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We’re back! With little to no dumb banter, Seacrest jumps almost right into the singing and so will I: Songs about/from California and Songs the contestants wish they wrote themselves. I’m rolling my eyes as the semi stupidity as these themes get longer and weirder but hey: I’m just happy no one needs to find out what songs were “hip” in the 50s to pick something out for this evening. That said, we find out tonight is also the “let’s reflect on their road here” evening as Idol fills those full two hours basically with nothing we haven’t seen before. I consider tonight to be like that penultimate episode before all dramas finales where they recap the greatest moments and add about 5 minutes of new material- in this case the singing- to squeeze a whole nother episode to make advertisement agencies happy.

My cynicism aside, today seems like it might be a reasonable one: we get current songs and the kids get to pick basically anything they want so I’m hoping a few of the brain-using singers show us something new and unique. Last week’s screen death of Skylar Laine left me blown away and particularly devastated tonight as I just know that she would have picked something awesome to offer us. So, it comes down to the two remaining kids I can stand: Phil Phils and Jessica Sanchez to prove there’s still relevant talent left in this pool as Hollie Cavanagh and Joshua Ledet tread water in the shallow end and wear awful clothes doing it: let’s get to it!

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Last night was British Hits and Songs From the 60s: I was barely amused. Thankfully the brit picks were for the most part quite recent while the mid-century (literally, Nigel, you’re having them sing MID CENTURY SONGS) tunes were meh. More often than not, the responsibility to update and modernize these songs falls on the shoulders of the kids as they attempt not just individualize their performance but also rise above the terrible theme choices being made by our aged producers avoiding forced retirement. That said, the night was pretty good.

Oh and while I say “good”, Lopez would have you believe “greatest thing in the entire history of things ever” as she ridiculously threw it out that Joshua Ledet was the “best singer in 50 years”. Once again, it’s crap statements like this that a) make me hate these judges b) make me hate a show that wouldn’t edit crap like that out c) not trust a single standing ovation they’ve given the kid to date and d) did I already say J Lo is an idiot cause I should have. Anyway, tonight’s show features huge names in the industry as we get played to by Carrie Underwood and Coldplay. Sometimes the performance gods to look down on us. But, I ain’t here for no cold, I’m here for RESULTS: which by the way, only include a bottom TWO this evening. Whhhaaat? Let’s get to them!

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Well, Elise Testone has fallen and the group is down to 5. As we lose one of the most mature and natural performers we’ve ever seen, my list of faves is quickly melting away. I use to have a huge ear-crush on Jessica Sanchez but her reviews and performances have been a bit spotty recently as she’s lost her way some: I still see her insane voice as a real contender and see her Top 3. Skylar Laine has shockingly started to steal my heart as the country girl with brains whose twang has thankfully taken a back seat to her sweetness and beautiful sound: I’m liking her for a final spot as well. And, then of course there’s my boyfriend Phil Phils: of late, I’ve had to be a bit harsher on him as his sexy growl and looks are starting to lack in the face of the remaining talent. I still see him as a real iTunes seller, but am not sure he’s right for the gold ring. Finally, he have the bottoms: Joshua Ledet (yes I did just make that joke) and Hollie Cavanagh. I’ve been called out for being close-minded about Josh’s resale value after this show ends but I honestly don’t get the appeal of the church boy sound and Hollie is just not killing with her too-old looks and big voice.

Tonight, the kids again take on two songs each as they attempt British Pop and Songs from the 60s… Can you imagine what I’m going to say next? CHRIST Idol, you’re dating yourself even more?? I’ve been getting a lot of flack for not covering “The Voice” and considering the contemporary spin they actually put on their approach, I’m starting to wonder WTF myself! Full disclosure, I’ve also been getting a LOT of flack recently on the comments (though more than a couple nice knights have taken up defending me) for my lack of all things 80s and beyond particularly as far as RnB and Classic Rock is concerned so I’ll try to resist mentioning that I don’t actually know by name alone who Stevie Van Zandt from Bruce Springsteen‘s E Street Band and the Sopranos (tonight’s mentor) is as apparently letting people know you don’t know every song and artist from before you were born completely disqualifies you from having an opinion for what kind of sound and singing you like (yes, that was meant to be condescending and flippant, it wasn’t just the way you read it). Listen, no one knows absolutely everything about music: particularly about styles, artists or periods they don’t enjoy listening to. I’m here just to comment on how this show comes across to me as someone who has watched it evolve for years and as someone who likes good music. If you want an opinion from someone who knows everything, click on wikipedia and see if their review of the night works for you cause no one else is gonna get everything right. Sorry. Rant done! Let’s get to the night and see how the good awful producers at Idol have screwed it up today!

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Well, last night did NOT get a ton of great reviews. Once again relying upon the over-used songbook of Queen (seriously Nigel, how much do they pay you to feature them season after season), Idol fell slightly short this Wednesday with what they offered up. I felt Josh, Hollie and even Jessica missed the mark where they’re usually seen as the “power” voices; instead the evening was owned by Elise and particularly Skylar who blew away the others. Phil looked cute and that’s all I really asked of him. As we get down to the few remaining kids and have seen expected top-contenders like Colton and Jess at the bottom over the last two weeks, it’s honestly anyone’s to win or lose at this point. Honestly, I don’t think Hollie or Josh have a prayer at top billing and doubt Elise is ever going to get the credit she deserves so this writer is predicting a Jess/Phil/Skylar finish as is but who really knows!

