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I think I just peed my pants!!! Shania Twain just revealed some pretty awesome news. The 49-year-old singer announced her farewell tour dubbed Rock This Country Tour on Good Morning America earlier today. It’s the first time she’s hitting the road in more than 11 years.

“This is a celebration tour. It’s party time! The ‘Rock This Country’ tour will have a different spirit than my past tours. It’s a Shania they’ve never seen before. A lot of years have gone by and I’ve got a lot more to share.”

Twain kicks off her 48-city engagement in Seattle on June 5 ending on August 23 in Fresno, just days before her 50th birthday.

I never took the opportunity to check out her two-year Las Vegas residency. Whether or not this is her final tour or one of many future Cher-like farewell tours, who knows? I’m just excited I have a chance to see her one last time before she ‘retires.’

Pre-sales are on March 10 with tickets for the public on Friday, March 13. Check out tour dates and video announcement below.

check out dates after the jump and watch video announcement

Before I begin, I just wanted to preface this post by saying it’s bit self-indulgent. That said, the aim of our Behind The Cast posts are to give you a better insight to who we are. True? Anyhoo, I just wanted to quickly chat about one of our favorite pastimes while getting ready for a night out on the town.

Usually, Brian and my home is the meeting place before we head out. Most of our friends live nearby and we have a bigger place so it makes sense. Plus we have all the board games, karaoke, a hot tub, booze and most importantly an Apple TV. Combined with the brilliant VEVO app, the Apple TV is my favorite thing in the world. Friends come over all the time and play me their favorite new tracks by simply logging on to our Wi-Fi and playing it on our sound system. With the VEVO app, we can play all our current music video obsessions and our favorite oldies which brings me to this post.

Nothing gets a roomful of homos screaming more than playing music videos from our favorite DIVAS. Yes, we’re a gay cliche. However, we also listen to folk music, old school grunge, rock and hip-hop but there’s something about the ladies that gets us all fired up. I decided to share some of the music videos that seem to get the most airplay at our house while enjoying cocktails. I purposefully left out clips from 2012 since that would make this post extremely long. Without further delay, check out a few oldies and relatively-recent clips we love watching while a tad intoxicated.

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This past weekend, Shania Twain made a triumphant return to the stage after a long eight-year hiatus. The 47-year-old singer received a resounding standing ovation from the crowd before she even sang one note. Had I been there, I know I would’ve been on my feet too. Saturday night’s December 1st show marks the beginning of a two-year residency at Caesar’s Palace’s Colosseum Theater. Shania credits her husband of two years, Frédéric Thiébaud, for her rediscovered confidence.

“I need that support. I just need what we have. It grounds me every day and reminds me that there are a lot of important things going on in the world.” – Shania Twain

Twain’s show is a 90-minute extravaganza full of glitz and glamor with nods to her humble country upbringing. She arrived in Vegas a couple of weeks ago riding horseback on the main Vegas strip accompanied by a stampede of horses. Shania even brings them out during her show- a black one for “I Ain’t No Quitter” and a white one featured during “Still The One”.

Dressed in Marc Bouwer-designed outfits inspired by some of her iconic looks from her music videos, Shania sang her biggest hits including “Man! I Feel Like A Woman!, “That Don’t Impress Me Much“, “From This Moment” and naturally the title of her Vegas show, “Still the One”. Check out a picture of Twain looking super sexy in a sequined-catsuit by Bouwer below.

check out Shania riding into town and a picture from opening night after the jump

Lionel Richie is on fire lately. First, he appeared on NBC’s The Voice as a mentor. Then a month later, it was announced that he would be a judge and mentor on another singing competition show for NBC titled Duets. Now, the crooner his latest endeavor – an album with all country versions of his greatest hits. The first artist to help him out? None other than country superstar (and fellow Canadian) Shania Twain.

The two take on one of Lionel’s best, Endless Love (which was originally with Diana Ross. The two took time to shoot the video in a seaside town in the Bahamas. The concept shows Lionel in his villa while adoring moving artwork of Shania on the beach, on a pier and riding a horse. Then, Lionel steps off of his porch and into reality as him and Shania sing the final chorus together on the white sandy beaches. It’s as cheesy as the song is and I love it! (And I know you romantics out there will too!)

