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DSQUARED2 Debuts Underwear Fashion Film

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Last week, I shared a short teaser of DSQUARED2’s underwear fashion film directed by Steven Klein. If you enjoyed the preview, you’ll enjoy the full-length clip. In addition to Matt Woodhouse, the longer version features Travis Hanson and Ryan Bertroche, both of whom I’ve featured in my Model Behavior series. The fantastic short signals the Canadian brand’s return to underwear. Check out the gorgeous visual below.

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The Young + Restless Featuring Top Male Models

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No, it’s not the CBS daytime soap’s attempt to lure in more viewers. Rather, it’s this colorful new fashion editorial snapped by Joseph Sinclair. The photographer corralled top male models Kyle Ellison, Eric Belanger, Stefan, Nick Snider, Jonathan Nielssen, Ryan Bertroche for his “Young + Restless” spread in the latest issue of Dorian magazine.

“DORIAN Magazine is Scandinavia’s leading glossy quarterly fashion- and gay magazine is created by an award winning editorial team that add bold European appeal to world class editorials and features, seducing cosmopolitan readers everywhere.” 

The other day, I shared the Swedish publication’s cover featuring retired rugby player Nick Youngquest. Definitely check out his spread, if you already haven’t done so. Of course, after you click through and check out this bright and bold photo shoot below.

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Model Behavior: Devon Spence

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Firstly, apologies for the day late publish of this week’s Model Behavior. I was in Boston for a wonderful weekend in New England and needed Tuesday to fully recover from all the fun. I’m sure today’s eye candy will make up for the delay.

This week, I wanted to switch things up and show a bit of diversity. Hotness comes in all forms. When I came across Devon Spence, I knew I had my man. At first glance, I couldn’t figure out his ethnicity. Was he black, Latin or of Asian descent? After a bit of research, I discovered he was of Swedish-Filipino mix and what a perfect combination it is. This 23-year-old is definitely up my alley. Yummers.

Spence hails from Florida and is represented by various agencies including Ford Models, LA. Models, Click Models and Front Management. He’s appeared in a few fashion editorials including one for COITUS magazine snapped by Rick Day. The 6’0″ hottie also popped up in Vogue Turkey with Ryan Betroche and Isabeli Fontana. Other previous clients include V Magazine and Saks Fifth Avenue. In addition to acting, Devon is an aspiring actor and dancer. Check out his portfolio below. Warning, he might make your temperature rise.

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When I feature someone for my Model Behavior weekly series, I typically never mention them again. I just realized this recently. So silly on my part. To correct this grave wrong, I’m going to start updating you on some of my favorite previously featured male models from the past when I came across new fashion spreads. The second I saw this one, I just had to share it with you.

Ryan Bertroche was a Model Behavior selection back in March 2011. I forgot how sexy his lips were. Since then, his star has only risen in the fashion industry, booking fashion editorial after another. Snapped by photographer Doug Inglish, Ryan appears in a fashion story, titled “Doheny Drive“, for the fall/winter 2012 issue of Numéro Homme China. Styled by Tim Lim, Bertroche is captured wearing pieces from Giorgio Armani, Givenchy, Levis to name a few.

When I first saw the black and white images, two references came to mind. The pompadour hair he sports reminds me of James Dean circa A Rebel Without A Cause era. With the abundance of leather goods, ranging from suspenders and pants, I’m reminded of those gay graphic illustrations by Tom of Finland. All you homos out there know what I’m talking about. If not, Google it. Check out the images below and see if you get the same kinky vibe.

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Model Behavior 2011 Showdown: Round 2

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Round 1 of our 2011 Model Behavior Showdown is officially in the history books. As promised, the top two vote-getters automatically earn their spot in the finals. Congratulations go out to Andrew Stetson and Bernardo Velasco who received 31% and 28% of the votes cast. Coming in close behind were Jamie Dorman and Jed Hill who garnered 27% and 26% respectively.

Depending on how Rounds 2 and 3 go, Dorman or Hill might earn one of the four wild card spots up for grabs. It all depends how many votes the runner-ups in the upcoming rounds get. Side note. How bummed were you that “Once Upon A Time” killed off Dorman’s sheriff character on the show? I was. Damn you ABC. I’m going to miss my Jamie sporting that sexy facial hair on a weekly basis.

If you enjoyed last week’s roundup of my Model Behavior selections from last year, you’re going to love this second crop featured from March til July. Show some love to the following guys and make sure you cast votes for your favorites from Round 2. They’re not going to make the finals on their own.

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Model Behavior: Ryan Bertroche

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With all the awesome feedback I’ve been getting for all my Model Behavior picks lately, we should really start referring to Tuesdays as the new hump day. Admit it. All you horny boys and girls really want to do, is just hump my male model picks. This week’s selection is going to carry on that hot tradition I’ve started here at Homorazzi.com.

What is about those corn fed boys that make them so appealing? Ryan Bertroche was born and bred in Iowa and grew up in a farming community. Think of the hoedowns he must’ve gone to. And how cute is this… his hobbies and interests include riding horses and helping other farmers in his home town. Sooooo sweet. He’s not all country though, he also enjoys wakeboarding, dirt bike riding and skateboarding.

Bertroche started modeling shortly after graduation and his career quickly took off. He’s worked with respected photographers including Bruce Weber, Mariano Vivanco, Alasdir Mclellan and Carlotta Manaigo. Ryan has also appeared in high gloss fashion mags such as V magazine, Arena Homme Plus, Vogue Homme Japan, Out Magazine, and Sports and Style. His most recent works include appearing in Dolce & Gabbana’s Uomini book where top male models posed buck naked. Bertroche was also a featured model in Calvin Klein’s 2010 underwear holiday campaign. When you take a look at his pics below, you’ll see why he’s highly in demand.

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