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Work, work, work, work, work, work!!! That’s exactly what Rihanna‘s latest single is doing. “Work” continues to dominate the Billboard Hot 100 for a fifth straight week. Expect her run on top to last a bit longer. It doesn’t appear to be slowing down in the near future.

Meanwhile, Ariana Grande notches her seventh Top 10 hit with “Dangerous Woman.” She becomes the first artist in the chart’s 57-year-history to debut in the top 10 with the lead single from each of her first three albums. Not too shabby.

Elsewhere on the chart, “7 Years,” by Lukas Graham pushes to No. 3. The single by the Danish pop band was a worldwide hit late last year and has finally done the same in North America. Check out this week’s Top 10 below.

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Work, work, work, work, work, work!!! Admit it, whenever you hear the word ‘work’ that melody automatically jumps into your head. It’s so God dang catchy.

Rihanna’s 14th chart-topper continues to do damage on the Billboard Hot 100. It spends a fourth week in pole position, fending off Justin Bieber whose “Love Yourself,” once again, sits in the runner-up slot.

Don’t feel too badly for the Biebs, his other Top 10 hit “Sorry” is about to match a Billboard record. If it remains in the top tier on next week’s chart, it’ll match his own, “What Do You Mean?” (2015-16), Maroon 5’s “Sugar” (2015) and Nicki Minaj’s “Starships” (2012) for the most consecutive weeks logged in the Hot 100’s top 10 from their debuts: 21 each. So far, “Sorry” has spent all 20 of its weeks in the Top 10.

Watch Billboard’s quick wrap-up video of this week’s Top 10 below.

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Ariana Grande joined the likes of Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga as both host and musical guest on Saturday Night Live. The 22-year-old singer certainly stepped up to the challenge of doing double duty. She absolutely slayed all night long, especially when her vocals were utilized.

Grande previously displayed her prowess when it came to impersonating Celine Dion, Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears on The Tonight Show. On SNL, she expanded her repertoire to include Whitney Houston, Rihanna and Shakira. Ariana channeled her fellow divas perfectly during the Tidal skit.

Another personal favorite sketch featured Ariana as a sassy Maria Von Trapp from Sound of Music. If the nuns thought Julia Andrews was a problem, they’ll never figure out how to solve a problem like this Maria.

As musical guest, Grande debuted a new track “Be Alright,” along with performing “Dangerous Woman” for the first time. She was pitch perfect during both performances. I’m actually quite a fan of “Be Alright.” That’s a future smash for sure. The voguing choreo was a nice little throwback. Check out some of the highlights from last night below.

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This easily could be a commercial for Staples… in the 90s. Seriously, were did Joe Jonas and company find all this vintage office equipment? A pink landline phone and a matching calculator. So retro 😉

DNCE gives Rihanna’s current chart-topper, “Work,” a makeover, taking it from a dancehall club jam to a sketch suitable for a late night talk show. Jimmy Fallon, someone’s encroaching on your territory. I’m not sure what compelled them to take this approach, but it’s an entertaining watch.

Speaking of covers… Have you heard about all the controversy of white artists covering “Work” and Beyonce’s “Formation?” Some are citing it’s culturally inappropriate due to the lyrics or visual images. Do you agree or is this whole PC sensitivity gone too far? Weigh in below.

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2016 Brit Awards: Winners & Performances

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The 2016 Brit Awards could’ve easily been dubbed ‘The Adele Show.’ The 27-year-old superstar singer won in every category she was nominated in. Girl cleaned up by taking home four awards. The “Hello” diva also took the time to publicly support Kesha during one of her acceptance speeches. Is it sad to say that this whole #FreeKesha movement will actually turn the “Tik Tok” singer into a bigger star she was before?

James Bay, Coldplay, and One Direction were a few of the other homegrown winners while Bjork, Tame Impala and Justin Bieber received recognition in the international categories. The latter was joined by Bay during his “Love Yourself” performance.

Check out all the winners and performances below. One of the highlights was Lorde singing “Life On Mars” during the David Bowie tribute. If you got time to kill, you can watch the entire telecast in the embedded YouTube clip at the end of the post.

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OMG!!! This looks so freaking good. If you loved the Vogue documentary, The September Issue, you’ll love this. The First Monday in May puts the spotlight on the annual Met Ball– a glamorous party held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It’s the Super Bowl of the fashion industry.

Filmmaker Andrew Rossi followed Anna Wintour and her staff as they staged the annual extravaganza in 2015. The theme of last year’s gala was China: Through the Looking Glass. The documentary will debut at the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival later this year.

I can’t wait, not only to see all the drama that’s involved in staging the show, but exactly what takes place inside the lavish party. We also finally get to see the reported kick-ass performance Rihanna delivered in front of the fashionable crowd.

Wintour is absolutely fantastic with all her quips (some bitchy) in the preview. Her concern about the decor not looking like a Chinese restaurant had me chuckling. God, I love her. Check out the trailer below.

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Throughout her career, Rihanna has often been labeled a singles artist. To be fair, it did take her seven tries to finally snag a No. 1 album, despite scoring numerous hit singles.

After a couple of misses leading up to the launch of Anti, I feared Rihanna’s best days might’ve been behind her. The 28-year-old certainly proved all her critics wrong with “Work.” The dancehall-tinged track is her latest to hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Believe it or not, “Work” is her 14th chart-topper. A couple of them are suspect in my opinion because all she does is sing the hook on predominantly rap songs. It seems like cheating to me, but if it’s okay with Billboard, it’s fine with me. Even if you take away her rap collabos, she still has plenty.

With 14 number ones, RiRi passes Michael Jackson to have the third-most Hot 100s of all-time. Only The Beatles and Mariah Carey are ahead of her with 20 and 18 chart-toppers respectively. Watch out Mimi, the Barbados-born singer and her Navy are coming for you next 😉

Check out all her No. 1 hits below. Be sure to scroll all the way to the end of the post to see my ranking of all her hits.

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Evidently, one music video is not enough for Rihanna these days. The 28-year-old singer decided to release two clips for her current hit, “Work.” The first was shot by Director X with Tim Erem taking over directing duties for the second clip.

The first visual is all about RiRi’s Caribbean roots, even though it was shot in Toronto. People party it up dancehall style at some restaurant slash club while Rihanna grinds up on Drake. Apparently, rubbing up on the Canadian rapper wasn’t enough for one clip. The second one is all that. The two get their flirt on in a pink-hued room the entire time.

Currently, “Work” sits at No. 4 on the chart. With these new clips released, no doubt it’ll bolster the song’s chart performance. Check out both clips below.

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