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Scott Speedman Is Barefoot & Shirtless In New Trailer

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Because of my weekly dose of Scott Foley on Scandal, I almost forgot about Scott Speedman. Thanks to a new movie trailer, I’m reminded of how much I used to crush on him back in the day. Both guys have aged quite nicely, but who to choose? Now I know why Felicity felt so tortured. Ben or Noel? Noel or Ben? Talk about Sophie’s Choice.

In Barefoot, the 38-year-old plays the “black sheep” son of a wealthy family. When he meets a young psychiatric patient who’s been raised in isolation her entire life, an unusual romance begins. Evan Rachel Wood plays his love interest. The film has that I’ve seen this before vibe, but with extremely likable leads, I’m intrigued. Check out the trailer after reading why Scott was attracted to the film.

“For me, it was the character more than anything, because I haven’t gotten to play a lot of characters like this,” Scott tells Entertainment Weekly . “As soon as I read it, I knew I could play it. [My character] is kind of a jerk and we didn’t shy away from that, so it’s not an easy match, between her being a mental patient and me being a pretty committed jerk, but in the script, it works really well and played out really well.”

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Scott Speedman Opens Himself For Ryan Murphy

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Keri Russell has The Americans on FX. Scott Foley was recently promoted to series regular for the third season of Scandal. With this casting development, all three actors tangled in Felicity’s love triangle now all have regular TV gigs. God, I miss that WB show 😉

Scott Speedman just landed a lead role on Ryan Murphy’s HBO drama pilot, Open. Hopefully, this job lasts longer than his last television project, ABC’s The Last Resort. On the potential HBO show, Speedman will play Jonathan, a handsome sports agent in the drama that explores sexuality. Given that this is a Murphy project, I fully expect a few gratuitous shirtless scenes. Scott joins the cast which includes Wes Bentley as the handsome but arrogant Evan Foster.

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2012 Man Crush Showdown: The Winner Is…

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After a heated month-long competition, we finally have a winner for our 2012 Man Crush Showdown. Who will follow in the footsteps of Scott Herman and Jonathan D. Lovitz who won the competition in 2010 and 2011 respectively? Find out below.

Like the 2012 Model Behavior Showdown, there was a clear winner. This sexy Aussie held the lead from the get-go and never let it go. The most interesting part of his victory was the fact he didn’t even win his preliminary round. In fact, he came in third and only earned his spot in the finals as a wildcard. Keep reading to find out who he is and who the two runners-up were.

Thanks again for making the year-end Man Crush Showdown a success. Be sure to check out my first Man Crush of 2013 which will be published later today.

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2012 Man Crush Showdown: The Finals

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And then there were ten. Now that the preliminary rounds are over, it’s time to kick the 2012 Man Crush Showdown into high gear. Over the next few days, your votes will crown a winner. Who will follow in the footsteps of Scott Herman and Jonathan D. Lovitz who won in 2010 and 2011 respectively.

Check out the lucky recipients of the four wildcards below. Surprisingly, three of them come from Round 1 where the voting was feverish. Since I don’t want to persuade and affect the outcome, I’ll keep to myself the three Man Crushes I’m secretly rooting for. Without further ado, let the sexy games begin.

Man Crush Showdown Dates

The Top 2 from each round automatically advanced to the finals. Four wildcard spots were given to the Man Crushes who garnered the four highest vote totals from all rounds tabulated (winners excluded).

Round 1: Dec 13-19, 2012 (results announced Dec 20)
Round 2: Dec 20-26, 2012 (results announced Dec 27)
Round 3: Dec 27- Jan 2, 2012 (results announced Jan 3)
Finals: Jan 3-9, 2013 (Final Results announced Jan 10, 2013)

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2012 Man Crush Showdown: Round 3

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Before I get to the results from Round 2 of the 2012 Man Crush Showdown, I wanted to address a technical glitch. The poll was supposed to close at 11:59 pm on December 26th, but it never did. To keep the results in line with the designated voting period, I went through the logs and voided all votes cast past 12:00 am December 27th. In the end, it really didn’t change the Top 4 with exception to a switcheroo between first and second place, and also third and fourth. Without further ado, let’s get to the final amended results.

