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Who’d You Rather: Dinicol VS Moore

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Last night, ‘The L.A. Complex‘ made its series premiere on the CW last night and I have to say I’m hooked already. Here’s the official show description: “Full of new relationships, salacious temptations and make-it-or-break it decisions, the series coming-of-age dwellers grapple with life’s defining moments as they deal with the unreality of the show-biz industry.”

Some crazy sh*t went down in the first episode already, the worst of which involves Abbey (a struggling actress played by Cassie Steele) throwing up all over the casting director’s piano at an audition, nauseous from taking the “morning after pill” because she had unprotected sex (while on ecstacy) with Connor the night before. Oh yeah, and she’s completely broke and has a long distance boyfriend. Nightmare!

Anyway, I thought I’d highlight two of the hotties from the show in this week’s “Who’d You Rather“. One is 30-year old (possibly still 29) Jonathan Patrick Moore, who plays Connor Lake and has just made his big break in the leading role of a series that just got picked up. The Aussie is a real player, but has the hots for Abbey after having just met her. The other is 28-year old Joe Dinicol, who plays Nick Wagner, a struggling comedian who was literally told in the first episode that he should quit comedy. Ouch. Check out some of their pics below and vote for “who you’d rather” between the two of them.

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Model Behavior: Josh Swickard

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Before I get to this week’s Model Behavior choice, I just wanted to give a quick thanks for the overwhelming reception of my male model feature after its month-long hiatus. I guess you missed my weekly offering of sexy hotties more than I thought. I’ll never abandon you for that long again ;) Hope you enjoy this week’s selection.

Meet up-and-coming model Josh Swickard. I saw a recent photo shoot of him with photographer Christian Rios and knew immediately I had to feature him. Other than the fact he’s represented by CHOSEN Models and Wilhelmina men’s division, there wasn’t a lot in terms of biographical information on this 6’0″ stunner. That just means you can make up your very own narrative on Swickard’s life. Never has the saying a picture is worth a thousand words been more appropriate. Check out a few photos snapped by Adam Reynolds, Michael Dar along with the aforementioned Christina Rios below. Enjoy.

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America’s most famous zip code hasn’t been the same since Trevor Donovan left. If you recall, his “90210” character left Beverly Hills for Washington to fight for gay rights. You go, girl. With Donovan no longer showing off his sexy body on a weekly basis for the CW show, it’s awesome he’s resurfaced so we can get reacquainted with his “assets”.

The 33-year-old actor graces the cover of Carbon Copy magazine. Photography duo Dennis Leupold and Steven Gormillion snapped Trevor sporting cowboy couture by Ralph Lauren, APC and Stretson. Knowing his fans love seeing him shirtless, Donovan decides to shave while wearing only a cowboy hat and jeans. Check out that pic from his Brokeback Mountain’ish shoot below.

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Sports Stud: Maxime Mermoz

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So I only realized halfway through this post that I’ve now done a French athlete two weeks in a row now. Last week I featured professional tennis player Arnaud Clément from France. This week, I’m tackling Maxime Mermoz, a rugby player who is also from France.

I came across Mermoz because he recently did a commercial and ad campaign for DIM underwear, a popular French men’s underwear line. The photos are so sexy, as is the behind the scenes video which I’ve included below along with the actual commercial for your viewing pleasure.

If you’re into dark features, sexy lips, and muscles, then you’ll especially love this guy. Check out his pictures and videos below.

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Man Crush: Mario Casas

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Like my Model Behavior series, I’ve also neglected my other weekly feature- Man Crush. If you read my Model Behavior post on Kris Kranz a few days ago, you know that I was a little burnt out from scouring the internet for hot men. Yup, it’s possible to OD on shirtless hunks. That said, I’m back and excited to share hotties who win my virtual heart (and eye) on a weekly basis.

Every once in a while, I like to pick an international stud to highlight. Who doesn’t love a little foreign tongue? Am I right, or am I right? I came across Mario Casas while surfing the other day. It was his cover for a Spanish magazine that caught my eye. Immediately, I was smitten. He’s so friggin’ adorable. Casas was born on June 12, 1986 in A Coruña, Galicia, Spain. I could go on and on with his film credits, but unless you watch Spanish cinema regularly, you probably don’t care. All my Man Crush readers really want to know is… what he looks like with his shirt off. The answer to that is muy caliente. Check him out below.

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Mark Wahlberg In His Undies On Set

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Back in the day, Mark Wahlberg was famous for his Calvin Klein ads. These days, it’s more about his movies but recently these worlds have merged when photos were taken of him on set in his underwear… and boy does he look good.

Wahlberg was on set filming for a new movie called ‘Pain and Gain‘, and seemingly on a break while chatting on the phone (either that, or it’s actually part of a scene in the film). He stars alongside Ed Harris and Dwayne Johnson (aka The Rock) in a film about a pair of bodybuilders in Florida who get caught up in an extortion ring and a kidnapping scheme that goes terribly wrong.

The film comes out in 2013, but for now check out the 40-year old‘s sexy pictures below.

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Model Behavior: Kris Kranz

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If you’re a regular reader of the site, you might’ve noticed that I’ve neglected both my Model Behavior and Man Crush weekly series for almost a month now. Truth be told, I was a little burnt out from scouring the net for hot men. Yup, I overdosed on good-looking guys. Who knew that was possible? I certainly didn’t, but now I’m back and rejuvenated. I thought I’d kick off my comeback with one juicy sexy blond. Meet Kris Kranz.

This Minnesota-born male model came to prominence with an underwear campaign for Engergie a few years ago. He definitely filled out every inch of the Italian brand’s undergarments to perfection. You can see a whackload of them later in the post.

Kranz started out his career by appearing in Cosmopolitan’s feature, “Cosmo’s Guy Without His Shirt“, when he was just 19-years-old. With his arresting blond good looks, many modeling agencies came-a-calling but signed with Major Model Management in the end. Check out what this 27-year-old golden tanned Adonis has to offer in a sampling of his portfolio below. Hope you enjoy.

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Andrew Christian has been pumping out promo videos like it’s his job… well it is, but he’s certainly on a roll! In the last one, the boys did their own video for Neon Hitch’s “F*ck You Betta,” and before that, other recent videos included a pillow fight, laundromat, water fight, pool party, and car wash. It only makes sense that the next place they tackle is the locker room.

A few preview pics from their video (which they started editing today) have been released by way of their Facebook page, and we’ve got your first look at what you can expect. It looks like the football team is going to get up to no good in the locker room, hazing the waterboys & more. I’m getting thirsty just thinking about it. What else can you expect from the video? Well, expect to see some guys from Randy Blue! The video is for Matinee Las Vegas.

Given how quickly the videos have been released, I can’t imagine we’ll have to wait too long for this one. I’m certainly looking forward to the uncensored version. Check out the pics below!

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