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RuPaul’s Drag Race winner, Sharon Needles has just released her first post Drag Race single, appropriately just in time for Halloween. The song is called, “Everyday Is Halloween” and we’ve got your first listen below.

Sharon says the track is “dedicated to all of my fans who have been pushed down and who have risen from the grave, and to those who have redefined beauty. Happy Halloween.” Unlike the other queens from the show, the song is not a campy dance track, but rather has more of a mellow and dark rock feel to it. It’s actually quite good! Sharon sings, “They say, ‘Why are you are dressed like it’s Halloween? You look so absurd, you look so obscene’. Oh, why can’t I live a life for me? Why should take the abuse that’s served. Why can’t they see, they’re just like me? It’s the same, it’s the same in the whole wide world?” The song is a cover of a song originally sang by Ministry (I’ve included the original version below as well).

Sharon Needles’ full LP titled PG-13 will be released in January of 2013. Give “Everyday Is Halloween” a listen below!

Listen to the track after the jump…

You gotta hand it to RuPaul for her business savvy. Whether you’re a fan or not of her music, by the time a season of RuPaul’s Drag Race ends, you can’t get that season’s track out of your head. At that point, you’ve heard the song ad nauseum thanks to the final credits of each episode. Then the pièce de résistance, she enlists the Final 3 contestants to appear in the music video. Free labor is free labor, right? Since a new episode of RuPaul’s All-Star Drag Race airs tonight, I thought it was the perfect time to take a trip down Ru’s glittered memory lane.

One thing I noticed while gathering all the music videos for this post is how much the production value has gone up since the beginning. Season 4′s “Glamazon” featuring Sharon Needles, Chad Michaels and Phi Phi O’Hara is fabulously campy while the earlier music videos look like Grade 7 school projects. That said, Season 2′s “Jealous of My Boogie” starring Tyra Sanchez, Raven and Jujubee is my favorite. Not only because I adore Jujubee, but the song is incredibly catchy. Check them all out below, including RuPaul’s latest, “Responsitrannity“, featuring the All-Star contestants and guest judges.

watch the videos after the jump

Well lookie here! I didn’t think we were going to get them this season but HUZZAH! We’re getting ALL-STAR interviews…BONUS!

Early this morning I chatted with the glorious Pandora Boxx and the amazing Mimi Imfurst after they were eliminated from the premiere episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars. We chatted about All-Stars, the pairing system and their new singles. Both of them have recently released a track and they are both great. Pandora Boxx’s is called “Nice Car” and Mimi Imfurst’s (as part of Xelle) is called “Queen“. Unfortunately, we ran into a glitch and the interview with Mimi Imfurst didn’t record (insert sad face here). In place, we’ve included her amazing new music video which also features many of the other contestants from All-Stars as well as her two other Xelle counterparts. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, do it. Check back next week for my recap on Episode 2 as well as my interview with the eliminated contestants.

Take a listen, and remember to check back next week for more ALL STARS!
Listen to the interviews after the jump…

FINALLY! RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars has begun, and in TRUE drag race form it was everything. I don’t know about you, but I can just sit and watch drag race all day everyday. It’s all I want to do. I’m a little disappointed that it’s only 6 episodes, but what are you gonna do.  I’ve got lots to say about it so let’s get right into it shall we?

One by one the all stars are introduced, the budget has clearly gotten higher because the beginning intros were fabulous. We are introduced to the 12 queens from the past 4 seasons that have made the cut and are called all stars. My favorite looks as they walked in were Pandora, Manila, Raven, Mimi Imfurst and of course my personal All Star Nina Flowers, who in true Nina form took the cake as the best look. I have to give major props to Mimi because I don’t think many will (even though in my opinion she totally deserves them) but she looked ferosh. She’s got a new look, a new body and her paint was flawless.

We find out right away that the queens are going to paired up (in groups of 2). Oh yes, they both have to be flawless or else they go home. If either queen screws up, they jeopardize the team. Each of the queens had to pick who they wanted to be paired up with, and if there was a match, that was the team. If not they keep going. They only had to go through 2 rounds and only one pairing was assigned by lady Fate. Here are the teams in my personal favourite order…

Recap & results after the jump…

Yes! The first 10 minutes of RuPaul’s All Stars Drag Race. As the episode kicks off, we’re reintroduced to the queens and get to see them walk into the workroom, and in turn see the reactions of the other queens. By some of the reactions, we already know who isn’t going to get along this season. Once everyone’s in the room, “She-Mail” arrives and it’s RuPaul welcoming the girls. Shortly after, Ru arrives in the flesh.