Coming in first place is Jayson Blair with 861 total votes (1379 original minus 518 votes voided). In the runner-up slot was Ryan Guzman with 830 eligible votes (1507-677). Both Blair and Guzman automatically earn a slot in the finals. In third place and stands a good chance of advancing via one of the four wildcard slots is Taylor Kinney. After subtracting his invalid votes (3), he ended up with 765 votes. Just in case you were wondering what each Man Crush in Round 2 got subtracted from their totals, click here. Numbers are above the poll.

With only one round left before the finals next week, the Top 10 is quickly coming together. Check out this crop of my previous weekly Man Crushes and see who’ll join Brandon Quinn, Mario Casas, Jayson Blair and Ryan Guzman. If you want more pictures of each stud, click on their name for their feature.

Man Crush Showdown Dates

The Top 2 from each round automatically advance to the finals. Four wildcard spots will be given to the Man Crushes who garnered the four highest vote totals from all rounds tabulated (winners excluded).

  • Round 1: Dec 13-19, 2012 (click here for contestants) 1st: Brandon Quinn, 2nd: Mario Casas
  • Round 2: Dec 20-26, 2012 (click here for contestants) 1st: Jayson Blair, 2nd: Ryan Guzman
  • Round 3: Dec 27- Jan 2, 2012 (results announced Jan 3)
  • Finals: Jan 3-9, 2013 (Final Results announced Jan 10, 2013)

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‘Last Resort’ Premiere: Sexy or Sucky?

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First off, sorry for that abortion of a title: best friend Patrick is the pun-er of the group so I’m left with consonance and desperate ploys for attention haha, bear with me. That said, while my lackadaisical word play leaves a lot to be desired, I most definitely have an opinion on this week’s premiere of Last Resort. A strong B+!!

The pilot was early leaked for those with torrents on their tips and in the know and it was most def worth the watch! Airing Thursdays at 8PM on ABC (quite the strong spot though typically one seen by comedies) this hour long modern look at a possible all out nuclear war put forth a bold first episode as shows across the board attempt to grab our attention and get us returning the following week. Donovan has already given a pre-describer of the show in his Fall Line TV Preview article so I’ll super summarize and just say it concerns the crew of a huge naval sub with all the missiles needed to hold the world for ransom and that’s just what they do as their own loved ones and government seem to want them dead. Okay, spoiler over, read on to find out just how sexy Scott Speedman is and who my fave female pic goes to- oh, and of course read my bitchiness about the numerous errors that kept these kids from an A grade.

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Man Crush: Scott Speedman

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Not going to lie, but I’ve been crushin’ hard on Scott Speedman for years now. Ever since I laid my eyes on him on Felicity, I was in love. I don’t blame Keri Russell for following stalking him cross country and for dating him in real life. Since the 37-year-old actor’s new show Last Resort premiered this week, I thought it was a perfect time to highlight this stud for my Man Crush feature. If you didn’t catch the pilot episode, make sure you give the show a try. The show producer has promised viewers that several shirtless scenes of Scott are coming. Better make some room on your DVR/PVR.

Speedman was born in London, England in 1975. At age four, his family moved to Toronto. You’d be surprised to know he was a competitive swimmer during his youth and even placed ninth at the 1992 Canadian Olympic trials. Unfortunately, a neck injured ended his athletic career. He soon shifted gears and studied acting at the University of Toronto and York University.

Arguably, Felicity was his big break. The show’s success elevated Speedman’s career instantly and soon he was landing film roles with Gywneth Paltrow and Kate Beckinsale in Duets and Underworld respectively. The latter proved a lucrative career move as he appeared in a few Underworld sequels. Most recently he appeared with Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams in The Vow. I’m beyond ecstatic that Scott is now available on a weekly basis once again. Thank you ABC and I look forward to those promised shirtless scenes and a sneak peek at his “submarine” in the DVD extras 😉

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Battle: Who’s The Hottest Werewolf?

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Vampires are so hot these days, it feels like there’s a new vampire-themed movie or TV show popping up every other day. While the undead seem to get all the glory and attention, their mythical furry counterparts often get the shaft. Well, I’m here to correct that.

I never realized this, but apparently I have a thing for werewolves. When I was writing this post, I noticed half of the contenders were previous weekly crushes of mine. I had no clue, these furry shapeshifters were my type. To honor my apparent obsession, I created a poll to ask all you diehard “True Blood“, “Twilight” or “The Vampire Diaries” viewers to decide which werewolf is the hottest. Since there are often more than one werewolf featured in these shows/movies, I opted to only select one from each. I didn’t want the poll dominated by actors from one particular offering.

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