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Sean Lowe Finally Sets Wedding Date

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After 16 prior tries, The Bachelor finally got lucky with Season 17. A bachelor is actually tying the knot with the season’s winner. Jason Mesnick (Season 13) is the only other Bachelor to walk down the aisle, but he did it with the runner up, after dumping Melissa Rycroft on national television. So that doesn’t really count 😉

For awhile there, I didn’t think Sean Lowe or his intended Catherine Giudici were going to make it. With his Dancing With The Stars stint, I feared Lowe would follow the same path as fame-hungry Jake Pavelka. Alas, they’ve beaten The Bachelor odds and fallen love… for real.

The happy couple will tie the knot in a live telecast on Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014 with Chris Harrison hosting of course. Reportedly, the two-hour telecast will feature popular Bachelor franchise couples. I’m sure original Bachelorette Trista Rehn will be there with her hunky fireman Ryan Sutter. Just in case you forgot how great Sean looks shirtless, refresh your memory below.

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DWTS Season 16: Week 1 Performances

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After watching the season premiere of Dancing With The Stars, I feel content with the predictions I made prior to the first telecast. Most of the celebrities performed as I thought they would with a couple notable exceptions. Both Andy Dick and Wynonna Judd impressed and entertained with their debut performances. That said, I still think they’re going to be eliminated within the first five weeks.

The stars had to dance either a cha cha cha, a foxtrot or a contemporary on the first night. With no results show until Tuesday, March 26, all of them get a second chance to impress viewers next Monday. Check out all the performances below and find out which ones were my three favorites and worst pick.

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DWTS Season 16: Predicting The Final Three

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After going with an All-Stars edition, Dancing With The Stars is going back to basics for Season 16. While I enjoyed seeing returning favorites, I’m looking forward to tonight’s season premiere. While the star wattage isn’t as high as in previous seasons, I already have a few people I’m rooting for. Lisa Vanderpump, I’m talking about you.

Getting a first look at the “celebrities” with their professional partners is always exciting to watch. While I do enjoy witnessing the trainwrecks, I’m more stoked to see who comes bursting out of the gates gunning for the mirrorball trophy. Check out my predictions on how Season 16’s stars will fare.

The Early Boots

Without a doubt, Andy Dick will be one of the first to go. I just can’t see the 47-year-old comedian having any sort of rhythm. Former ABC sitcom star DL Hughley might have some dancing prowess, but don’t think he has the fan base to support him. Speaking of fans, everyone knows that country music has diehard ones. Normally I would put Wynonna Judd higher, but with Kellie Pickler also in the competition, I think Judd will suffer and be ousted early.

Also in this bunch is my favorite Lisa Vanderpump. While popular with Housewives addicts (myself included), she probably isn’t well known outside the Bravo universe. Hopefully her signature wit and sass will win over new fans quickly. Last in this list is boxer Victor Ortiz. I’m sure when it comes to demographics, there isn’t much crossover between DWTS and boxing watchers. His chances aren’t helped by being saddled with new professional, Lindsay Arnold either. I thoroughly believe, viewers also vote for their favorite pros.

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Sean Lowe must feel like the world has been lifted off those sexy broad shoulders of his. Not only did he have to hide the fact he’s engaged to Catherine Giudici for months, but he was also forbidden to reveal he’s competing on the upcoming season of Dancing With The Stars. Boy can definitely keep a secret. Loose lips, sinks ships.

“I’ve always said I’m not looking for fame. In fact, I don’t like the fame aspect of The Bachelor or Dancing with the Stars,” Sean explains. “But when an opportunity like Dancing comes along, it’s too good to pass up. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

If Lowe can remotely dance, he’s got Season 16 of DWTS sewn up. America just loves this guy and I don’t blame them. IMHO, Lowe is the only person to survive his season of The Bachelor unscathed. Usually, a previous fan favorite comes off as a famewhore (Jake Pavelka) or dumbass for thinking with his other head (Benjamin Flajnik). Sean broke the trend and came off even more likeable. That’s what happens when you don’t become a man whore on national television. The cherry on top was seeing him cry as he watched his proposal to his Giudici for the first time. Now, that’s a real man.

