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Well, it was definitely worth the wait! A while back, the talented Ryan James Yezak announced that his next video parody would be for “Only Gay In The World,” to Rihanna’s “Only Girl In The World.” This video is incredibly hot and incredibly well done.

They cover several situations where a gay is wanting to feel like he’s the only gay in the world, as opposed to having his man’s eyes wander. The scenes include gays as Adam & Adam, two gay kings, a team of football players, a cheer-leading squad, gays in the military, and the grand finale of a gay wedding & reception. Lots of dancing, lots of skin, and lots of fun. The choreography is great, the story that is told is fantastic, and a section that addresses gay marriage is the icing on the wedding cake of a great video.

Keep them coming, Ryan! Great job!

Check it out below!

After topping the charts two weeks ago with “What’s My Name?“, Rihanna reclaimed the top spot from Far East Movement with her lead cut, “Only Girl (In The World)” from her “Loud” album. It’s the first time in Billboard Hot 100 history, that a lead single hit No. 1 after the second single did. “Only Girl” is the Bajan artist’s ninth No. 1 track.

Proving she’s a singles artist and not so much a record artist, Rihanna’s first week sales of her latest CD, “Loud” debuted in third place behind Susan Boyle and “America’s Got Talent’s” Jackie Evancho’s respective albums. Despite all the hype, Rihanna only moved 207,000 copies of “Loud”. As low as that number sounds, it still marks her best U.S. chart sales debut to date. She’ll have to haul some major ass if she intends of beating her previous best effort when “Good Girl, Gone Bad” sold 2,616,000 in the US.

As mentioned earlier, Rihanna is the first artist ever to have her lead single top the charts after her official second single. “Only Girl” is her ninth single overall and her fourth in 2010. It makes her the first female artist ever to hit the top spot four times in a calendar year. The last artist, male or female, to achieve this feat was Usher in 2004.

find out what records Rihanna beat with this new hit and the rest of the Top 10 after the jump

There’s no denying Rihanna has a knack for churning out hit singles, one after another. Unfortunately the same can’t be said when it comes to her live performances. Over the years, RiRi hasn’t received the kindest words for her live vocals. Adding more fuel to that fire was her less-than-stellar performance of “Only Girl (In The World)” on “Saturday Night Live” over the weekend. The backup singers drowned her at times and she even messed up on the words during her set. It wasn’t Ashlee Simpson catastrophic, but noticeable enough to receive bad reviews the next day.

Thankfully, our little hitmaker turned things around less than 24 hours later when she performed the same song across the pond on “X Factor“. She did away with the backup singers and incorporated a backing track instead. In addition, a more elaborate stage set and choreography was implemented. Was it Kelly Clarkson vocally perfect? Hell no, but it was leaps and bounds better than on SNL. I figured, you can never go wrong having more things on stage to distract the viewers from your mistakes.

Sadly though, Rihanna messed up on the lyrics again. Girl, how many times have you sang this song??? You think by now, she’d have the words memorized. I’m blaming it on sleep deprivation. She’s probably tired putting the finishing touches on “Loud” while globetrotting around the world doing serious promotional obligations. She’s expected to hit the stage again in Madrid, Spain next Sunday for MTV’s European Music Awards being hosted by Eva Longoria.

watch both performances after the jump

Here are a few tracks that are only a loop in my iPod at the moment. I’m really loving these Liam Keegan remixes. Below is Robyn’s newest track remixed by Steve Pitron & Max Sanna. I love Robyn… this girl can do no wrong! Check out the rest on the next part of the post.

Robyn-Indestructible (Steve Pitron and Max Sanna Club Mix)

More tracks after the jump…

Rihanna‘s new music video was supposed to premiere tonight on MTV and later on AOL, but due to a leak, it was released earlier than planned. “Only Girl (In The World)” was shot by regular Ri-Ri collaborator Anthony Mandler. The entire shoot took place just a few hours outside of Los Angeles. With the rosy hue of the video, you would’ve never guessed. It’s a beautifully shot video. A perfect match for an equally beautiful singer and hot dance track.

