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Rihanna Brings The Sexy To SNL

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Last night, Eli Manning hosted SNL with musical guest Rihanna. The episode wasn’t the greatest, but there were some funny skits that made it worth watching.

Rihanna’s first performance featured both “Birthday Cake” and “Talk That Talk“. She sang in front of a giant spider web and did a lot of vagina-tapping, as she repeated the word “cake”. The second performance was amazing, with Rihanna singing her single “Where Have You Been“. The performance had a similar ancient Egyptian theme to the music video that was released earlier in the week. She and her sexy backup dancers recreated a lot of the choreography featured in the video and it was definitely my favorite performance on SNL in a while. Rihanna is one sexy lady!

Watch both performances below and be sure to tune into SNL next week to watch Will Ferrell with musical guest Usher!

Watch the performances after the jump…

Rihanna has just revealed her new music video for her hot dance track “Where Have You Been” and we’ve got your first look. With various exotic outfits and hairstyles combined with some hot dancing, it’s definitely a sexy one.

As the video begins, the Barbados ‘Battleship’ beauty surfaces from a swamp, peeking out like some sort of crocodile. From there, we cut to several other clips with totally different looks and some with a crew of sexy shirtless backup dancers. She had recently revealed the choreography for the video in a behind the scenes look.

The good thing about making a video for such a fast-paced song is that it gives you a lot of freedom to cut to so many clips and explore many different things visually. Personally, I like the video and it’s a perfect complement to a great song. Check out the video below and let me know what you think.

Watch the video after the jump…

Rihanna may be from the Caribbean, but the singer looks natural and absolutely stunning in Asian-inspired attire and jewelry in this new clip. The Bajan beauty filmed footage that will be shown on Coldplay’s current tour. The visual was first screened at the British band’s show in Edmonton, Canada a week ago.

Rihanna’s clip appears as a backdrop during Coldplay’s live performance of “Princess of China“. Since RiRi can’t be with them throughout the entire tour, this is the next best thing. That said, I’m sure Rihanna will pop up in person during one of the stops on Coldplay’s world tour. Mark my words. Given that the track is lead singer Chris Martin’s “favorite bit” on the record, I’m sure he’ll convince her to do a surprise guest appearance.

“Rihanna’s bit on our record is my favorite bit,” Chris Martin said. “When the song came out, it sort of asked for her to be on it. And I think at this point, we have nothing to lose, and so we’ve been trying some new things and trying to break down the perceived boundaries between different types of music.”

Considering the track is titled, “Princess of China“, I find the wardrobe a little odd. Yes, it’s stunning, but I get more of an Indian and Indonesian vibe than Chinese from the styling choices. Maybe it’s just me. Watch the entire clip and see what you think.

check out the video after the jump

YES! This song is finally getting the release it deserves. Rihanna‘s track “Where Have You Been” would have been a monster follow up to her We Found Love dancefloor craze. Instead, the singer slowed it down with “You Da One” and then disappointed again when she chose the title track of her album, Talk That Talk to be the third single. Finally, she’s giving this dancefloor summer anthem a chance to shine on its own, complete with music video treatment.

This week, she teased with this photo from the video shoot seen above. Now, she’s released an exclusive behind-the-scenes video from dance rehearsals for the video. Teaming up with choreographer Hi-Hat, Rihanna and her team of sexy men and women are filmed rehearsing some pretty sick choreo for her new video. In the clip, Rihanna states that she didn’t want to do the video unless they could do choreography. I’m so glad she said that because to be honest, we were all thinking it. I cannot wait. Check out the behind-the-scenes clip below.

Check out Rihanna’s behind-the-scenes video after the jump.

Rihanna is currently in Australia right now promoting her debut film, “Battleship“. She sat down with Sunrise for a one-one-one interview where she was asked about her experience venturing into acting and whether she foresees in her future in terms music versus movies.

