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Maybe tonight’s the night that I don’t roll my eyes at Idol… MAYBE. After weeks of old, unknown and painfully forgettable song choices due in large part to the show’s constantly pathetic attempt at a “theme”, we get this evening: “Idols singing their idols”, as the kids take on the (please dear god let them be famous) songs of the singers they grew up loving. What I hate most about this: get.off.themes.Idol. In this area, this is where “X Factor” truly shines as they week-in get to choose from any song the show can pay for and blast away. They change their style and genre like they change their outfits to meet the judges and America’s expectations and that makes for a much more versatile competition. With American Idol we’re usually stuck with crap like: “The song book of Elvis” etc. Still, making lemonade from bitter, handpicked with his wrinkled paws Nigel Lythgoe lemons, what I like most about this challenge is the ability to pander, play to your abilities and most importantly: be memorable.

Personally, I’d lie through my god damn teeth and pick a song that was vaguely patriotic- or at least American iconic- from within the last decade, with a huge rise in it and one that every god damn person in that audience would know. Screw “singing the songs I grew up loving”: who the hell remembers Lisa Loeb’s Sandalwood“! Instead, use this vague theme to make that crowd weep and jump to their feet. Let’s hope some of the contestants were smart enough to figure that one out. That said, we also “get” some lame group performances by the contestants but , we do get classic American singer Stevie Nicks as the mentor: a great choice for “Idols and their idols” night even though (spoiler alert) I don’t really mention either of them at all in this article. Get to the end and you’ll see why.

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First off, Reinhart-WHO, and Del Rey ARE-YOU-KIDDING-ME? Yes, real fans of the show know that Haley Reinhart one of last year’s non winners- specifically the one who did the super awkward singalong with Tony Bennett– but commmme onnnnnn Idol, you’ve oh so clearly given up. And a TAPED performance by SNL-failure Lana Del Rich? Honestly, add these “special guests” with last night’s “Songs of Billy Joel” and what do you get? A show that isn’t just resting on its laurels but actively working to ruin a reality talent show institution it essentially founded. While I may sound a bit dramatic, I honestly feel that people this year are seeing the complete breakdown of a once-relevant show. While it’s clearly been going down in innovation, talent and resultant viewership for years now, I find this season to be the pinnacle of its decline.

While I continually bring up my disappointment, it’s only because week after week myself and similarly saddened viewers out there keep hoping against hope that THIS is going to be the week that they get new songs, or have good and critical judging from the panel or hell that a current guest star takes the stage (last weeks have had passe Mary J and the big country girl failure from last year… whoopee…). And still, we trudge on. So far, they’ve been kicking off people who deserve to go so what I’m hoping is that eventually, once idiot singers like DeAndre and Heejun are gone, that the remaining (ACTUAL) talent will pull off some entertaining performances. For now, let’s watch and make sure it’s the flotsam and jetsam who get the boot. So, who went tonight?

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I’ll admit right now that I wrote the title of this article before I even watched the episode and based it purely on the choice to use the songbook of [eye roll] Billy Joel. Wow. Seriously? First we do Stevie Wonder for the boys, then Birthday Year tunes and now Billy Joel? Holy crap, you’d think with all the money behind this show that they’d actually be able to gather up some RELEVANT songs for these poor kids to actually appeal to audience with. I’m guaranteeing you that 90% of the voting audience- 11 to 14 year olds- have NO clue what more than half these songs are. Oh well, just another failed decision and dated choice by the rotting skeleton that is exec producer Nigel Lythgoe who likely thought Billy J was the “bee’s knees” when he was younger.

I’m going to resist picking up my rant from last week as the judges suddenly add “Sing for Your Life” and that they’re the new deciders of who stays who goes or that apparently boys vs. girls isn’t a thing anymore, rather focus on tonight’s performances and see if there’s anything worth saving from this episode. You know, like some actual talent and good performances? Do those still even matter ? P Diddy- is that what he calls himself these days- is the mentor and I’m less than enthused considering his style is SO polar to everyone on that stage but who knows, oh and Tommy Hilfiger is back with “fashion advice”- HA. Let’s take a deep breath and see!

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Well, we’re still here: and so are more than a couple singers who really don’t deserve to be. So far this season has brought us plagues, pageant moms, tragic falsettos, busted criminals and a couple good songs; you’d think the ratings might reflect what sounds like interesting drama. But alas, this is a singing competition and as the singing has often blowed thus far, the stats on viewership are waaay down. Once the most popular damn thing on TV, Idol has slipped steadily for the last 5 seasons to an all-time low, and do you know why? Well, a lot of reasons, but if you’ve been following my reviews or the show itself these recent years you’d know that it’s become a pageantry of commercialism, false drama and produced moments.

So, where has tonight brought us? Well, there’s more than a couple kiddos due to be up on the block as far as last night’s sad songs are concerned and we have some performances by Chris Daughtry, Demi Lovato and (wait for it) “SNL” crash and burn tradegy Lana Del Rey– just how rich IS this bitch’s dad? I’m here tonight to hopefully see the reinstatement of: “Sing For Your Life” if the judges decide to hear out the least voted for’s one more time and for sure to see someone I can’t stand going home: please be Shannon or Heejun. Well, let’s get to it and see how tonight goes!

