranks as William Lennox in the Transformers films. Josh also spends his time being married to Black Eyed Pea, Fergie. Josh will appear next in the film Fire With Fire out in theaters this Spring.

Timothy Olyphant made his feature film debut in The First Wives Club but is probably best known for his movie role character, Agent 47 in Hitman or as his character Raylan Givens in the hit television series Justified. The latter character garnered Timothy a primetime Emmy nomination for best lead actor and former, a sequel which is rumored to be released sometime this year. Timothy also appeared in I Am Number Four and Rango last year. Timothy is married to Alexis Knief and the two have three children: 2 girls and a boy. Make your choice between the two below.

Hot pics of the men and your vote after the jump.

Before you think it, no, this is not the same Jayson Blair that committed plagiarism and fabrication in his stories with the New York Times. This Jayson Blair is one sexy, sexy piece of man and the reason why you should check out The Hard Times of RJ Berger. I mean, there are other reasons to watch this MTV original series – great writing, funny and revealing parallels to your own high school experiences – but for no other reason than some serious eye candy, I thought you all would enjoy this.

Yesterday, I came across a GIF while perusing a few blogs and I wondered where the scene was from. The GIF displayed a nerdy kid awkwardly spying on two men (one jock and one twink) in the locker room shower. After some research, I discovered it was from the episode Steamy Surprise of the second season of the MTV show. Turns out, Jayson Blair’s character of Max has been super sexy over the past two seasons and I had no idea. As you can see from the photo above, he likes to take his shirt off. A lot. I’m not complaining.

The sexy kiss between Jayson Blair and his sexy twink friend can be seen in the little montage below courtesy of All About Strength. They also showcase some of Jayson’s finest (shirtless) moments in the two seasons. Trust me, it’ll make you want to catch up on this little gem via Netflix.

Check out all of Jayson Blair’s sexiness from the show after the jump.

Who’d You Rather: Auger VS August

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Who’s ready for some hump-day hotties? I thought it had been a while since I had featured two models as the choices for my weekly Who’d You Rather feature and in search for the perfect specimens, I found two sexy guys with similar last names. I thought that would be reason enough to pair them off.

Nick Auger may be a familiar face to some of you. This sexy stud is the 2003 Model Universe Champion who has been in many magazines giving fitness tips and showing off that impecable body of his. Nick is currently in boot camp for the marine corps but just finished some major modeling campaigns overseas. Not bad for a former computer science college student who had never tried modeling until the 2003 competition. FYI, he won with almost a perfect score.

Dave August is also a fitness model but also a Broadway baby. If you saw the infamous off-Broadway show Naked Boys Singing, then you probably this rockin’ bod. Aside from singing and dancing, Dave has a strong modeling career posing both for Paragon Men and as the new face and body for DMK underwear. With two men like this it’s hard to decide. You must check out the photo evidence below.

Pics of the men and your vote after the jump.

Sports Stud: Yuri van Gelder

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This week, I’m giving Patrick a break from his weekly Sports Stud duties and taking the helm to bring you a hot piece of gymnast to get you prepared for the 2012 Summer Olympics. C’mon, I know all you homos love watching the male gymnasts work the rings, poles and floor during their days of competition. Those outfits perfectly defining the muscles underneath don’t hurt either, am I right?

This week, I’ve chosen to feature Dutch gymnast Yuri Van Gelder who’s best discipline is the rings and you check the pictures below, you’ll understand why. Yuri is quite decorated winning gold in rings at the 2005 European Championships held in Debrecen, Hungary. He became a world champion in the same discipline at the 2005 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships in Australia.

Scandal and controversy also follow Yuri around. In the summer of 2009, van Gelder admitted to doing cocaine three days before the Dutch championships in Rotterdam. He stated that he regretted the lapse and even called himself incredibly stupid. After this, Yuri had to return his national championship gold medal and was suspended by the Dutch Gymnastics union. He was also released from his job with the Dutch military as they have a zero-tolerance drug policy.

In 2010, he pulled out of the world competition with team mates citing personal medical reasons for his departure. Other reports claimed that he had refused to answer questions about drugs and had once again relapsed. In April of 2011, Yuri returned to the rings to compete at the European Championships. He was a bit shaky but definitely proved that the rings were his home. Check out a few photos below.

Photos of Yuri Van Gelder after the jump.

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