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Well, she released the music video for “Glamazon” two weeks early, but I guess it doesn’t really matter since after last night’s absolutely devastating episode in which Latrice Royale was sent home, we now know who the final three are. (Pssst, I knew since before it started. I also know who wins…but I’ll save that for a different post).

As is tradition in the final challenge, the three remaining queens do all the work in a RuPaul music video while RuPaul stands in one place lip syncing her song which she probably did in only one take because she didn’t want to do more. (I kid…sort of). The music videos for these final challenges have all been kind of…bad, I gonna say bad. However, while this one may be “bad” as well, I kind of love it the most. It’s a video game themed music video with the three finalists stomping on all the former queens, as well as every single celebrity guest judge that came onto the show. It’s kind of cute, while I don’t think the finalists are the RIGHT finalists they gave a pretty good performance in this. OH! And the end is fantastic.

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My heart is broken. Not only was my heart broken ONCE, but TWICE all within the same hour. First of all I found a spoiler hours before I saw the show and found out the the love of my life, my reason for tuning in every week, the best contestant this show has ever had LATRICE ROYALE was eliminated. THEN the bosses at Homorazzi told me that there would be NO INTERVIEW WITH LATRICE BECAUSE SHE WAS BUSY! Ugh as IF today’s Drag Race experience could get any worse. Ok I’m gonna try to get through this recap without breaking down.

This week’s theme was THE BITCH BALL but it’s not what you think. It all has to do with DOGS! Ok and a little bitching like in the mini challenge. Each one of the fantastic four was given a puppet of one of the other contestants. They had to drag out their puppet and do a 30 second puppet show. Brilliant. Sharon got Chad and of course played up her plastic surgery. Latrice got Sharon and did the goth thing, sadly she wasn’t very good. Chad was throwing FULL shade with the Phi Phi doll and it was hilarious, but it was definitely Phi Phi who had a Latrice doll that torn it down. Making fun of the jewelry breaking on stage…honey that shit was hilarious! Phi Phi didn’t win, Chad did and he got to choose what queen was paired up with what dog. Get it…BITCH BALL! Phi Phi got a blood hound, Latrice got a pomeranian, Chad took the Chinese crested and Sharon got a poodle, not only that but they had to do a musical number in the spirit of cats…only dogs! Oh Ru, you’re so funny!

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Apparently reinterpreting Disney characters is all the rage these days. From Disney princes going shirtless, to classic heroines being portrayed as NOT living happily ever after, no one in Walt Disney’s catalogue is safe from any enterprising artist. The latest to jump on this bandwagon is Chicago vector artist Justin aka Dezignjk.

This talented individual thought it would be fun to draw a few memorable contestants from “RuPaul’s Drag Race” as infamous Disney villainesses. Let’s face it, some of those evil Disney beyotches look like busted-up drag queens, no? The pictures are so good, I hope that RuPaul really considers having this as a challenge for the upcoming All-Stars season.

The lucky queens chosen for the cartoon treatment are Manila Luzon (Season 3), Sharon Needles (Season 4), Latrice Royale (Season 4), Chad Michaels (Season 4) and Raven (Season 2). Check them out as Disney heroine foibles below and vote for your favorite.

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I never know how to feel about the bring back a queen episode. I mean last year was interesting because it was Carmen Carrera who just did the revolving door thing (In and Out same episode) and this season it wasn’t any different just with Kenya. Also this year it was on the same challenge last year, the makeover challenge. This year it was DILFs or, “Dad’s I’d like to f*ck“, I MEAN FROCK! FROCK IS WHAT I MEAN!

After it was revealed that Kenya was the queen brought back (TOLD YOU SO!) and after she won the mini challenge, the queens got to see the DILF’s that they would be transforming. They were legit heterosexual fathers, and two of the were GORGEOUS! PhiPhi and Kenya’s daddy’s were pretty smoking! They had to make them over to look like their sisters, but the twist was that they both had to be pregnant! HA! Maternity wear challenge. Oh and they had to perform a strip tease, Ru just kept piling it on them this year.

During the rehearsals and workroom time we found out a few things about these dad’s. One of them knew how to tuck, one of them was dying to get into a high pair of heels, one of them was going to make a gorgeous woman, one was a complete jerk and the other looked like Latrice’s legit relative. Latrice and her dad were hilarious, and after their amazing rehearsal I for sure thought they had it in the bag. Unfortunately the old saying is true, good rehearsal BAD show.

