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Are you craving a little Once Upon A Time fix during the show’s winter hiatus? If so, this bit of casting news might do the trick. I know it has me amped up.

When OUAT aired it’s winter finale, Emma (Jennifer Morrison) and Snow White (Ginnifer Goodwin) made their way from the fantasy world back to Storybrooke. Unfortunately, they weren’t alone. Cora (Barbara Hershey) and Captain Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) were not far behind traveling via boat. No doubt to cause some major mayhem in the fictional town. When the fairytale series comes back, Cora’s back story will finally be told. How did she get so evil? How did she get her magical powers? Why does she treat Regina (Lana Parrilla) so badly? All those answers will all be revealed.

Playing the young Cora is an actress I adore. Here’s a hint. She played one of the charmed ones on The WB’s Charmed. Who do you think it is? Alyssa Milano? Perhaps Holly Marie Combs? Maybe Rose McGown? How about Shannen Doherty? The latter has certainly proven she can play a bad girl. Find out below.

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My heart is broken. Not only was my heart broken ONCE, but TWICE all within the same hour. First of all I found a spoiler hours before I saw the show and found out the the love of my life, my reason for tuning in every week, the best contestant this show has ever had LATRICE ROYALE was eliminated. THEN the bosses at Homorazzi told me that there would be NO INTERVIEW WITH LATRICE BECAUSE SHE WAS BUSY! Ugh as IF today’s Drag Race experience could get any worse. Ok I’m gonna try to get through this recap without breaking down.

This week’s theme was THE BITCH BALL but it’s not what you think. It all has to do with DOGS! Ok and a little bitching like in the mini challenge. Each one of the fantastic four was given a puppet of one of the other contestants. They had to drag out their puppet and do a 30 second puppet show. Brilliant. Sharon got Chad and of course played up her plastic surgery. Latrice got Sharon and did the goth thing, sadly she wasn’t very good. Chad was throwing FULL shade with the Phi Phi doll and it was hilarious, but it was definitely Phi Phi who had a Latrice doll that torn it down. Making fun of the jewelry breaking on stage…honey that shit was hilarious! Phi Phi didn’t win, Chad did and he got to choose what queen was paired up with what dog. Get it…BITCH BALL! Phi Phi got a blood hound, Latrice got a pomeranian, Chad took the Chinese crested and Sharon got a poodle, not only that but they had to do a musical number in the spirit of cats…only dogs! Oh Ru, you’re so funny!

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First Look At “RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 4”

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Hey squirrels. Everyone’s favorite female illusionist is back. With the premiere of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” Season 4 only a few months way, January 2012 to be exact, the folks over at Logo have started their promotion onslaught. Not only do we get our very first teaser for the upcoming season, but we also learn a few of the celebrities dropping by to show off their judging skills.

As you can see in the picture above, Mercedes née Amber Riley will grace us with her presence for an episode. Considering one of her upcoming storylines on “Glee“, she’ll be right at home with drag queens. Mercedes will be given a younger brother who has an affinity for cross-dressing. Her brother will be played by “The Glee Project” runner-up, Alex Newell. “Alex seems so liberated when he’s in drag,” Amber says. “It would be great for younger Glee fans to see a character like that.” While on the reality set, Riley confessed she sneaked backstage to catch a glimpse of some of the contestants get ready. Here’s what she said about her guest judging gig:

“I was so excited to do this I started screaming. I am a very big RuPaul fan. She’s absolutely gorge. I just had to make sure my hair and makeup were done right if I was in front of drag queens!”

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Back in March, Donovan shared the first look in more of a teaser trailer of “Conan the Barbarian“. It showed the characters, but really none of the action and storyline. Now, they’ve released the actual movie trailer of the film. The verdict? It looks great!

I had low expectations (with the exception of Jason Momoa‘s hunky bod) before I pushed play on the trailer, but I was pleasantly surprised with what looks promising enough to be a huge summer blockbuster in my humble opinion. A combination of fantasy magic, action, and special effects makes for what will be a very entertaining movie. Rose McGowan looks freaky cool as evil witch Marique, with her fugly forehead and fierce attire. Apparently, her makeup took six hours every day, starting at 2:30am. Gross.

