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Rihanna Spends Time With Family In New Video

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It’s American Thanksgiving weekend and with that, we have a lot to be thankful for including family. Even our favorite celebrities spend time with family on Thanksgiving weekend. In a new video released from Rihanna, we are invited to take a peek inside her family home back in Barbados. The 23-year-old singer stripped down to her bare essentials sits and chats with her mother, brother and cutely named Gran Gran about life, reminisce on old family photos and even get a lesson on working hard before playing hard.

“These are the people who make you who you are. They’ve helped you grow. They’re responsible for the countless lessons in life that you’ve learned. It’s the memories of who you were that make ’em proud to see what you’ve become.”

The narrator throughout the clip is none other than Mr. Shawn Carter better known as Jay-Z to most of us. Two of my favorite moments in the clip are when 1, RiRi’s mother tells her brother Rajad that on Monday-Friday, he won’t be on Facebook but instead, in a textbook and 2, when Rihanna gives her Grandma a beautiful eternity ring from Cartier. Even better, Rihanna bought one for herself so they could have matching rings. Check out the full clip below.

Watch Rihanna in Barbados after the jump.

New Releases Out This Week: November 21

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It’s here, it’s here, it’s finally here! Now I know that Rihanna’s Talk That Talk album leaked a while back. But, I decided not ruin my excitement and have waited until the album was available for download on iTunes. I have listened to many of the tracks on the disc though and have read the reviews and the tweets and know that I absolutely LOVE this new record from Rihanna.

Rihanna never ceases to amaze me with what she comes out with. Every disc is different and every time, she reinvents herself without completely throwing away what we really love about her. Definitely the definition of a true artist.

Coming off the huge success of the lead off single We Found Love, the record offers more than just dance tracks. The second single You Da One offered up some reggae selection while Where Have You Been pulls together all the sounds we’ve heard from Rihanna in the past. Overall, one of her best efforts and definitely worth the purchase. Check out more new releases below.

Check out more new releases after the jump.

2011 American Music Awards: My Predictions

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Beyonce’s song “Run The World (Girls)” may have not been a huge hit, but it has proved prophetic… at least for this year’s American Music Awards. The 2011 AMAs air tonight on ABC and the females certainly are represented. They dominated in the big categories. Four out of the five nominees for the top award, “Artist of the Year“, were all women. For “Best Pop Album“, Gaga, Rihanna and Adele are duking it out without a man in sight.

British songbird Adele lead the field with four nominations. After the year she’s had, she definitely deserves the accolades. Right behind Adele with three nominations a piece were Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Lil Wayne, Rihanna and Taylor Swift. Scoring two nominations each were Bruno Mars, Beyonce, Chris Brown, Kanye West, LMFAO, Nicki Minaj and Pitbull. For the fifth year, winners were determined by online voting. Check out my predictions below and see if you agree. I wonder how many I’ll get right this year.

check out the nominations and my predictions after the jump

Check Out What New Songs Are Coming To Glee

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One thing is certain, Glee has been struggling in the ratings department this season. And not just by a little, by a lot. The show has declined in ratings every single episode this season. Even with this week’s awesome mash ups, the show still couldn’t regain the viewers it has been losing week after week. However, the collision of Adele songs has brought Glee back on top of the music charts. So with the few big numbers planned ahead, will this give Glee the ratings shake up it needs?

It’s questionable really. Despite the fact that FOX has been leaking the songs early to try and get viewers excited about them doesn’t seem to be working at all. In fact, the hype surrounding the Adele mash-up was so large but the episode pulled in it’s lowest ratings for the season. So what gives? I’m still tuning in week after week. Despite the fact that they are throwing story lines at me left right and center, I still want to tune to see how it will all play out. So, what does Glee have in store musically? Check it out below.

See what songs Glee will be tackling after the jump.

The X Factor US: Top 10 SHOCKING Results

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My jaw is still literally on the ground. Tonight’s results totally threw me for a loop. Before we get to it, let’s talk about how much of a tool Steve Jones is. While he hasn’t received the warmest welcome across the board, I’ve held off jumping on the anti-Steve Jones train… until now. I thought I’d give him a few weeks to find his groove. Sadly, I don’t think that’s ever going to happen.

