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Not since my childhood have I wanted so badly to head to the zoo. If those attractions had these sexy studs on exhibit instead of captive animals, I would frequent them more often. Seriously, aren’t rugby players the best. They aren’t afraid to show off their hard bodies at a drop of a dime. Just look at the annual Dieux du Stade calendar and a recent testicular cancer awareness clip as evidence.

Paignton Zoo enlisted players from the Exeter Chiefs to front their new ad campaign. Justin Blanchet gets his stripes on as a zebra, while his brother Sam goes the cheetah route. Fetu’u Vainikolo is a graceful gazelle, but my favorite Matt Jess is fittingly enough, a mandrill. Dude can drill this man anytime ;) Photographer Phil Mingo captured the boys as their beastly alter egos. Check out a few pics below.

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Did you watch the 1994 feature film version of The Little Rascals? If so, you’ll probably remember Blake McIver Ewing who played the snotty villainous Waldo. He’s the one wearing the glasses in the promo pic above. He followed up that part with guest spots on Full House, The Nanny and Home Improvement.

Now 28-years-old, Ewing is back on television on Bravo’s social series The People’s Couch. The show is based on the UK show Googlebox, which showcases households in America as they laugh, cry, talk, gasp and scream at their TVs. Based on the snippet I’ve seen, Blake is now a card-carrying sister. Not to go solely based on stereotypes, but if he isn’t a big ‘ol homo, then my gaydar needs some major fine tuning.

After a few Google searches, I discovered he loves taking shirtless selfies and posing in very skimpy swimwear and underwear. Check out what he looks like now below.

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Over the weekend, Charlie Hunnam shocked everyone by quitting the Fifty Shades of Grey movie. In a released statement, the studio claimed it was due to his hectic television schedule. However, two days later, rumor has it that Hunnam couldn’t handle the pressure of the media scrutiny and rabid wild fans. He was overwhelmed with all the attention. With his departure, I wasn’t looking forward to being inundated with the casting speculation that would undoubtedly follow. With that being said, this is one rumor I hope is true.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Theo James, Christian Cooke, Alexander Skarsgard and Jamie Dornan are possible replacements. Sorry Matt Bomer fans. It appears once again the White Collar actor is out of the running.

From those on the short list, I have to say Dornan is my first choice. The sexy Irish stud is best known for being Keira Knightley’s ex and being a successful male model with high profile gigs including Calvin Klein underwear. Recently, he’s dabbled in acting, appearing on the first season of Once Upon A Time and currently starring on the BBC crime drama The Fall.

Whoever the studio and producers decide on, they have to make it official in the next couple of weeks. The film was scheduled to begin filming the first week of November. If you don’t know the hotness that is Dornan, check out several photos below and my Model Behavior feature on him.

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With a body like that I’m sure Mario Lopez spends more time without his shirt than with. Not that I’m complaining. AC Slater looks even better at 40-years-old than he did during his Saved By The Bell days. The Extra host shows off his boxing and workout regime in the November 2013 issue of Fitness RX For Men! Ever wonder why he works on his fitness religiously? Here’s what he told the publication.

“Working out complements everything else that I do in every aspect of my life. It gives me more energy; it gives me more confidence. It makes me feel better about myself.” – Mario Lopez

Check out more pics snapped by photographer Per Bernal below, along with a behind-the-scenes video. What’s hotter than photos of a shirtless Mario? Video footage capturing his muscles in various states of flexing. Enjoy.

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McFly Gets Cheeky During Camping Editorial

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Attitude magazine sure has a hard-on for Harry Judd. The British publication named the McFly drummer the sexiest man of the year in both 2011 and 2012. Once again, they’ve tapped the 27-year-old to grace the cover. This time they included the rest of his bandmates along for the ride.

The entire group previously landed the cover back in 2010. That time they shed all their clothing for a steamy sauna-inspired shoot. Their bare glistening butts were a magnificent sight to behold. This time, McFly heads to the great outdoors for a camping adventure. Check out the boys getting “cheeky” aka showing some booty, in the Bella Howard-snapped editorial below.

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Sports Stud: Paul Bissonnette

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With NHL Hockey season underway, my mission this week was to find a hottie from the sport that I haven’t featured yet in a Sports Stud post. The difficult thing with hockey is that more often than not, they don’t have many pictures available – well, the kind that you want to see at least. That being said, I managed to select one that does: Paul Bissonnette.

This week’s stud is a Canadian professional ice hockey player and currently plays Left Wing with the Phoenix Coyotes. The 28-year old previously played for the Pittsburgh Penguins and is originally from Welland, Ontario. He tower’s at 6’3 and 230 lbs (at least in comparison to me… everyone is taller than I am). Due to his blunt and entertaining tweets, he is quite popular on Twitter (@BizNasty2point0), with almost half a million followers.

Recently, Bissonnette was given an automatic 10-game suspension for going after LA Kings forward Jordan Nolan after his hit on Rostislav Klesla during the pre-season game September 15. The suspension has since been reduced to three games and he had to pay $11,346.15 US instead of $37,820.51. Anyway, check out his photos below!

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Hercules: The Legend Begins is leaps and bounds better than Hercules 3D, don’t you think? The previous title was such a cop out. Thankfully, director Renny Harlin changed his mind. With that being said, he’s a tad optimistic with the new name. “Begins” somewhat implies following films might happen. He better keep his fingers crossed that the film isn’t a Herculean failure. Pun intended.

The full trailer for Hercules: The Legend Begins debuts at New York Comic Con this Saturday. However, a teaser trailer with an introduction by Kellan Lutz has premiered prior. Based on the first look, the film could pass for a Gladiator prequel instead of a film about the Demigod. Lutz is serving Russell Crowe realness while fighting for survival in a skirt at some sort of gladiator-style arena. The action fantasy film is planned for March 2014.

Hoping Harlin’s Hercules flick bombs is Brett Ratner. He’s also directing a rival project, titled Hercules: The Thracian Wars about the son of Zeus. His version stars Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in the lead role and premieres July 25. Check out Harlin and Lutz’s preview below.

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Ever wonder what True Blood actors do during the show’s hiatus? Wonder no more. At least in Alexander Skarsgard’s case.

Last we saw the sexy Swede, he was reading a book buck-naked on a snow-capped mountain top before turning into a human candle. It appears the 37-year-old is still in need of clothing. Once again, he’s showing off his toned body for the world to see.

Australia new wave outfit Cut Copy enlists Skarsgard for the title track from their forthcoming album Free Your Mind. At first glance, I was hoping the track was a cover of En Vogue’s classic 1992 hit. Alas, it’s an original composition. BOO.

In the Christopher Hill-directed video, Alexander plays a shirtless flaxen-haired cult leader. His minions apparently love to wear blue Puma track suits. As far as cult attire goes, this one isn’t half bad. Watch Alex play imaginary b-ball, get his feet washed and play human bongo drums as he attends to his flock. Check out the clip below.

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