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Wine 101: Crispy On The Tongue

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…and then a big guy looked down at us from a big cloud and tilted the sun with a big finger our way! It happened! Summer arrived in Vancouver (screw you rest of the world)! So what do we do with our empty glasses? Well there are those hardcore red drinkers that will fill their glasses with Syrah twelve months a year, but I am not one of those. I drink seasonally and during our rare sunny periods in Vancouver like something crisp and refreshing like most of you. So why wouldn’t we model our palate after a country that experiences close to twelve months of what we would call Summer every year? Australia!

Australians love to blend their grapes. Why? Maybe tradition? A worldly iconic wine called Grange from Penfolds that started in the 50’s really put Australia on the map for wine making, and it was a blend. Other than that, who cares? They do a fantastic job of blending their grapes.

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Drink Your Horoscope Away!

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As January comes to a close, we should all be asking ourselves a very obvious but relevant question. Have I drank the right wine for my astrological type this month?

Okay maybe it’s not FULLY obvious, but if you’re anything like me you’re always finding an excuse to drink another bottle of wine, so I’m handing you one on a silver platter. This is because had put out their January 2010 Wine Signs list and tell you, depending on your sign and what it’s going through for the month, what wine will suit your mood and experiences. GENIUS!

Wine is of the earth, the air and water.  Throw in a tinge of fire and you’ve got a perfect storm of astrological liquid gold. I’m no astrologer, but based on the these horoscopes, January is proving to be a SLOW MOTION month.  What does that mean to us?  More time for tasting!

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I was so inspired after the Wines of Argentina tasting I attended last Thursday, that I realized some people are not drinking one of my favourite varietals of wine because they probably just don’t know about it. I also thought I should carry on this funny little Argentinian theme after Donovan’s Nacho Figueras article (dreamy yes?).

DNA testing tells us that Torrontes is related to a group of grapes that orginated in the Eastern Mediterranean, but how it got to Argentina is a little hazy besides a guess that it was brought over by Spanish colonists. Pretty likely though. Even though it’s grown in Chile, primarily for making Pisco (personally *barf*), this grape is one of the faces of Argentina, and in the same way that the last couple years of media attention has put Argentinian Malbecs on the map, Torrontes is on it’s way fo’ sho’.

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