Lionel’s country remake album Tuskegee was released on March 5 and features other big name country artists like Blake Shelton, Jason Aldean, Kenny Chesney and the Rascal Flatts. Check out his version of Endless Love with Shania Twain below.

Watch Lionel Richie & Shania Twain sing “Endless Love” after the jump.

Kelly Clarkson Covers Shania Twain & Madonna

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Kelly Clarkson is currently on her “Stronger Tour” promoting her fifth studio album. The concert has been met with positive reviews from both critics and fans alike. During a segment of her show, the original American Idol returns to her roots and performs covers of well known hits. It’s like Season One of the FOX singing competition all over again. Instead of being saddled with theme weeks, Clarkson picks the songs based on fan requests. Depending on the particular night and city, Kelly belts out tracks from various genres. From pop, to rock to country, Clarkson delivers a solid cover every night.

So far on her tour, two particular covers have caught my eye. The first is from her recent concert in Ontario. Since she was on Canadian soil, the 29-year-old singer paid homage to a Canuck icon. Kelly gave a solid performance of Shania Twain’s signature balled, “You’re Still The One“. Speaking of ballads, the other cover that spoke to me was her take on Madonna’s 80’s hit “Crazy For You“. Clarkson’s performance of this track is good, I hope she records a studio version of it soon. I’d definitely buy it.

On a side note, it’s surprising that, to my recollection, I’ve never heard a cover of Madge’s ballad in any of the singing reality shows out there. It seems perfect for someone to have an Idol moment on. Check out both covers below and cast your vote on your favorite.

listen to both live covers after the jump

Country Music superstar, Shania Twain continues her comeback to the spotlight with the release of her new music video for her new single, “Today Is Your Day“. If you haven’t heard it yet, it’s such a great uplifting and motivational song, sung perfectly by Twain. I encourage you to add it to your playlist.

The video is comprised of personal behind the scenes footage of Shania’s life. From skydiving, to rock climbing, to writing songs, and much more, we catch a glimpse of some of her own struggles and recent accomplishments. We get to see her telling herself, “Today is Your Day,” and watch her find the courage within herself to jump (literally).

It was really smart to use real footage for this video to tell the story, rather than “shoot” a music video. Like I said, the lyrics are very inspiring. Well, so is Shania Twain’s life and recent comeback story. Today definitely is your day, Shania! Check out the video below and have a great Friday!

Video after the jump…

After a six year break from releasing new music, country music superstar Shania Twain has released a new inspiring track called “Today (Is Your Day)“. With a new show called “Why Not?” on OWN following her inspiring return to music, the announcement of a new live show she’ll be doing in Vegas, and now a new single, Shania Twain is on top of the world.

“Today is your day/ And nothing can stand in your way,” sings Shania in the chorus of her song. It’s a slower song, but knowing what she’s been through and hearing these words that she’s now singing, it’s really quite inspiring. I do hope that the 45 year old comes out with something more upbeat (while still empowering) to complement this slower song. With her upcoming Vegas show at the beginning of 2012, we can expect some new music, but it will mostly be her hits that she’ll be performing (which makes total sense).

Shania Twain is the best selling female country artist of all time, having sold over 75 million albums worldwide. Needless to say, it’s great to have her back! “Up, Up, can only go up from here!”

Listen to the inspiring new song after the jump…

Man. Instead of feeling like a woman, Shania Twain must feel like clumsy tool. On the heels of announcing a two-year stint in Las Vegas, Twain appeared at the 10th annual CMT Music Awards to present the Male Video of the Year. As she made her way to the stage, the country superstar bailed big time. From the looks of it, she fell down hardcore. Is it wrong, I can’t stop laughing at the thought of it? I love Shania to death, but there’s something about seeing someone bite it hard that’s difficult to resist from chuckling.

The 45-year-old singer recuperated quickly and made it to the platform. Shania tried to laugh it off, but you can tell she was masking the pain and embarrassment. She shouldn’t worry too much, everyone falls down. As they say, it’s how you get back up. My all-time favorite celebrity bail is still Beyonce tumbling down while performing “Ring The Alarm” with her bandmate Michelle Williams coming a close second favorite.

watch Shania bail after the jump

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