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Part Two of Rodiney Santiago In Revista Junior

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If you liked part one of Rodiney Santiago in Revista Junior, you’re going to looooooooove part two. I don’t know about you, but I can never grow tired of seeing his furry toned physique. The Brazilian male model shows off more of it (if that’s even possible without going x-rated) in this crop of photos. Once again, photographer Leo Castro snapped the 31-year-old for this editorial titled “Caminho de Santiago.” I could go on and blab more about Rodiney, but I know what you guys really want… shirtless pics. Without further ado, here they are.

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Rodiney Santiago Sizzles For Junior Revista

In: Donovan, Totally GAY!

The following images have been circulating on the web for a couple of weeks now. I thought I’d post them today just in case you missed them. And even if you have already seen them, there’s nothing wrong with drooling over Rodiney Santiago a second time around. Admit it. He’s probably the only reason you watched The A-List. He was for me 😉

The 31-year-old model heads back to his native Brazil to pose for one of the country’s most popular magazines, Revista Junior. Santiago shows off his well-defined physique for photographer Leo Castro. If you think everything you see is just Photoshop magic… it’s not. I was in Miami last year, and Rodiney was doing a photoshoot at my hotel’s pool. Let me confirm, those abs and everything else are even more impressive in person. Check out the sizzling shoot below. Fans of body hair will definitely enjoy it.

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VH1 Sends Reality Stars To “Couples Therapy”

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Just when Vienna Girardi and Kasey Kahl thought they had exhausted all possibilities to extend their 15 minutes of fame, VH1 extends them a lifeline in the form of a new reality show. From the producers of “Celebrity Rehab with Dr Drew,” “Couples Therapy” is the first reality show to examine firsthand the real life experiences of a group of buzzed-about couples.

Funny, I thought Vienna and Kasey broke up months ago. I guess the opportunity of showing up on television once more prompted them to give their relationship another try. Speaking of on-again, off-again couples, it looks like “The A-List: New York” co-stars Rodiney Santiago and Reichen Lehmkuhl are in an “it’s complicated” Facebook-type of relationship again. I wonder if the topic of threesomes will enter in their counseling sessions. Hmmmm.

Couples Therapy” will feature five couples at a crossroads in their relationships and for 21 days, they will undergo intensive relationship therapy. Renowned relationship therapist Dr. Jenn Berman will treat the five couples in both individual, couples and group sessions. During the 8 episode run, I’m sure we’ll see all the couples seesaw back and forth between trying to rekindle their relationship or simply just move on.

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Do you recognize the name Josey Greenwall? Well, if you’re a country music fan, you may remember a younger him being a Nashville music superstar. However, when Josey decided to make the tough decision to openly come out as gay, he was immediately dropped from his label. Despite the obstacle, Josey didn’t let that stop him and continued to move his career forward. He has since become a very successful model and has many acoustic covers on YouTube garnering him tons of views.

In the latest issue of DNA, Josey talks about life, love, his music and of course, his best friend, Rodiney Santiago who also joined in for part of Josey’s shoot for the mag shot by photographer Richard Gerst. The two frollick in the sand and show off their comradery quite nicely. When Richard asked Josey if he was excited to be on the cover, he said:

Absolutely! I don’t think there are enough words to describe how excited I am, really. I feel extremely honoured to be in such great company with all of the other cover models that have been on DNA’s cover. When I look back at all of your magazines and then see the one with me on the front, it really is a surreal moment that I’m still trying to take in. I think what I’m most excited about is that achieving something like this is the kind of milestone in someone’s career that they never forget.

Aside form the smokin’ hot photos in the mag’s latest issue, Josey and Rodiney teamed up for another YouTube music cover together. This time, the two tackled Britney Spears’ How I Roll. While I know that Josey has quite the voice, Rodiney has proven before that his isn’t the most golden. However, the two pull this song off quite nicely and I almost prefer it to the original. Check out the sexy photos from the mag and the acoustic cover below.