Some people abhor Rihanna’s new fiery red locks, but I love it. I think it even inspired the coloring of the shoot. She looks radiantly stunning and more importantly… happy in the video. The shots of her dancing freely by herself, put a smile to my face. It’s official, my peppy little Barbadian girl is back… making addictive fluffy music. No more depressing “Rated R” material.

“It’s really, really beautifully shot in these crazy, crazy, crazy places… We shot landscapes that we found a couple hours outside of L.A. It looks so unreal. It looks fake, like something out of a postcard with the beautiful hills… We had a lot of sunshine those couple of days, so it really worked with the whole essence of the video. But really, the video just shows this big landscape and the only person there is me.”

I love the fact the video only showcases her and not an army of hoochie-fied backup dancers. It’s just her with copious amounts of balloons, flowers, fireworks and incredible outfits. In fact, she looked like she went straight from her MTV VMA performance to the video shoot. She sports the exact same outfit during a segment of the music video. Now the white tutu and combat boots all make sense.

watch the video after the jump

Rihanna: First Looks At Her 2 New Music Videos

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Rihanna sure is one busy girl. In between live performances, filming Doritos commercials and starring in her motion picture debut, the girl is hard at work planning a full-on assault for her new album. The “Rated R” singer is busy shooting two brand new music videos for her fifth studio album, “Loud!“.

In the picture above, obtained by Toyaz World, RiRi was caught filming “What’s My Name” on the streets of New York City. Reportedly Philip Andelman, who’s shot “Fire With Fire” with Scissor Sisters and “Work” with Kelly Rowland, is directing the video. This comes as bit of a surprise, since Rihanna has filmed 13 music videos with her go-to director, Anthony Mandler. Both men are talented, so either works for me. I’m loving the styling of Rihanna in the scene. “What’s My Name” looks to be fun, colorful, playful romp. Count me in.

view a still from Rihanna’s “Only Girl” music video after the jump

Rihanna just released her new single “Only Girl (In The World)” from her upcoming album, and hasn’t even debuted the music video for it. Color everyone shocked, when a new video leaked online and it wasn’t for “Only Girl”, but rather a single no one had even heard of yet. “Who’s That Chick” is a scorching collaboration with David Guetta and somehow found its way online weeks/months ahead of schedule. Perhaps it’s not even from her album, and maybe part of a forthcoming project from Guetta. Doesn’t really matter, because its her fans that win. Video and song kick ass. (UPDATE: Rihanna explains what the song and video are for. See the end of this post for deets.)

The visual for the song is a cornucopia of beautiful, bold and loud colors , which is appropriate considering her new album is titled “LOUD!”. I’m so glad my happy little RiRi is back. Me no likey the dark brooding one found in “Rated R“. David Guetta proves once again, why he’s so in demand. The euro dance-tinged track is upbeat, infectious and danceable. The accompanying music video is equally fun and whimsical. It’s Aqua’s “Barbie Girl” meets “Alice in Wonderland” meets 80s fluffy pop on acid. In other words, FANTASMISTICAL. Not a real word, but you know what I mean.

watch Rihanna’s video after the jump

Summer to Fall: Songs for Transition

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The sun may be shining, but the air is cooler. I dunno about you, but I only have my windows and doors open half the time now. I consider taking a light jacket or hoodie when I leave the house. And I don’t think I’ve worn shorts for a couple of weeks. Fall has fallen upon us.

As soon as the seasons shift, so does my choice of music. Traditionally, cooler weather brings strong bouts of Roisin Murphy’s “Ruby Blue” album, or a marathon of The Smith’s Greatest Hits. Although these are in circulation in my world right now, I’ve found a small playlist I’ve made is helping me remember a busy, sweaty summer, and getting me amped for for the changing leaves.

Check them out after the jump…

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