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When it comes to female sexuality, there’s probably no better experts than the Victoria’s Secret Angels. Have you seen those tall beyotches strut their stuff on the glittered runway of the brand’s annual fashion show? I admit, as a gay man, I probably have an unhealthy fascination with all things VS-related. When you add an annual list to the mix, you know I’m all over it.

Watch as Behati Prinsloo, Karlie Kloss, Erin Heatherton, Candice Swanepoel and Alessandra Ambrosio reveal the winners of Victoria’s Secret 8th annual list of sexiest celebrities in Hollywood. A few of the sexy honorees include Amanda Seyfried (Sexiest Hair), Blake Lively (Sexiest Legs), Kerry Washington (Sexiest Lips) and Jennifer Lawrence (Sexiest Sense of Humor) to name a few. Check out all the winners below.

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After spilling the beans ahead of schedule, turns out Miley Cyrus was telling the truth. She is Maxim’s Hottest Woman of 2013. The men’s magazine gave their annual top honors to the 20-year-old actress. I wonder what happened in their eyes to propel Cyrus all the way from No. 68– where she placed on last year’s Maxim Hot 100- to the top spot. Was it her more punk rock look? Perhaps her guest appearances on CBS’ Two and a Half Men? Whatever it is, we’ll never know. Maxim didn’t disclose their reasoning nor scientific algorithm for their calculations ;)

Coming in the runner-up slot is another product of the Disney machine. Selena Gomez jumps from No. 24 from last year. Rounding out the top three is Rihanna. The “Diamonds” singer landed at No. 32 in 2012. Funny how both women seesaw back and forth with their highly-publicized romances with Justin Bieber and Chris Brown respectively. Apparently, indecision is hot to Maxim. Check out the other ladies who made the cut. They include more Disney stars, an Oscar Winner, a witch and of course a couple of ladies with really big knockers.

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2013 Billboard Music Award Nominations Announced

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The 2013 Billboard Music Awards air live on Sunday, May 19 from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas on ABC. The acts competing in all the categories have been revealed. Leading the way with a whopping 11 nominations each is a three way tie between Taylor Swift, fun. and Maroon 5. Right on their tails is Rihanna with 10 nods. Not too far behind are Carly Rae Jepsen and One Direction with nine and eight nominations respectively.

The nominations are based on Billboard’s music charts from February 27, 2012 to February 24, 2013. Winners are determined by taking into account album sales and downloads, track downloads, radio airplay and touring as well as streaming and social interactions on Facebook, Twitter, Vevo, Youtube, Spotify and other popular online destinations for music. This year’s event is hosted by Tracy Morgan. Swift, Justin Bieber, Bruno Mars, Miguel, and Prince are among the scheduled performers announced so far. The latter will be on hand to receive the prestigious Billboard Icon Award. Check out the nominations in the major categories below.

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I’m all about “Stay” these days. It’s quickly become one of my favorite Rihanna songs of all-time. Too bad, the coaches of The Voice Australia didn’t cover that ballad instead.

That said, their rendition of “Diamonds” isn’t too shabby. Surprisingly for me, Joel Madden shined the brightest. I almost wish the Good Charlotte member sang the entire thing himself. Aussie’s sweetheart, Delta Goodrem, also sounded at ease with her parts. She also looked fantastic.

On the flip side, Seal had difficulty with the RiRi track. Are her notes too big for him? While a great performer, Ricky Martin didn’t feel natural on the track either. During his solos, it felt like he was trying to make “Diamonds” sound like “Livin’ La Vida Loca.” She’s (Ricky) is so dramatic when she sings ;) Check out the performance below.

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Fifth Harmony Covers Rihanna

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It wouldn’t be a week without a Fifth Harmony video. If it kills me, I’m going to make these girls happen ;) I know I’m not the only Harmonizer out there who feels this way. Right?

After hearing all the other girls’ choices up to this point, it was my girl Normani Hamilton’s turn to pick a song for the group to cover. We must be on the same wavelength, because girl knew exactly what I was craving… a little Rihanna. Not just any old track, but my current favorite. Haters can hate, but “Stay” is a pretty awesome track and a great choice to cover.

Being that it was her pick, Normani slays it on the verse of the ballad. The harmonies aren’t my favorite, but Normani and Lauren are everything during their solos. With each girl having picked a song to cover, I hope this doesn’t mean that we’re in for a dry spell until the girls debut their first single. Here’s hoping this isn’t so. Check out Fifth Harmony’s “Stay” rendition below.

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“Hermoine just stole our sh*t.” Based on that line alone, I’m sooooo seeing this. After releasing a faux Pineapple Express 2 movie trailer on April Fools’ Day to promote This Is The End, Seth Rogen drops an actual one for it. It’s the second red band trailer for his on-screen reunion with James Franco.

This Is The End” features all the actors playing fictional versions of themselves. They congregate at Franco’s house for a kick ass house party. Given that it’s a gathering in Hollywood, expect a few celebrities to pop in. Rihanna, Aziz Ansari, Michael Cera, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Paul Rudd and Mindy Kaling all partake in the festivities. Rihanna even slaps Cera after he makes the moves on her.

During the party, as luck would have it, the end of the world happens. One by one people start dropping dead. Rihanna gets swallowed up by the earth and Cera gets lanced by a light post. An axe-wielding Emma Watson also makes an appearance in the flick. Check out the brand new trailer featuring some violence and lots of references to titty f**king.

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Here’s a title Rihanna probably never expected, nor wanted for that matter. The Barbadian singer’s “Skrillex” hairstyle has been voted the worst hair trend of the 21st century. She garnered 20% of the vote on the survey conducted by British hair care retailer Fabriah.com.

Personally, I kinda like the whole one side shaved long hair look. It looks great on the “Stay” singer and others including Cassie and Ellie Goulding. I’m not just saying that either because my current look is short all around with long hair on top ;)

“I am not at all surprised the ‘Skrillex’ look claimed the prize as the worst hair trend of the 21st Century. What is surprising, however, is the number of people still copying the style. I would never have imagined the haircut becoming so popular.” – Francesca Davies, a spokeperson for Fabriah.com

Coming in second in the poll was David Beckham’s cornrows with 19% of the vote. I definitely agree with that. It’s not a good look on the soccer player. Other celebrities making the dishonorable list include Justin Timberlake’s blond curly mane from his ‘N Sync days and Scarlett Johansson’s mullet. American Idol judge Nicki Minaj also made the cut for all her various colorful wigs. Check out the entire Top 10 list below.

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This morning, Chris Brown stopped by Ryan Seacrest‘s radio show for an interview about his music and of course all of the things that have happened in his personal life over the past few years.

They first talk about his music and how he has a new album coming out called X, the roman numeral for ten which is how many years he’s now been in the business (he’s only 24 years old right now). X is also the 24th letter in the alphabet and he also has an X tattoo so it all has meaning to him. Brown will be releasing a new single on April 1 called “Fine China” and also worked with Jennifer Lopez on some music (I think both for his album as well as for hers).

The meaty part of the interview is how he handles the questions about what happened with Rihanna and the downward spiral after that. He was also asked how he responds to fans that say, “I like his music but I can’t like him anymore.” He was also asked “What’s the greatest lesson you’ve learned going through that hard time?

I have to say that this is the best interview he has ever done and really seems to get how people perceive him and really accepts responsibility for everything he did, how he acted and what was at stake. He doesn’t make any excuses for what he did and really seems to have changed. Listen to the interview below and share your thoughts in the comments.

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