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This… Is Uh-merican Idol: A Live Account

In: Alex, TV Shows

That’s exactly how Ryan Seacrest says it.  And how would I know?  Because I got to go to the live tapping this evening!

Quick backstory:  my friend Stephen is in town from Alabama and had planned on visiting me, but because of my stupendous work schedule (I haven’t had a day off in 11 days and I’ve been getting off work no earlier than 11pm) I haven’t been able to hang out with him save for a few night’s when I’ve met up with him at the bars.  Luckily he’s resourceful and was still able to have a good time sans me.  So today, I end up getting off work fairly early and we have a chance to hang out, and this is where our story begins…

Since we both are kind of tourists in LA (I’ve only been here a month and he’s only been here a few times before) we decide to go to The Grove – outdoor shopping mall – to kill some time and walk around in the sun.  Stephen asks me what makes The Grove so special and I tell him that it’s just a different take on a mall and that if anything there’s a good chance we’ll run into a celeb.  Not 10 minutes later we’re in front of the Avatar Maker (a camera/computer set up that takes your pic and turns you into an Avatar – it was awesome) and Tyce Diorio from SYTYCD walks up and takes interest in the Avatar maker.  Since Stephen has no shame, he asks Tyce if a quick pic is cool and Tyce obliges, same for me.  After we get our Avatar pics taken and are all giddy with excitement a lady comes up to us and says “do you like American Idol?”  Stephen and I both tell her yes and she says “cool, well we have extra VIP tickets to tonight’s tapping, want to go?”  We almost sucked the air out of LA with the gay gasp we both did.  Once we regained composure and finished gushing, we got the directions and headed over to CBS studios to watch the live tapping of American Idol: Idol Gives Back.  It was AH-MAZ-ING.

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What? I know this seems just as strange to me as it does to you. But the rumour mill is spinning itself into a frenzy at the whispers that a high profile celebrity is planning on making a big coming out on May 5th. Now I’m not one to care enough to make a stink that everybody in Hollywood is gay but keep up appearances, nor am I the guy to point the finger and out someone. Really, celebrities lives are as much my business as the dude beside me on the street. BUT. This celeb is basically planning their own rainbow party, so Imma climb on the train!

Now all this hoopla is thanks to publicist Howard Bragman. Who? Right, so he’s the little man behind the curtain that’s behind a lot of public coming outs. Bragman is responsible for helping Sheryl Swoops and Meredith Baxter EASE into public lesbianism as well as handling the sensitive case of Chaz Bono and his gender transitioning. And now that everybody has gotten over Ricky Martin fever (PULEEZE it wasn’t a SURPRISE!), it looks like Bragman has snagged himself the next headline.

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Jamie Oliver: Food Revolution

In: Dan, TV Shows

I have a new hero in my life. Jamie Oliver. If you haven’t heard of this man, I ask you to turn on your TV and PVR, change the channel to ABC and start recording his latest television program, Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. It will literally change your life and the way you think about the food you consume on a daily basis.

A few week’s ago I was in Costco stocking up on groceries and everywhere I turned I was constantly reminded of the deal I made with a friend that involved me cutting out all junk, processed and fast food from my diet, including pop! I don’t know what I was thinking as my friend’s half of the bargain was minuscule in comparison. It has been three weeks since I began this person challenge and I have to admit the results have already been life changing. While perusing the aisles I came across Jamie Oliver’s latest cookbook, Jamie’s Food Revolution and decided it was about time that I graduated from my somewhat used ‘Cooking for Dummies’ beginner guide to oven-made meals. Sigh.

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Looks like Simon Cowell was correct once again. First he predicted Carrie Underwood would not only win her season but be the best selling Idol ever. So far, that prediction has held true. Now it looks like his magic 8 ball, has foretold the future again.

On Wednesday night’s episode which featured auditions from Atlanta, he made another declaration. In the evening’s last segment, we were treated to a 60-something gentleman, named General Larry Platt. Obviously the producers let him through the preliminary auditions for entertainment value, as he’s clearly over the maximum age limit of 28.

While Mary, Randy and Kara and the crew were laughing their asses watching The General’s performance, Simon boldly stated that “Pants on the Ground” would probably be a hit single. Cowell probably never knew how prophetic his words would actually be. Within minutes of the performance, covers of the novelty song soon started to pop up on YouTube.

Some of the covers are actually pretty good, after a few musical arrangements. Ryan Seacrest even put a few of them on his official website. I’m almost half-inspired to do one myself. Perhaps sometime this weekend, when I’ve had a few to drink.

check out the covers after the jump. be sure to place your vote for the one who did the best job.