The reporter then ventured into the topic of Rihanna’s private life asking her, “How frustrating is it when you’re linked to another Hollywood star, and even if you’ve barely met them.” Rihanna responded, “Very frustrating, almost as frustrating as being asked about it… I mean, what’s the point?” Yikes. The report then says, “Well, people are interested in you, you’re a big star.” Rihanna then says, “They are, and they’re interested in a lot of things – a lot of things that don’t matter… or shouldn’t.” And that’s where the interview abruptly ends.

Hey, at least she didn’t throw a chair at the window like Chris Brown did on GMA. Oh, and coincidently, Brown is in Australia right now now as well. Watch the tension in the interview unfold below.

Watch the interview after the jump…

Last week Entertainment Weekly gave us a sneak peek at it’s music issue. Naturally, Adele graced the cover where the publication names the “30 Greatest Artists Right Now“. With the British Songbird selling millions of copies of her second album “21″ (what sophomore slump???) and her domination at this year’s Grammys, Adele is not only the perfect choice for the cover but also as their No. 1 musician right now. Her success is nothing short of remarkable given that she wasn’t able to promote it for months due to surgery. She truly is changing the face of music today. Everyone’s trying to find and sign the next Adele.

Ranking the “30 Greatest Artists” of the moment is a dicey situation and is certainly going out on a limb. You’re bound to piss some people off with omissions and how low their favorite artist ranks on the list, if they make the cut. For instance, Lady Gaga and Beyonce barely make the list and don’t even crack the Top 20. At least they made it. I’m sure my Seattle friends and Patrick will be annoyed that their beloved Britney Spears was snubbed from the list.

Even a bigger omission, IMHO, is Madonna. Sure, she’s prehistoric but she did just clock in her eighth No. 1 album last week. Even equally fellow geriatric Bruce Springsteen ranked on the list. Why the Madonna hate??? That being said, I’m happy that a few non marquee names made the cut- Azealia Banks, fun. and Gotye all got some loving. See who else made’s Top 30 below.

see if your favorite artist made the list and what place after the jump

Why drop one music video when you can do two? Canadian rapper Drake debuted clips for both “Take Care” and “HYFR” last night. Despite being released the same day, the two videos couldn’t be any further apart creatively. That said, both are fantastic and should buoy the chart performance of both tracks on the Billboard 100. “Take Care”, which I can’t get enough, is already in the Top 10 and should increase with this added promotion.

Directed by Yoann Lemoine, “Take Care” is a visually stunning artistic and abstract piece filled with scenic shots of snowy mountains and slow-motion images of animals. As Drake explains, “It’s all basically the ups and downs of a relationship but represented in icebergs and fire and animals and just pulsating movement and then you’ve got me and Rihanna very intimate – kissing, hugging.” Very intimate to say the least. The chemistry between these two is very evident. They sizzle on screen.

Taking a different approach for his “HYFR” clip, Drake chose to share an even more personal aspect of his life. The entire piece is based on Drizzy’s passage to manhood. It begins with footage from the rapper’s actual Bar Mitzvah from when he was a child. Then it fast forwards to October 24, 2011 when Drake chose to get re-Bar Mitzvah’d. It was his way to show his re-commitment to Judaism. Mazel. Both clips give a glimpse to different aspects of Aubrey “Drake” Graham’s life. Check them both out below.

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Rihanna Is “Forever Strong” For Elle Magazine

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Another day, another article where Rihanna talks about her breakup with Chris Brown and reconciliation. The Barabadian beauty opens up to Elle Magazine about finding love, having children and how the Chris Brown incident “liberated” her. She understands why her professional reconciliation with Brown has upset some of her fans and addresses that in the May 2012 issue of the fashion mag.

But if you’re more interested in how the “We Found Love” singer looks instead of her interview, well you won’t be disappointed. RiRi sizzles on the cover wearing a studded lambskin jacket and skirt from Versace’s latest collection. Inside the issue, she wears plenty of sexy attire including a tight white Dior skirt and Jean Paul Gaultier bra. It’s all very 90s Madonna if you ask me. Photographer Tom Munro snapped both the magazine cvoer and the fashion editorial inside the publication. Check out a few of the photos of the “Battleship” actress below along with her responses to the Chris Brown questions.

view more photos and read more quotes after the jump

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