Tonight we get a live tapped performance by Katy Perry doing her single “Part of Me“, cute boy, barely-talented Stefano Langone of last year Idol failure fame doing his: “I’m On a Roll” and a Queen tribute bandkicks off their “Queen Extravaganza” show as they begin their cross-country tour. I’m not interested any of these performances to be honest as tribute bands always fall short of the original for me- give me a remix any day; Katy Perry has notoriously terrible live performances (albeit this was taped last night so hopefully some auto-tune has been applied) and as Stefano was only famous for staying around as long as he did because older gays (like my ex Dan) liked to see him on stage. I just wanna see who’s going home!

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Unlike with every other post I’ve done about Idol, I’m going to start off today with an angry rant. I can only assume Nigel Lythgoe was tired of online writers like myself calling him out on his shit and providing readers with a fast source of “just the songs and only the songs” as his team of lawyers have begun sweeping YouTube for open-source clips of the episodes, forcing us to rely nearly exclusively on idol.com (no I will NOT link that) for web-access to the evening’s performances. I’ve just had to spend my time going back to my article from a week ago where all the links have been “removed for copyright product” and put in coding to idol.com’s videos to be able to continue to offer you guys and gals access to the singing (Thanks DAN for letting me know about it!). I’m hoping tonight some brave youtuber will post regardless so I can show you the vids as long as they’ll stay up so you can avoid having to watch this two hour show- which, as we all know is 20 mins of singing and an hour and forty of ads, plugs and Ryan Seacrest vamping. As the show continues to drag in the ratings, it’s clear they’re attempting to jack up Nielsen Ratings and keep generation X, Y and Z offline and keep our TVs on, to ensure Coca Cola gets their 2 billion dollars worth.

Okay, rant over! What’s up tonight? As we saw last week, recently uberly out-and-proud Christian rocker Colton Dixon got surprisingly kicked off due to poor song choice, a clear desire not to be tied down by the Idol label, oh, and more than likely a rigging by the producers of the show who didn’t like his “screw you attitude” to the judges’ critiques last week. We come now to our Top 6 Performers! Tonight will see each kid once again take on two different songs as they’re forced to sing from the songbook of Queen (talented band, yes, but relevant? good god no) and a random choice of their own. I’m getting use to hating Idol and their producers 100% of the time so when they give us even the possibility of hearing something contemporary at least half the time, I’ll take it.

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Last night combined old with new and bad with good: mainly the stars of the show shone while the remaining disconnects continued to prove that we haven’t quite got rid of all the lesser singers. Each contestant got to try at the stage twice last night singing songs from before and after the year 2000 and I had a lot more love overall for the more contemporary attempts. While there’s nothing wrong with older songs redone for today’s crowd: remaking classics is just that much harder to do and often doesn’t get the kids to their feet and phones as fast. All in all, it was a pretty good night of songs.

This elimination round, we’re without the save- having been used on Jessica Sanchez the week previous- and anyone can go. While I don’t anywhere close to fully believe that Jess legitimately received the least amount of votes (it was discussed in last week’s comments that Idol can discount votes at their whim if they think they’re not on the up-and-up: ie. “we do whatever the hell we want”), I do think that extra Sanchez fans will be there to support her tonight. Further, Phil Phils will likely soar through on smile alone and Skylar Laineseems untouchable thus far. I’ve gotten bored with Joshua Ledet’s heartstring-pulling performances and have declared it his turn to adios though Hollie Cavanagh and her awkwardness just might be the one to lose it this evening. We’ve got performances by Season 8 winner Kris Allen and LMFAO doin’ their thing, but let’s get to some RESULTS!

Click through to see my review of the night and see who gets sent home!

First off, I do apologize that the posts this week on my Idol recap are up later than my usual East Coast promptness but a new work sched is slightly throwing me off kilter so instead I’ll try to make up for it with a WHOLE lot more bitchiness. I’m kidding, don’t worry- how could I possibly be a bigger dick to this show’s producers?

Last week we got current music for once and I truly believed it offered the most interesting overall performances that we’ve seen this season. Thankfully, the good idiots at Idol have decided to both hurt and help themselves by combining new and old tonight by having the kids sings two songs each: one hit from post 2000 and one song pre. At this point, we have to take what we can get and have faith the remaining (actually talented) singers will pick from the myriad of classic decade older songs and turn them into something relevant and downloadable. As you likely know, we’re re-visiting the “Top 7” as last week the front-runner, Jessica Sanchez, was bottomed out by the votes only to be saved without second thought by the judges. This week there WILL be someone sent packing and it’s all based on tonight’s performances (well, it’s based on what the producers decide, but it’s fun to pretend that votes matter)- so let’s get to it!

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Dick Clark Dies At 82

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TV legend, Dick Clark passed away today at the age of 82. Clark had a heart attack a day after he was admitted for an outpatient procedure at Saint John’s hospital in Santa Monica.

For those young people out there that don’t know who he is, he is essentially who I’d say that Ryan Seacrest is grooming into being – the host of everything with a charm and likability that can’t be denied. Clark was also known as “the world’s oldest teenager” because of his boyish looks.

He was the host of “American Bandstand,” “The $25,000 Pyramid,” “TV’s Bloopers and Practical Jokes,” the American Music Awards and of course NYE in NYC. That’s just to name a few of his credits. We send our condolences to his close friends and family.

Watch Dick Clark this past NYE after the jump…

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