“No you’re here because each one of you is an All Star. An All Star you sadly had to sashay away. But now is your chance to reverse that walk of shame and strut your stuff into the Drag Race Hall of Fame.”

The winner of All Stars will walk away with a sickening supply of Mac Cosmetics, one-of-a-kind trip courtesy of, and a cash prize of $100,000.” When she mentioned the money, the girls just screamed with excitement…until she revealed the twist this season: They are competing in teams of two. “You’ll be judged together, from challenge to lip sync and if one of you fails, you both go home.” From there, queens have to take a box full of photos of their fellow queens and choose their top pick. If theres a match with that queen, they become a team. If not, they keep trying. As they’re about to begin, Ru says, “Ready, set, whip it out…” Watch it all below!

First 10 Minutes after the jump…

Just a few days ago, Donovan posted about Mike “The Situation” and the ad he did for PETA. Now let’s add another reality star to the list of stars showing their support for vegetarianism.

Sharon Needles, winner of the last season /tag/rupaul’s-drag-race/ recently posed for PETA with in a rather gruesome photo that certainly gets the message across. The photo shows Needles with blood all over her face while she holds a torn off human arm and leg in her hands. The caption reads, ” Eating Shouldn’t Cost an Arm and a Leg.”

Needles says, “If gnawing on flesh turns your stomach, why not go veg?” In the behind the scenes interview, she explains, “The campaign I’m donating my rotten face for is ‘Dead things should be buried, not eaten,’” Needles explains in the above behind-the-scenes interview. “Being a vegetarian, it kind of shows how gory it is to see ripped off arms and ripped off hands of people of our own species. But I think it brings a campy, disturbing and grotesque realization to the fact that that’s how animals are being treated, especially in commercial farming.” Check out the add below.

Check out the ad & behind the scenes video after the jump…

Last night, RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars contestant JuJubee was performing here in Vancouver at Post Modern nightclub for an event put on by TFD Presents called “Icon“. As you may or may not know, TFD is headed by Homorazzi’s Tommy so while he had her here in the city (for the second time this year), it was the perfect opportunity to talk to her about the upcoming All-Stars season so myself and Tyrell went to check out her performance and capture Tommy’s interview for you.

Chatting outside the club in the historic Gastown neighborhood of Vancouver (ranked the fourth most stylish neighborhood in the world), JuJubee chatted with Tommy about her experience on this upcoming season and what we can expect. As Tommy kept her dry under his um-ber-ella-ella-ella, he asked her about who she got along most with, if she makes the final three, what she thought when Mimi Imfurst walked in the workroom and what’s next for her.

JuJubee also pleads for Americans to vote for Obama and also says what she’d do if she were president. Check out the interview below!

Watch the interview after the jump…

I’m truly shocked and saddened by this. At the young age of 27-years-old, drag superstar Sahara Davenport has passed away. The cause of his death has yet to be made public, but several sources close to him have confirmed his death. His longtime boyfriend, Karl Westerberg, tweeted, “I love him so much”. As you might now Karl competed on the third season of the Logo reality show as Manila Luzon. I can’t even imagine what he’s going through. Davenport wowed viewers during his time on RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 2 where he placed seventh.

“Logo is profoundly saddened by the passing of Antoine Ashley who fans around the world knew and loved as Sahara Davenport. He was an amazing artist and entertainer who’ll be deeply missed by his Logo family. Our hearts and prayers go out to his family, especially his boyfriend Karl, in their time of need.” – Logo network

Born Antoine Ashley, Sahara Davenport originally hails from Gaithersburg, Maryland. He was a classically trained dancer and began dabbling in drag while studying at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, where he earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in dance. Upon graduation he moved to New York where he blossomed. During his career he appeared on ABC’s One Life To Live and A&E’s 15 Films About Madonna. He also popped up in music videos for David Guetta and Chris Will’s “Getting Over“. Sahara also released two singles of his own, “Pump With Me” and “Go Off“. In addition, Davenport and his boyfriend Manila Luzon released a cover of “Baby It’s Cold Outside” last Decemeber.

read what RuPaul’s reaction after the jump

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