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Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep” may have earned #1 honors on both Rolling Stone Magazine and Billboard Magazine’s 2011 year end lists, but the British songbird is barely hanging on to Facebook’s Memology 2011 list. Instead, it’s everyone’s favorite Bajan songstress, Rihanna that reigns supreme. The 23-year-old singer proved she’s tops when it comes to social networking site, Facebook. I must say that I’m a little surprised she beat out other more tech-savvy artists like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry or even Justin Beiber. Congrats to the “Disturbia” singer.

For Facebook’s year-end recap, Rihanna topped both its music lists. Firstly, the singer’s latest hit single, “We Found Love” earned the honor of being the most-listened song of the year on the Mark Zuckerberg-owned website. The other accolade Robyn Rihanna Fenty earned was that her Fan Page was deemed the fastest growing page of 2011. Facebook didn’t reveal how many new “likes” she received this year, but her total number of fans is at a whopping 47,000,000. See who RiRi beat out on both lists below. Some entries might surprise you. I know it did for me.

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Even though I played ‘Battleship‘ as a kid (both the original and the electronic version with sound effects), I still wasn’t sold on the this upcoming action film after the first teaser trailer came out late this summer. The film, starring Rihanna in her first big movie role, as well as some hot male stars including Taylor Kitsch, Alexander Skarsgard and Josh Pence, takes place at sea (obviously) where a war takes place between humans and aliens. Well, aliens that look like Transformers, to be more exact.

The trailer sets the scene with intense sound and very few words: “The Ocean. Vast. Unexplored. The Perfect Place. To Hide.

Comparing the first trailer to this one is like night and day. This trailer really shows how amazing of an action flick ‘Battleship’ will be.

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I have to preface this article by saying that this mash-up is UNREAL. At the end of every year, we expect to hear a mash-up courtesy of DJ Earworm throwing together all of the top songs we listened to throughout the past 12 months. However, a new mash-up surfaced on social media yesterday that beat Earworm to the punch and I have to say, it’s definitely being added to my playlist ASAP.

Compiled by Mashup-Germany with a video edited by Panos T, the track is four minutes of pure musical ecstasy. There are literally too many moments for me to pinpoint which are my favorite. Britney’s Till The World Ends is pretty prevalent throughout the entire song along with Adele’s Rolling In The Deep but you still have room to fit in every other song you were addicted to from January to December.

If you’ve never heard of Mashup-Germany, you should check out some of their other amazing mixes like their Top Of The Pops 2010 and my personal favorite Hey Jude, I’ll Be There. Oh ya, their Rolling In Sweet Dreams which is an Adele and Eurythmics collision is also pretty sick. Check out their current year end offering below.

Check out “Top Of The Pops 2011” by Mashup-Germany after the jump.

That list also includes the likes of Lady Gaga, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez and any other pop star. According to the latest rumor mill, those ladies won’t be filling up their dance cards anytime soon. For the 54th annual Grammy Awards, the academy is reportedly switching things up and blocking top pop stars from entering the Dance category. For the past several years, female pop stars have dominated the category with the likes of Rihanna and Lady Gaga winning Best Dance Recording Grammys in 2011 and 2010 respectively for “Only Girl (In The World)” and “Poker Face” respectively.

Though no official announcement has been made, several Academy members have confirmed the new policy when a supposed leaked list of nominees surfaced. On that rumored list, none of today’s pop stars were included. The reason behind the Academy’s policy change is to make way for true electronica and dance artists. This way, musical acts like Benny Benassi, Calvin Harris, Afrojack, Skrillex and similar musicians have a better chance of being honored and walking away with a golden Gramophone.

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Rihanna Spends Time With Family In New Video

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It’s American Thanksgiving weekend and with that, we have a lot to be thankful for including family. Even our favorite celebrities spend time with family on Thanksgiving weekend. In a new video released from Rihanna, we are invited to take a peek inside her family home back in Barbados. The 23-year-old singer stripped down to her bare essentials sits and chats with her mother, brother and cutely named Gran Gran about life, reminisce on old family photos and even get a lesson on working hard before playing hard.

“These are the people who make you who you are. They’ve helped you grow. They’re responsible for the countless lessons in life that you’ve learned. It’s the memories of who you were that make ’em proud to see what you’ve become.”

The narrator throughout the clip is none other than Mr. Shawn Carter better known as Jay-Z to most of us. Two of my favorite moments in the clip are when 1, RiRi’s mother tells her brother Rajad that on Monday-Friday, he won’t be on Facebook but instead, in a textbook and 2, when Rihanna gives her Grandma a beautiful eternity ring from Cartier. Even better, Rihanna bought one for herself so they could have matching rings. Check out the full clip below.

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New Releases Out This Week: November 21

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It’s here, it’s here, it’s finally here! Now I know that Rihanna’s Talk That Talk album leaked a while back. But, I decided not ruin my excitement and have waited until the album was available for download on iTunes. I have listened to many of the tracks on the disc though and have read the reviews and the tweets and know that I absolutely LOVE this new record from Rihanna.

Rihanna never ceases to amaze me with what she comes out with. Every disc is different and every time, she reinvents herself without completely throwing away what we really love about her. Definitely the definition of a true artist.

Coming off the huge success of the lead off single We Found Love, the record offers more than just dance tracks. The second single You Da One offered up some reggae selection while Where Have You Been pulls together all the sounds we’ve heard from Rihanna in the past. Overall, one of her best efforts and definitely worth the purchase. Check out more new releases below.

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2011 American Music Awards: My Predictions

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Beyonce’s song “Run The World (Girls)” may have not been a huge hit, but it has proved prophetic… at least for this year’s American Music Awards. The 2011 AMAs air tonight on ABC and the females certainly are represented. They dominated in the big categories. Four out of the five nominees for the top award, “Artist of the Year“, were all women. For “Best Pop Album“, Gaga, Rihanna and Adele are duking it out without a man in sight.

British songbird Adele lead the field with four nominations. After the year she’s had, she definitely deserves the accolades. Right behind Adele with three nominations a piece were Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Lil Wayne, Rihanna and Taylor Swift. Scoring two nominations each were Bruno Mars, Beyonce, Chris Brown, Kanye West, LMFAO, Nicki Minaj and Pitbull. For the fifth year, winners were determined by online voting. Check out my predictions below and see if you agree. I wonder how many I’ll get right this year.

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Check Out What New Songs Are Coming To Glee

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One thing is certain, Glee has been struggling in the ratings department this season. And not just by a little, by a lot. The show has declined in ratings every single episode this season. Even with this week’s awesome mash ups, the show still couldn’t regain the viewers it has been losing week after week. However, the collision of Adele songs has brought Glee back on top of the music charts. So with the few big numbers planned ahead, will this give Glee the ratings shake up it needs?

It’s questionable really. Despite the fact that FOX has been leaking the songs early to try and get viewers excited about them doesn’t seem to be working at all. In fact, the hype surrounding the Adele mash-up was so large but the episode pulled in it’s lowest ratings for the season. So what gives? I’m still tuning in week after week. Despite the fact that they are throwing story lines at me left right and center, I still want to tune to see how it will all play out. So, what does Glee have in store musically? Check it out below.

See what songs Glee will be tackling after the jump.

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