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If you’re a regular Homorazzi reader (thank you!), you’ll know that Rihanna having recently collaborated with Chris Brown created quite the stir on our site, with readers and writers alike having very different opinions. It was also very interesting to read the differences in opinion between gays, straights, men, women, victims of domestic violence, and non-victims.

Anyway, Rihanna chatted with Ryan Seacrest live this morning and finally addressed why she chose to work with Chris Brown on “Birthday Cake”. Before they got to that, they chatted about where she is, what color her hair is at the moment, Battleship, and fashion. Find out what she had to say about working with Chris Brown below.

I’ve also included the full interview below should you desire to listen to it.

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I am getting sadder and sadder with this show. And, while me saying that seems to prompt many out there to cry out: “Why the hell do you still watch it?”, well, honestly, because I’m hoping against hope that something might change. Maybe I’m waiting for enough of the still-there crap singers (Shannon and DeAndre) to go, or maybe I’m waiting for the sponsors to threaten to pull advertisement unless British perv and autonomous train wreck Nigel Lythgoe is fired as Executive Producer. Either way, I’ve put in way too many seasons into this show to quit now so you’re gonna have to keep dealing with my rants.

Today’s show was at least a touch spicier with the dramatic expulsion of one of the (worst) singers, Jermaine Jones, for a very checkered, criminal past- but even that was ruined by the show itself as it manages to ruin every aspect of reality left in this thing we call American Idol. Regarding the rest of the kids, well it was god-awful Birthday Week as they sang tunes from the year of their birth (puke) and man oh man did most of them screw that assignment up. I’m not sure if Idol isn’t shelling out enough dough to get real options for these contestants or what, but more that half of tonight was unrecognizable. That said, there were a few goodies, as some of the real talent on this show still manages to shine in this mire of blech. Out of protest for the new discovery from last week that the JUDGES control who goes ultimately every week (why does American even vote!?), I’m not referring to the idiot panel of 3’s opinions this week and who the hell cares what Will-I-Am thinks? Here goes!

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RIGHT AWAY I have to ask: Ryan Seacrest, who the hell did your makeup tonight because you look like Ronald McDonald with that foot height of hair and pancake pale makeup. Second, holy crap, how awful was their group performance? Singing god knows what, the Top 13 prove that just because you slap kids (some) with talent together doesn’t mean you necessarily have the making of an actual band or even a real performance. Their vocals and tones were all over the place and honestly the only two I didn’t want to kill was Elise and Phil because their undeniable voices stood out as unique and poignant where the others got lost in the shuffle. What a terrible start.

As you can see, I’m no nonsense today. As Idol attempts to tell us we’re in for a “real treat” as Boys are pitted vs. Girls only to have the judges ultimately decide who goes home, what we ACTUALLY are getting is Exec Producer (I know, I know, I won’t leave him alone- but for good reason), Nigel Lythgoe saying “Hey America, we don’t want you in charge anymore.” It’s ridiculous how silently they’ve passed off this massive change in the format of this show. American Idol is suppose to be about America’s next Idol as chosen BY America. But, nope. With the rise of sites like “Vote for the Worst” et al., it’s clear to see that the producers don’t want to risk good TV performers going home (you know Nigel is even American… she doesn’t even go to this school!). Please note that I did not say the BEST performers but rather the best TV performers. That’s why people like Brielle and her pageant mom get to have more screen time than they ever ever deserve. But, that rant over: let’s get to the night’s results!

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Auditions, Group Week and Boys vs. Girl all over, we’re finally at what Randy, Steven and Jennifer *cough*Executive Producer, Nigel Lythgoe*cough* have decided are the TOP 13 of thousands and thousands of contenders, and all I can say is that they better ba-ring it cause there’s been more than just a few true talents knocked to the wayside these past weeks. Still, while many of my favourite pics have made it this far into the game (see Phil Phils, Erika, Elise and Skylar), there are MORE than enough WTFs entries still in this game (see DeAndre , Shannon and Jermaine) that prove Idol is not strictly talent but includes a dollop of pandering and commercialism to boot. Still, I have faith and I hope it all comes together tonight as the remaining boys and girls take on some pretty damn big names in the industry.

So, yes, Stevie Wonder has had many a hits (I actually have no clue, I’m sure as we watch tonight I’ll come to realize that he’s written way more than I ever knew) but the real attraction of tonight’s episode is the girls as they take on the recently passed and nearly impossible to match Whitney Houston. Having recently re-watched “The Bodyguard”, I’m well-aware of just how epic and huge the songs of Miss Houston are and these girls are gonna have their work cut out for them. Seeing it a bit as a double-edged sword as these covers are going to get them a ton of attention but also that there’s SO much to live up to with Whitney’s extremely recent death, I’m betting the ladies are either going to shine or crash and burn. As far as the boys are concerned, I only really care about my bf Phil and a bit Colton, unless the rest can start manning up their talent and prove they have the chops a lot of these women do. Well, enough rambling, let’s get to the songs!

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