American Idol Promo Pics Released

In: Celeb Gossip & News

Well, the American Idol promo pics for the new season have been released, featuring Paula Abdul’s more than worth replacement, Ellen Degeneres. The show is starting next week on January 12th, but you’ll have to wait until February until Ellen’s on. She’s gonna be one busy woman! But then again, so is Ryan Seacrest and the rest of the bunch for that matter.

Everyone’s been talking about it, but its true, huh? The pic with all of them (above) looks so photoshopped! They look like cardboard cutouts side by side! Obviously, as aforementioned, they are busy people and photographer, Michael Becker was likely unable to get them in the same room for the one shot. Well, they better get used to seeing each other, because they’re gonna see a lot of each other soon! And by get used to, I guess I only mean Ellen in this case. I think they are going to have a lot of fun with her, and she’s going to have a lot of fun as the new judge on the show.

Check out the individual shots…

Ellen Degeneres

“This is the closest something of this shape comes to my face.”


The rest of them after the jump…

Paula is Leaving Idol

In: Celeb Gossip & News, Patrick

After discussion about the fact that Paula is making a far lower salary than Ryan Seacrest, a differential of $38 million, Paula announced via Twitter last night that she is in fact leaving the show. I’m a little skeptical due to the medium she used to communicate such big news to be leaving the biggest show on television. I think she is doing the right thing by sticking to her guns because if she is only making $2 million (relatively speaking) in comparison with Ryan Seacrest at $40 million, she does deserve a lot more than she gets. Bonnie Fuller, (Canadian-born media executive) is calling her bluff and saying it’s a media stunt, which it may very well be.

Paula’s Twitter announcement went like this: “With Sadness in my heart, I’ve decided not to return to #IDOL. I’ll miss nurturing all the new talent, but most of all being part of a show that from day 1become an international phenomenon. What I want to say most, is how much I appreciate the undying support and enormous love that you have showered upon me. ”

Daily Gossip: Tuesday July 21, 2009

In: Celeb Gossip & News, Donovan

Tweeters Rally For Paula Abdul
Over the weekend, Paula’s new manager stated that American Idol producers had not yet renewed Paula’s contract for Season 9 and beyond. Since then there’s been a lot of speculation on whether or not Paula is done for good or if this is merely just another salary negotiation ploy to get a lucrative deal like Ryan Seacrest just last week. While all this drama is going on, a twitter campaign has been created by Paula’s fans. Miss Abdul herself has tweeted them for their support. “If it weren’t for you, this specific time and situation would feel a lot worse! xoP”. Even Ryan Seacrest has even stated that he wouldn’t want to do it without her. Whatever happens, it’ll all be confirmed when Season 9 auditions begin on August 6. Will Paula be there or not? You can find the campaign on twitter with the group name #keepaula.


Did Whitney Houston Ruin Pop Music? has published an article citing five artists that they feel have ruined pop music. They cite Whitney Houston for causing the emergence of vocalizing and embellishing which is now referred to “oversinging”- a term we often enough during the American Idol auditions. Artists that came after Whit like Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey, Jessica Simpson, Celine Dion to name a few have all adopted this style of adding extra syllables to words and over-the-top frills. I love WHITNEY so to me she’s only enhanced pop music. What do you think? Click here to check out the other artists who have “ruined” pop music.

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Daily Gossip: Monday July 20, 2009

In: Celeb Gossip & News, Patrick

Ill Communication: Beastie Boy has Cancer
Their tour and record release dates have been Sabbotaged as unfortunately one of the Beastie Boys, Adam Yauch, is going to undergo surgery and radiation for Cancer of Salivary Glands. Luckily, Adam (who is turning 45 on August 5th) said that the cancer is very localized and according to doctors it is very treatable in most cases. We wish him the best of luck and a speedy recover! Check out his YouTube announcement:

Beastie Boys new album features 32 remastered tracks on the Ill Communication album. Tour dates will be rescheduled once Adam has made a full recovery.


40 Years Since Man Landed on the Moon
After a journey of 384,403 km away, Forty Years ago on July 20th, 1969, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first men on the moon. Michael Collins was the pilot. There have been several events that NASA has planned for the entire month of July, which are listed here. Apollo 11 had launched on April 16th, 1969 so it took until the 20th until they landed. On the return, Apollo 11 had returned will less fuel than in previous missions and they had also encountered low fuel warnings along the way – yikes! Future missions were equipped with additional fuel as a result.

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