During last night’s show, I thought he made a gaffe with the amount of musical acts remaining, but ignored it. Tonight on the results show, I know 100% he screwed up. At one point, he talked about the impending elimination and said that there would only be eight acts left. UMMMM, OK? Last I counted, there was ten acts and no double-elimination in sight. Time to head back to Grade 2 Mister.

From what I hear, he also messed up during the interview with Rihanna as well. The “We Found Love” singer had to perform SLASH lip sync twice, during yesterday’s taping of her performance, since Simon and producers didn’t want to use the first Q&A. I honestly don’t think Steve Jones is going to make it to Season 2. Anyone else agree?

watch the performances after the jump

All aboard the Rihanna train. This girl is going full steam ahead and you can either get on or be left behind. After a smashing debut with We Found Love, fans have been dying to hear the singer perform the track live. Last night, fans got to hear her go full out on the track at London’s O2 Arena. To say the crowd went nuts is truly an understatement.

In the videos posted all over Facebook and YouTube this morning, there are moments where the crowd of fans drown out Rihanna’s amplified vocals. But what’s truly amazing is watching the whole arena jump up and down when that Calvin Harris beat drops for the first time. It’s truly unbelievable. I’m sure the energy in there must have been electric.

In more exciting Rihanna news, we have also been treated to a few of the promotional photos from her upcoming album, Talk That Talk. What I love about the photos is that they’ve been treated to look like old pictures from a film camera. Rihanna looks great and is definitely showing a departure from the goddess-like photos that she revealed for her Loud album. Check out the video performance and all the pics below.

Check out Rihanna’s performance and the new promo pics after the jump.

It has been an exciting week for Rihanna fans. First, her fans known as the Rihanna Navy unlocked her second single titled You Da One which debuted on the radio yesterday. But, a day before hand, an album preview showed up online sending the web into a tizzy sharing the excitement of what was being dubbed as Rihanna’s best album to date. On the preview, I selected a few songs that I thought were going to be killer. Now, the full album has leaked online allowing for me to hear one of my picks in full.

The track Where Have You Been was explained by VH1 as possibly her biggest dance floor hit since Please Don’t Stop The Music. (Umm, hello?! Did they not hear We Found Love?) Regardless, this track is SMOKIN’ HOT and I am absolutely obsessed with it. The track even samples a little bit of Johnny Cash’s “I’ve Been Everywhere” which is a nice added touch to the song’s verses.

The track was written by Gottwald, Dean, and We Found Love’s mastermind, Calvin Harris. However, you can attribute it’s catchy sound, rhythm and hook to co-producers Dr. Luke and Ester Dean. The break down after the chorus is dubstep meets dirty synth techno at it’s finest. Get your glow sticks and soothers out friends, this one is strictly for the clubs and I’m sure a few people are about to go mental over this track tonight in the dark. Check it out below.

Listen to “Where Have You Been” after the jump.

Preview Rihanna’s “Talk That Talk” Album Here

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The full album won’t be out in North America until November 21, but today, I am fortunate enough to treat you to a preview of Rihanna’s upcoming album, Talk That Talk. This album sampler only gives us a taste of what to expect from the songstress but from what I’ve read from press who have already heard the whole album, they all have one resounding review… it’s DIRTY. VH1 even said that it was possibly the dirtiest pop album since Madonna’s Erotica. Check out the track list below.

  • 1. You Da One
  • 2. Where Have You Been
  • 3. We Found Love
  • 4. Talk That Talk (feat. Jay Z)
  • 5. Cockiness (Love It)
  • 6. Birthday Cake
  • 7. We All Want Love
  • 8. Drunk on Love
  • 9. Roc Me Out
  • 10. Watch n’ Learn
  • 11. Farewell

Some of the lyrics will make even the naughtiest homo blush. (Yes Adam, I’m “talk-that-talking” to you.) I’m sure that has many thanks to album’s co-writer, Ester Dean. Already, I can tell that my favorite tracks will be Where Have You Been which Calvin Harris also produced as well as Birthday Cake and Roc Me Out. In other exciting Rihanna news, she will be premiering the track You Da One on radio tomorrow! Get your ears ready for that. Until then, listen to the album sampler below.

Preview “Talk That Talk” after the jump.

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