As if the odds weren’t already in his favor, Sean gets partnered up with Peta Murgatroyd who’s a previous winner. Hopefully, newly-single Peta can keep their chemistry limited to the dance floor. I really want this televised wedding between Catherine and Sean to happen. Don’t you agree? It’ll be the first one ever for The Bachelor. Jason Mesnick’s runner-up wedding doesn’t count. Check out Peta and Sean’s official promo photo below.

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Meet Bachelor Sean Lowe’s Lucky Bachelorettes

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It’s a little hard to believe but already, ABC’s hit show The Bachelor is about to embark on its 17th season set to air this coming January. The man all the women are dying to get their hands on is insurance agent and former fitness model, Sean Lowe. If you are a superfan of the series, you’ll know that Sean had his heart broken during Emily’s season of The Bachelorette. Now, its his turn to get his just desserts.

Already, ABC has released the names and photos of 24 bachelorettes who will all by vying for Sean’s love and affection. But, only one of them will win his heart and get a ring on it at the end of the journey. Sean is smokin’ hot and the nicest guy so ABC didn’t hesitate to find some of the hottest girls to put in the house for him. Check out all the ladies’ photos and bios and vote for you favorite bachelorette below.

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Tonight, the final rose will be handed out to close this season’s chapter of “The Bachelorette” with Emily Maynard. Following an exciting summer of hotties and hookups in “The Bachelor Pad,” girls and gays will be glued to their TV’s this fall to catch a new sexy Bachelor woo 25 girls into his arms and to fall in love. But, just who will ABC pick as their next leading man?

For the longest time, rumors have been circulating that Roberto Martinez would be jumping back in the saddle after his recent breakup with Aly Fedotowsky. However, it’s being said that Aly is urging and begging Roberto not to do it. While Roberto would be the perfect hottie for the show, another Bachelorette cast-off is in the running to take his place. If the rumor is true, then I am all for it!

Interestingly enough, tonight’s Final Rose Special which is usually pre-taped for ABC is being broadcast live for the first time in the show’s history. Why? According to reports, Chris Harrison has confirmed that events have transpired since the proposal and engagement that may have changed Emily’s feelings. If that’s the case, I have a hunch that her dismissal of this sexy man could be the reason she’s holding back from spending time with the one who actually proposed to her. So, if she announces feelings for him tonight on the show, would he accept or say adios and take on 25 single ladies? Find out who I am talking about below.

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The Bachelorette Emily: Meet Her 25 Suitors

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My summer guilty pleasure “The Bachelorette” is almost here and I cannot wait. Adding even more excitement to the upcoming season is the fact Emily Maynard was chosen as this year’s leading lady. The single mother won many viewers hearts (including mine) with her tragic story and adorable Southern charm. Hopefully, the blond beauty is luckier in love this time around and doesn’t fall “in love” with another Brad Womack.

Based on first impression, she has a few quality guys in the bunch to chose from. ABC unveiled the 25 men who will be vying for Emily’s heart and believe it or not, there is an African American in the mix. The show is often criticized for not having more diversity on both “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette”. Perhaps, an upcoming edition of either show will feature a visible minority as its lead. One can hope. That said, a “Survivor” season in cold climate seems more likely than that. LOL.

Well, until that happens, let’s check out the hot studs bringing their best pick-up lines to woo Emily. Fingers crossed there isn’t a fame whorish jerk like Bentley in the bunch. Douchey behavior aside, the guys this year come fully prepared with gimmicks up their respective sleeves to make a solid first impression. One shows up on a skateboard, another shows off his dancing moves, and someone makes like Prince Charming and presents Emily with a glass slipper. But all those pale in comparison when one of the bachelors arrives in their own private helicopter. I’m sure the other 24 guys aren’t going to like this at all. Check out all the guys below.

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