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Who’d You Rather: Big Brother 14 Edition

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With Big Brother 14 still in full swing and taking the number one spot in television ratings this summer, I figured there was no better time then now to highlight a few of the hotties and decide: Who’d You Rather?.

Although are three guys that I’ve included in this poll, I was particularly inclined to write this post because I’ve had several conversations with people and it seems farely inconsistent in terms of who people would rather get down with between Shane Meaney and Frank Eudy, two of the newbies from this season of Big Brother. Both have great bodies, are good looking, but have very different personalities in my opinion. Enter Dan Gheesling, a former winner of Big Brother and a veteran this season. Although he’s not incredibly buff like the other two, he’s in great shape and is so adorable.

“Hey everyone, it’s time for the nomination ceremony!” Check out their pictures below and vote for which Big Brother houseguest you’d most want to crawl into bed with. Also, be sure to tune in tonight for the Power of Veto Ceremony – things are getting intense this week in that house!

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Heat magazine is the UK equivalent of People or Us Weekly but with a little bit more of a pop culture edge. In their latest issue, Olympic diver and Team Great Britain hottie Tom Daley pulls out his strongest Clark Kent impression in a majority of the massive page spread. Sporting dress pants, a button-down shirt, quirky glasses and those ripped abs- the only thing Tom is missing is the iconic “S” on his chest.

When the “props” come off, Tom shows off his pseudo-modelling skills in a few shots while showing off his playful personality in some others. My personal favorite looks are him with his Olympic medal as well as Tom donning his iconic Team GBR towel. He may be young but there is no doubt the boy is a looker. Check out Tom’s full spread from Heat Magazine below and tell me which shot is your favorite!

More sexy photos of Tom Daley after the jump.

I’m often curious to know more about the photographer when I come across some great photography. In a new feature on Polari Magazine, gay photographer Lee Baxter gave his perspective on what he does and how he does it. He shoots landscapes and people, but his ability to capture an intimate moment with his subjects whilst capturing a panoramic scene and giving off the illusion that they are alone in the middle of nowhere is quite fascinating to me.

He likes to use a lot of natural light and uses Photoshop sparingly, letting the images speak for themselves. The models aren’t really models either. Most of his recent shoots have been with friends, and he’s also found that Facebook has been a good source to find people. “Some good-looking men are often quite shy and I have to convince them that they’re going to look good in the photos and I’m not going to make them look pornographic,” he said in the interview with Polaris. The hottie in the header photo is Paddy White.

Check out some of the hot photos from the shoot below. I’ve included the link to the full interview as well as to the full “Eyes & Skies” gallery. Enjoy!

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Sports Stud: Sonny Bill Williams

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This week I wanted to keep two things in mind when selecting Sports Stud. (1) I wanted to make sure he wasn’t just in the Summer Olympics – after all, we’ve just spent the last two weeks highlighting them every day. (2) The second factor was that they had to be really hot. Again, after all of those super sexy Olympic Hotties, the bar is pretty high.

With that, this week’s Sports Stud is 27-year-old Sonny Bill Williams from New Zealand. He is a rugby union player, heavyweight boxer and former rugby league player. He plays for the Chiefs in the 2012 Super Rugby season was also a member of the All Blacks squad that won the 2011 Rugby World Cup. Switching over to boxing, since 2009 he has boxed five times and won all five of the heavywight bouts. At this time, he is the New Zealand Professional Boxing Association (NZPBA) Heavyweight Champion.

Aside from all of his success in sports, he’s been quite a bad boy off the field and out of the ring, making headlines with a sex scandal, urinating in public, skiing while on injury leave, and drinking & driving. His bad boy image is complete with some sexy tattoos which I’m sure you’ll enjoy. Check out his pictures below!

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Man Crush: Omari Hardwick

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Sparkle” may not have been as amazing as “Dreamgirls“, but it did leave me with one hot lasting impression. The second I walked out of the theater, I knew immediately Omari Hardwick would be my latest Man Crush. This 38-year-old actor oozed manly sexiness every time he appeared on the screen. How anyone could throw him to the curb is absolute craziness? Have you seen those muscles hiding underneath that shirt in the picture above? Watch “Sparkle” and you’ll see Jordin Sparks’ on-screen big sister make this grave mistake.

Hardwick was born in Savannah, Georgia on January 9, 1974. Prior to appearing in Whitney Houston’s last film, the actor starred in Spike Lee’s “Miracle at St. Anna”, “The A-Team” remake with Bradley Cooper and Tyler Perry’s “For Colored Girls“. Omar has also worked on the small screen on such shows as “CSI: Miami” and NBC’s “Chase“.

You’d be surprised to know he’s an accomplished poet. In 2003 and 2004, he placed in the top five at the National Poetry Slam. Given that muscular frame of his, it’s no shocker he’s a natural athlete. He played football in high school, college and even briefly for the San Diego Chargers. Sadly, a knee injury cut his professional NFL career short. A philantrophist, he supports youth-violence prevention and anti-bullying organizations. Get to know this stud more in pictures below.

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As the London 2012 Summer Olympics come to a close today, it’s also time for us to wrap up our Olympic Hotties of the Day in one showdown. Before I get to them, I want to make sure I set the stage right.

For the past two weeks, I’ve featured a different hottie of my choice that participated in the Summer Olympics. You may find that athletes you’d expect should be in this list and chances are if they are not, it’s because I had either already featured them in a past Sports Stud article, which are done on a weekly basis. I did highlight several Olympic athletes as Sports Studs leading up the the games, but the Olympic Hotties are only the ones I wrote about during the games.

The other thing I want to mention is that another place you may find your favorite hotties (if they are not this list) are in the following other hottie superposts previously featured on the site:

With all that said, enjoy this “just for fun” showdown below and vote for your favorite. Warning – it’s really hard to choose!

Check out the candidates & vote after the jump…

Once again, thanks to another reader who “threw” this hottie at us as a suggested Olympic Hottie of the Day – an excellent choice!

Today’s featured athlete is Andreas Thorkildsen from Norway. The 30-year-old is the first male javelin thrower in history to be European champion, World champion and Olympic champion. He started throwing when he was only 11-years old and has since been an Olympic champion in 2004 and 2008, and the odds are that he is about to be the champion once again now at London 2012 at the Javelin Finals tomorrow (August 11). He is leading the pack right now in the race for the Gold medal, but in the Olympics (and in Big Brother) you have to “expect the unexpected”.

Check out some of his sexy shirtless pictures below and be sure to watch what will likely be a gold medal-winning performance tomorrow!

More pics after the jump…

First of all, a special shout out to one of our readers, Alex, who suggested Jared Connaughton as an Olympic Hottie of the Day, saying, “Pure Canadian grade ‘A’ beef!” I couldn’t agree more!

Connaughton is a 27-year-old Canadian Sprinter from Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. At the 2008 Beijing Olympics, he competed in the 200m and 4x100m relay for Canada where his team placed 6th in relay and he placed 14th in the Semifinal competition. Unfortunately, yesterday he placed 7th in the semi final for the 200m and is missing out on the final. He may not be done in London just yet though. Canada’s final four racers for the 4x100m relay have not been announced but he’s hopeful he’ll be a part of it. The first relay takes place tomorrow (Friday).

Check out some of his photos below and be sure to keep an eye out for him during the relays on Friday. Fingers crossed he’ll be running!

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