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Oh, but she DID!

Before I start my RuPaul’s Drag Race recap or review or whatever you want to call it, I’m going to mention to everyone who writes in the comments insulting my punctuation, or tells me I’m too bitchy or calls me an asshole, or whatever: my feelings are best described by this GIFAt the end of the day, I do this for fun. I can write whatever I want and if I’m being too mean to Lasagna, then in the famous words of Bianca Del Rio, BEAT IT QUEEN! I know insulting the readers is going to get me in so much shit with the bosses but whatever.

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Hey Racers,

We are back with another episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race, and this week it’s the most anticipated episode…SNATCH GAME! No mini challenge, no workroom visits just right into the thick of it.

On the panel this year we had

  • Adore Delano – Anna Nicole Smith
  • BenDeLaCreme – Maggie Smith
  • Bianca Del Rio – Judge Judy
  • Courtney Act – Fran Drescher
  • Darienne Lake – Paula Deen
  • Gia Gunn – Kim Kardashian
  • Joslyn Fox – Teresa Giudice
  • Laganja Estranja – Rachel Zoe
  • Milk – Julia Child
  • Trinity K. Bonet – Nicki Minaj

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I cannot stand Gia Gunn.

I think in 6 years, Gia Gunn is one of the absolute worst people they have ever had on this show…period. Tonight’s episode solidified how much of an IGNORANT, DIM, and NOT SMART (I don’t want to say stupid but…) human being she is. I think that if I saw her in person after tonight I would slap her from here until Season 7. Thank god that the rest of tonight’s episode was really good because if I had to watch Gia for one more minute I would’ve thrown my TV out the window.

But I digress.

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While in New York I was lucky enough to be invited by the original Drag Race winner, BeBe Zahara Benet, to her pre-release party for her new single “Face.” I was gagging the moment BeBe walked in wearing a black lace floor length dress and serving the room nothing but glamour and face. It was quite the little intimate show for friends and people who worked on the music video of Face which was nice because we actually all got to talk to BeBe throughout the night.

BeBe started the crowed off with a little back story to the upcoming album and how it’s been in the works for over a year. After a little story time with BeBe we moved into previewing a few of the songs off the album and I can safely say I was LIVING for them! There is definitely some great club thumpers on there with “I Feel It Coming” and “Eye Candy” which I can see both being big hits in the scene. My personal picks for eargasms were “Something Exciting” and “It Feels Right.” They lead away from the typical club/house and move more towards the pop/feel good sounds. “Something Exciting” just makes you wanna bop around your room in your underwear as you’re getting ready for your day and “It Feels Right” is more of a throwback to motown, folk, sunshine and butterflies sound which I really love. BeBe said it was very important for her to add in all the tribal and African influence because she is very proud of where she comes from and wanted to blend her two homes together with her music. I think BeBe’s hard work is going to pay off with this one as the album seemed to be pretty well rounded with great sounds.

After all the previews it was finally time for the premiere of the “Face” music video! The lights darkened, the room went silent and the rest was all Face from there. I can’t wait for the full album to come out, until then enjoy the official “Face” music video and the remix radio edit by Ranny.

You can get your copy of the Face EP on iTunes along with all the remixes

Oh and BeBe, your ring is getting sized ;)

check it out after the jump


Here we go…the two groups meet for the first time: can you feel the tension? What was really funny is the first group was trying SO HARD to be SO COOL while the confident queens in group two were just excited and happy to meet the original 6. In the end it was Trinity who was the one to break the ice (we need to keep our eye on Trinity, she’s got something I think). After the initial meeting they had to compete in their first mini challenge together. They had to pair with a girl NOT in their original group and do this hilarious two person/one body thing. One girl would be the legs, and the other the top half. My personal favourite was Ben and Darienne (SO FUNNY), but it was Milk and Adore who won, thus  becoming the captains of the next team challenge.

As with many RuPaul’s Drag Race seasons before, Episode 2 was the acting challenge. This year they were doing the same movie (Drag Race me to Hell) with one version being from the 60s, and the other from the 80s. Milk and Adore had to pick their teams and surprise surprise they each chose their original groups. I’m not mad at that at all, in fact I’m quite pleased because I only had to watch/care about half of the episode!

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DID YOU WATCH IT?!? I can’t even tell you what a difference a week makes. After the absolute debacle that was last week on RuPaul’s Drag Race, tonight I felt like I was watching the Final 7 compete for the crown. Even the worst queen from this week was 100x better than some of the queens from last time. Let’s recap shall we?

Coming back from the runway, the first six (in their shrill and absolutely horrific pitchy voices) returned to the work room to balloons, champagne and a message from dearly departed Kelly. But, the celebration didn’t last long, they needed to clear the room and make way for the REAL competitors!

First up was one of my favorites: Bianca Del Rio. And, honey she let them all HAVE IT this episode. Bianca’s talent lies in her sewing skills and her brilliantly sharp and quick wit. There is no one funnier (and meaner) than Bianca Del Rio and you are not ready for her. Following Bianca we had Trinity K Bonet and her flipper (anyone who watches Toddler’s and Tiaras will know what a flipper is), Joslyn Fox and Milk- another one of my favourites. After Milk we got this season’s heavy hitter: Courtney Act. Courtney IS the RuPaul of Australia. She actually announces she is a house hold name. Joslyn was even star struck when she the queen from down under- it was cute. Last, but definitely not least, was Darienne Lake who is just beyond. She is SO funny and SO over the top how can you NOT love her. Honestly, after seeing the 7 walk in, I felt like I was watching a completely different season. A much better season.

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Welcome back racers!

Honestly, it’s so good to be back doing these RuPaul’s Drag Race recaps. I feel like my life isn’t complete without them! Are you ready for Season 6, because I know I am!

After what was definitely one of the most aggressive marketing campaigns, Season 6 has finally reached our TV screens. I was wondering why they launched so late this year and realized it was because of the Olympics- just in case anyone was wondering. So, it was the first episode tonight and I have to say I was so extremely disappointed with it. Sure my favourite show on television is back on and even the worst episode is still so much better than most shows, but I just felt like the anticipation for tonight was so huge that it left me feeling deflated (insert fat joke here). The biggest twist for tonight was that we were only being introduced to half of the queens, and in my opinion, it was not the stronger half. Now, before you all come for me I’m going to say that not all of the queens introduced tonight drove me crazy, but the majority of them definitely did.

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A week before the premiere of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 6, the network greenlit a seventh season of the hit reality series. Definitely not a surprise given that it’s most likely Logo’s highest-rated program. With that being said, I’ve seen the Season 6 premiere and it’s fan-friggin-tastic. RuPaul throws in a major twist within the first few minutes. If the rest of the season is half as good as the first episode, it’s going to be a great one. If you’re interested in participating for the show’s seventh season, head over to for info about the audition process.

“RuPaul’s Drag Race continues to be a perennial fan favorite that has slowly become a pop culture phenomenon attracting a wide-range of viewers,” says Logo’s vice president of programming, Pamela Post

In other Drag Race-related news, the show’s sexy pit crew filmed a music video covering a RuPaul track. Check them out below and see if they sound remotely as good as they look. Don’t forget, RPDR Season 6 premieres Monday, February 24 at 9/8c. If you have the Logo app, you can check out the premiere episode sans elimination on your iPhone or iPad.

watch the Pit Crew cover a RuPaul track after the jump

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