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One of The A-List New York’s most lovable “characters,” Rodiney Santiago is putting his modeling skills to good use, gracing the cover of Instinct. Rodiney became known to me during the premiere of the new logo hit. Watching his dysfunctional relationship with Reichen Lehmkuhl and diary confessions with subtitles and broken English soon became my favorite part of the show every Monday.

The second season finds a refreshed and newly single Rodiney with one major difference to share with the world: he is now openly bisexual. Also, his last season’s catchphrase of “I just want to be happy” has been thrown to the way-side and has now been replaced the snappy “bitch, please.”

In the mag, Rodiney shares the tale of his first modeling gig with Fiat where his face wasn’t shown… just his body. He says, “it was weird, but I was happy because it was the first.” Wanting to explore the world of modeling further, he packed his bags and head to Atlanta to study English. Unhappy with the destination, he set his sights on Miami and became a swimwear model extraordinaire.

Check out some of Rodiney’s sexy photos from the September issue of Instinct below.

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Before you catch tonight’s all new episode of “The A-List: New York“, I wanted to share a recent gossip session I had with one of the cast members. Derek and myself chatted the day following the second season premiere and all the intense shenanigans that transpired. With the OutGames and Pride taking place in Vancouver, I was slammed with events and entertaining my house guests that delayed the publishing of this gem of an interview. Well, it’s finally here for your enjoyment.

Admittedly, I wasn’t the biggest fan of Derek during the early part of Season 1. Along the way, I warmed up to him and found myself no longer rolling my eyes when he spoke. Fast forward to this season and surprisingly, I find myself on Team Derek. Who knew? During our phone convo, we discussed the drama-filled season premiere, new cast member Nyasha, his British boyfriend, friendship with Austin and the upcoming season. I even gave him an opportunity to plug his new tanning product, Tansexual. I teased him and asked if he aspired to be the SkinnyGirl Margarita of the tanning world. Listen to the audio to hear his response.

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The Gay Housewives (or “Housewives With Balls”) are back at it again with Season 2 of The A-List New York premiering tomorrow (Monday, July 25th). Previously they had released more of a teaser video, but you’ll get a closer look at some of the drama in the forecast for the upcoming season in the video included in the post.

One source of drama comes from nude webcam photos of Reichen that surfaced on the internet, which many of you I’m sure will recall. We can all guess how Rodiney took that news: “See! No is like, how i can do is trust you anymore?” I’m sure it sounded something like that. Another source of drama comes form the addition of a female cast member: Nyasha Zimucha. “There’s only room for one diva,” she says. In a scene at a bar, we see her lashing out at someone, yelling “I’m a WOMAN, you DON’T touch a woman!” Yikes!

It looks like history will repeat itself in some ways, as the boys let loose at the cottage and Derek & Austin get have a huge fight at some point during the season. But what’s this about Rodiney dating a girl? What the trailer below to find out and catch the season premiere episode tomorrow night on LOGO!

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The Housewives with Balls are back ya’ll and looking more dapper than ever. Reichen, Rodiney, Austin, Derek, TJ, Ryan and Mike Ruiz are all coming back for a second helping of “The A-List: New York”. Joining them this year, is party-girl Nyasha Zimucha. Yup, that’s right, Logo is adding a bit of vajayjay to the mix. Not just any girl either, but a sassy black one too- my favorite kind. Season 2 doesn’t premiere til Monday July 25th, but Logo just dropped the first teaser for the upcoming season.

The promo doesn’t show any scenes from Season 2, but rather a series of glitzy black and white images showing the boys having a good time at some swanky establishment. Champagne is overflowing and the boys look like they’re having fun… That is until, Austin rolls up in a limo and crashes the party. What else is new, right? Totally playing up to the television villain that he is, Austin makes his presence known. All of a sudden, champagne glasses are being broken and chandeliers start falling. Let the drama begin. Check out the gorgeously filmed black and white video below.

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