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First Look: “Dancing On My Own” Music Video

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I’ve been listening to this song for a while (just love it), and I’m so glad the video doesn’t disappoint! This Swede is definitely in her own category with her sound and visual aesthetic. As Redd mentioned yesterday in the Behind The Scenes look, this video was directed by Max Vitali and she looks hot! The video certainly helps to create a mood and canvas that matches the lyrics.

Robyn can do no wrong in my eyes. Who else can sing about the same thing over and over and still make it as catchy as the last track? “Dancing on my own” falls in the same genre/topic as one of my all time favorite tracks of hers, “Be Mine” where she sings about being heartbroken and seeing the guy with another girl that wasn’t her.

The single is available to download from June 14th (June 1st in the US), with Body Talk Pt. 1, which also includes Fembot and None Of Dem (with Röyksopp), in stores on June 14th on CD and Download. Can’t wait!

Check out her brand new video after the jump!

Behind The Scene: Robyn’s Dancing On My Own Video

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Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at Robyn’s upcoming video to be released tomorrow for “Dancing On My Own”. I love Robyn and her unique music style. I can’t wait for her album to come out! I love songs about heart break and loneliness lol Directed by Max Vitali & Choreographed by Decida.

Top 10 Songs For Your Weekend

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I feel like at a certain point in spring, there was a bit of a dry spell with a lack of new/good music coming out. Lately, that is not the case. As we gear up for summer and outdoor weather, we’re all on the look out for those perfect summer songs. Well, there’s a lot to choose from and let’s hope they keep ’em coming!

I’ve selected five songs that I have playing in my iTunes right now. One is called All The Lovers from Kylie Minogue, and that track just dropped today. It’s very Kylie and of course that means you’ll love it. Another track is from Kelis’ new EP album Flesh Tone, and the track is called 22nd Century. To be honest, I could have picked almost any of the tracks from her new album because they’re all hot and although just a short EP album, it’s definitely one of the albums of the summer.

Check Them Out!

Top 10 Songs For The Weekend After The Jump…

Robyn: New Album June 14th. Hear The New Single Now!

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Damn, Robyn is consistent. Ever since she broke out on the North American charts with “Show Me Love”, she’s continued to put out great songs and remixes. Her 2005 self-titled album had many great hits like “Be Mine”, and “Handle Me”.

Since then she’s done tonnes of collaborations with Röyksopp, Kleerup, Christian Falk, and Basement Jaxx. Every time I hear new Robyn song, I instantly love it.

Imagine my excitement then, when I learned that she’ll be releasing THREE new albums soon, the first one coming on June 14th. You can check out the first single “Dancing On My Own” “None of Dem” on her official web page: It’s pretty amazing. Not as clubby as song of her previous songs, it’s got a dark heavy beat, with some slow low note vocals. Sounds like she’s taking a little influence from the recent surge of dubstep.

The new album will feature songs with Röyksopp, Kleerup, and *gasp* Diplo. niiiice.

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What Women Don’t Want…

In: Celeb Gossip & News, Patrick

meldivorceAccording to TMZ, What Women Don’t Want, star Mel Gibson’s wife Robyn has filed for divorce, ironically signing the papers on Good Friday. They do not have a prenuptial agreement, so it looks like the $900 million is going to be split 50/50, in accordance with the California divorce laws. They have seven children together and have been married since 1980.

Apparently, the two have grown apart ever since Braveheart Brokenheart Mel was arrested for DUI back in 2006. It is also speculated they’ve actually been “separated” for a couple years now.  

They have issued a statement, stating: “Throughout our marriage and separation we have always strived to maintain the privacy and integrity of our family and will continue to do so.”

Upcoming films for Mel include Edge of Darkness, which is in post-production, and it was recently announced he’ll be in a film called Sam and George.

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Röyksopp is Back! New Album “Junior”

In: Music, Redd

royksopp_juniorI’ve always been a huge fan of Röyksopp since I first heard their album “The Understanding” back in 2005. My favorite track from that album was “What else is there?”. They feature amazing vocalists such as Robyn (who doesn’t love this very unique artist?) & Lykke Le who has such an amazing and very distinct voice. So today I downloaded their latest album called “Junior” which features a track with Robyn….AMAZING!

Another artist that reminds me a lot of Royksopp is Kleerup….you may think, “who the hell are these artists?”. You are actually more familiar with Kleerup as they did the song “With Every Heartbeat” yes! by Robyn. So if you like Kleerup…you’ll definitely love Royksopp. Listen to their new album here: Royksopp-Junior

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