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I’m going to preface this post by saying that I have had a rotten day so if I’m a bit more sour than usual I apologize in advice (sorta). Not only that but we had to cancel our weekly viewing party chez house of D because they’re changing the pipes, in short it was already a bad scene here. Then you throw on one of the most bizarre, most useless episodes of Drag Race that I have ever seen and it pretty much solidifies the day as garbage. Honestly what the heck was that nonsense we watched tonight? Now I understand the USA is going through an election year and it’s very current but honestly, the only people I know who can make Drag and Politics work are Joan-E and Hedy Fry.

Now that Willam is gone (for reasons we’re still wondering about) the air in the work room is a bit lighter? Mainly because Phi Phi is a bit less sour. There’s confetti being thrown, and few funny insults and an ass imprint on the mirror. She Mail comes up and it’s another nonsense speech that doesn’t make sense, but you get the feel of the challenge. For the mini challenge the queen had to design a shoe that fit with a Absolut Cocktail they were paired with. I’ll cut it short and just tell you that Phi Phi won for making actually some pretty cute fruit platforms. I don’t even think she won anything did she? (someone correct me please). After the mini challenge it was time for the main challenge, which was to compete for the nomination of the Wig party, so the had to come up with a platform. Honestly it was so stupid, and so dumb because politics are tricky. If you don’t know anything about politics and debate, don’t even try to pretend. Which is why even though I HATED what Chad Michaels did, I understood why he did it.

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OOOOOK BEYONCE! After tonight’s episode there is only one question on everyone’s lips… WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO WILLAM? Before I get to that let’s recap this week. It was all about FRENEMIES, which is a topic I know a lot about, hell half of the bitches on this site are my frenemies (whatever.) Each of the final 6 were set up to a lie detector, made to answer questions and we paired up with the opposite: Latrice with Willam, Chad with Dida and (shock of all shock) Phi Phi with Sharon. As a duo they had to sing live to a song called So Much Better, so you know exactly what kind of a performance it was going to be. A club style cabaret performance, cute choreography, some singing and call it a day.

Oh the main stage Ru looked AMAZING and was joined by Pamela Anderson, Jennifer Tilly and Lucian Piane (Ru’s producer) As the queens started performing they actually did pretty good. Latrice and Willam were hilarious, Dida and Chad were great (their voices are SO low) and Phi Phi and Sharon…well they didn’t do so well. They tried so hard and it was surprising because Phi Phi is actually a great singer. Latrice and Willam were named the winners while Sharon and Phi Phi were asked lip sync. It was the battle of the decade and it would’ve been a shame to see either go.

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RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 4 star (and guest on 30 other television shows) Willam, alongside two incredibly popular performers in the U.S. Detox and Vicki Vox released a parody endorsement video today. Set to the tune of “Hold On” with rap from “Waterfalls” I find it incredibly catchy and have been humming it all morning.

We don’t have Chick-fil-A up here so I can’t comment on the taste of said chain, but they are really really REALLY crazy against homos and such. Check it out below, can you spot Willam’s beard (I’M KIDDING!) Everyone look lovely!

Don’t forget tonight is Drag Race, Willam has made it to the top 6 and is becoming a fan favourite with his sharp tongue. Let’s see if he can hold on…(no pun intended) Follow me on twitter as I’ll be live tweeting the show @TommyD and the rest of the boys here @Homorazzi.

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Before I start this week’s recap I’ve gotta do a bit of a disclaimer. Last week after a wonderful interview with Milan she came to the site, read my review and made it very clear on my Facebook that she was not happy. Then like a bit of a coward I deleted the post, and even was tempted to change up the review in the hopes of maybe making her not be so angry. After about a minute I decided that deleting the post on FB and wanting to change it was silly, and I come to my disclaimer. To everyone on this show and every other show that we recap, we are giving our super sassy review and honest opinions of what we see on television. You are all wanting to be stars and think you are all fabulous…until someone tells you that you’re not, and then you get angry. If you cannot accept criticism and even an insult, don’t be on TV! And for myself, I’m only judging what I see on television and until I have some sort of interaction with you in real life I will ONLY talk about what you’ve done on the show. GOT IT?

This week on Drag Race we are left with lucky 7. The mini challenge this week was about reading, because it is what? REALLY embarrassing if they aren’t good. Like Phi Phi, oh girl. It was just painful. After a pretty painful library session, Latrice was named the winner and got to chose who gets what magazine. Oh yes, the challenge this week was to created your own Dragazine. It wasone of the weakest and lamest challenges I’ve ever seen on this show. What the heck does this have to do with being a Drag Superstar? So random. Anyway, it was all pretty weak so let’s just talk about the drama. Jiggly got health & fitness (shady Latrice heh) and everyone told her to do funny…except Phi Phi who told her to do it seriously if she believes in it.

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