The film has a budget of $110 million and will be shown in 3D, premiering August 19th, 2011. Check out the trailer below and let me know if you’ll be watching the movie when it premieres this summer.

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First Look: Conan The Barbarian 2011 Remake

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WOOF. Doesn’t Jason Momoa look savagely sexy as Conan The Barbarian in the picture above? Perhaps, I’m a little biased since I love me some Momoa. So much so, I selected him as one of my weekly Man Crushes back in 2010. As you can imagine, when the movie trailer featuring the first official footage from the 2011 remake of “Conan The Barbarian” hit the web, my heart skipped a beat. I’m a sci-fi nerd at heart.

The minute-long clip does an excellent job of building anticipation for the film’s August 19th release. It emotes excitement and intrigue without giving any clues to the movie’s plot. Vignettes from the film flash on the screen in forms of smoke, climaxing with Conan appearing and uttering, “I live, I love, I slay and I’m content“. LMFAO. How awesomely cheesy is that? Momoa even sounds like Schwarzenegger back in the day, before he got rid of his thick Austrian accent *WINK*.

Jason Momoa beat out Kellan Lutz to play the infamous barbarian. Arnold Schwarzenegger originally portrayed Conan in the original 1982 film. Joining Momoa in the sci-fi fantasy flick are Rachel Nichols, Ron Perlman and Rose McGowan as Marique, an evil half human/half witch. As you would expect with any new fantasy flick these days, this one will also be presented in 3D.

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Friday, April 24th, at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, came face to face with some pretty amazing stars… and I didn’t throw up- not once! Seeking to ensure the event’s coverage by gay and lesbian specific media, our crew of L.A.-bound Homorazzians were asked if we’d like to attend the L.A. Gay and Lesbian Center’s “An Evening With Women” fund raiser. We asked: “Red carpet access for four?” They said: “Yes.” We said: “See you at 6:30 sharp.” …We were ten minutes late. But, we had arrived, and were ready to conquer. Before this report begins, I want to assure that while I may go for the jugular a few times in this article, that’s just to sound cool and like I belonged… we ALL know the event was for an amazing cause; we were lucky to be there; and I’m a newbie in a sea of pros. Still, I gotta rip a few new holes 😉

So, we started off late. To be fair, it wasn’t completely our fault: a) we were sharing one bathroom between 4 homos- 3 high maintenance coiffures, and me- and, b) there was ZERO parking. Having repeatedly circled the multi-leveled lot, Brian and I were beginning to think we’d have to forgo our passes to the night and let the true star-f*ckers- Donovan and Patrick- represent our blogotorial as we would find parking 8 blocks away and 30 minutes late. But, in true “The Secret” fashion, Patrick’s “if you put it out there it will happen” (*cough* bullshit *cough*) mantra was suddenly vindicated and a spot opened up right next to the elevator. Cut to us, mad dashing it to wherever it looked like the oddly well-built and broad shouldered women were flocking to, showing up just as the red carpet was opening access to the stars. Being that it was 30 minutes before the carpet was suppose to “open”, by stars I do of course mean some random kid with an inappropriately poufy scarf from Noah’s Arc (Daniel, you would have loved it) and “Women who works local coffee shop” on the L Word- but hey, we were there to catch them. Finding our reserved spot (that’s right folks, labels taped to the red carpet and everything) at the END of the red carpet, we began to set up.

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Homorazzi Hawt Topics: Hollywood Edition

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Adam, Patrick, Brian and Donovan were in Hollywood for a week – here’s their recap on their red carpet adventures and tourist activities! Since Jonny wasn’t with them on the trip, Adam took on the role of hosting in this episode of Hawt Topics, filmed in their room at The Chamberlain hotel in West Hollywood. There are many stories to tell, so this episode is broken up into two parts – both with something juicy…

Part One

In this first segment, we talk about our celebrity interviews and the Beverly Hills “An Evening With Women” red carpet experience, with names such as Sharon Stone, Eliza Dushku, Reichen Lehmkul, Rose McGowan, Lance Bass, PCD”s Jessica Sutta, and many more. We also discuss what our favorite tourist activities were.

Part Two

In the second half, we talk about some of our favoritie moments of the trip, including meeting some of the Twilight cast, catching The Hills’ Heidi & Spencer’s wedding in Pasadena, and more. 

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