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Last night, the 200th show celebration was star studded and the guest judges brought the highest scores of the season. Brandy held on to her title of top dog but Jennifer Grey fought back to tie her at the top of the leader board. Bristol and Mark are back at the bottom of the board. Will we be shocked by another elimination or is Bristol back on a flight home to Alaska? We begin the night with Len picking his favorite team dance of the night which were captained by two returning stars Kristi Yamaguchi and Apolo Anton Ohno. They picked Team Apolo (the winning team) to perform again. The 6 dancers performed the hell out of it once again.

Brandy and Maks and Bristol and Mark are first to hear their results. Brandy was nervous prior to her routine and tried hard to think about the leader board. Her little slip up caught the eye of Bruno and Carie Ann but Len excused it because it was the best Foxtrot of the season he thought, even rewarding them a 10. Bristol and Mark had the Viennese Waltz and Bristol said that she didn’t like the dance at all. He even told her to go over the top before they began. Kelly Osbourne thought she did fantastic, but Bristol feels defeated and tired and misses her baby boy at home. She is exhausted and overwhelmed despite the fact that she received her highest scores ever.

Brandy and Maks: SAFE
Bristol and Mark: IN JEOPARDY

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DWTS 11 Week 7 Video Performances: 200th Episode!

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They made it all the way to 11 Seasons over 5 years and now, we celebrate the 200th Episode of Dancing With the Stars. Tonight, the show brings out more stars than you can shake a stick at. Not only do 2 of the past stars coach and captain the team challenge but a few even become guest judges for the evening, weighing in on the stars dances and even scoring them to add to Carie Ann, Len and Bruno’s final total making tonight’s score out of 40. Will the guest judges be kind to our stars or use their past experiences to rain down harsh criticisms. Well, I can’t wait to find out! The drama is heightened as the pressure to perform is higher than ever. The stars must reincarnate a dance made famous by one of the stars and that star will then judge the corresponding routine. So, lets begin!

We begin the evening with all the pros from all of the seasons dancing to the very first song ever performed on the show, Crazy in Love by Beyonce. The pros NAILED it of course with amazing footwork, lifts and tricks. The final section with Louis Van Amstel at the front leading the way was brilliant ending in an explosion of silver streamers bring the judges to their feet. Amaze-balls. What did you think of the opener?

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Rock Week ignited the ballroom and the leader board got flipped upside down. Former favorites went down in flames and others surprised us all. Its either time to rock on or roll out. The bottom three couples are up first to hear their fate. Bristol and Mark, Kurt and Anna and Jennifer and Derek. Bristol and Mark had their most amazing night with the Tango. I didn’t even recognize the woman on the floor. Kurt and Anna couldn’t find the right groove for his routine. It wasn’t polished and just couldn’t come together. Jennifer and Derek couldn’t balance technique and performance and went overboard and ended up falling out of one of their turns. Carie Ann said she was going down hill. Here are the first set of results:

  • Bristol and Mark: SAFE
  • Kurt and Anna: SAFE
  • Jennifer and Derek: IN JEOPARDY

The judges get to pick their favorite dance to see once again. They picked the couple who received their highest marks of the season thus far, Bristol and Mark. I think that’s a great choice for the night.

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Who will Rock You and who will Get Rocked?! Welcome to the Glitter Dome. Turn it up to 11. Its ROCK WEEK! The ballroom looks amazing with all the rigging and lightning. The band is even rocking out this week with 3 Electric Guitars. The judges desk is even plated in medal this week. As the stars enter the ballroom the costumes look unreal. I feel tonight is going to be full of drama and surprises. Tom says this show may also double as their Halloween show. Lets begin!


SONG: “Another One Bites The Dust” – Queen
Last week, Audrina had all the moves but lacked the passion. Tony thinks she may be thinking too much and needs to perform it more. Audrina says its intense and passionate. Tony loves her sweet personality but its nothing like Paso. Tony takes her to MMA training to get rough for Paso. Her outfit is so stunning and she begins with great steam in her eyes. She attacks everything aggressively and I love it. The only thing I will say is that her look is the same the entire time. The have one great lift moment where she is on his thigh and gets swept around him. I loved the ending with him pulling her down the floor and her shimmy to their final tableau. Len says that every week, her dances are lacking character lately. She has everything working but she just needs to work on that character. Bruno agrees with Len. He says imagine the man-eating Spanish beauty. He says she gets to the next stage. Carie Ann says that her improvement is ridiculous since week one and says its impressive. She says there is no intension behind the movement and if she can master that, she’ll go far.

Carie Ann: 8
Len: 8
Bruno: 8
TOTAL: 24 out of 30

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DWTS 11: Week 5 Eliminations

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Last night, the stars put on a show with numbers from popular TV classics like Bewitched and Charlie’s Angels. Kyle Massey who has proven to be a crowd favorite, fell almost all the way to the bottom of the pack when Len dropped their score down with an astonishing 5. Bristol and Mark were the bottom couple with their Monkee’s routine in ape suits and Brandy and Maks topped their leader board with their routine to the theme song from Friends. So lets find who got eliminated this week.

We start with the bottom two couples of the night. Kyle and Lacey danced to the theme from Charlie’s Angels. Their routine mixed disco with Foxtrot but fell short with Len who gave them a 5. On the flipside, he loved the theatrics of Mark and Bristol’s ape costumes but Bristol’s shortfalls during the routine caused them to score only 18 for the routine. The first couple safe is Kyle and Lacey. Bristol and Mark are also safe this week. SHOCKER! The bottom two couples are safe. Will a judges favorite be going home?

With TV Theme week, the show decided to create a few infomercials (to fill the one hour time slot). Bring It Like Bruno is the first up. With this DVD series, you can learn the moves of Bruno Tonioli like the lawn mower and my personal favorite the pencil sharpener. Hilarious.

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DWTS 11: Week 5 Video Performances

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Last week, the theater in the round took its toll on The Situation and Karina. But tonight, TV Theme Week brings the stars and their pro trainers to the breaking point, but doesn’t stop a few from making some TV magic. Its the half way point in the competition so its time for the stars to step up their game to prove they have what it takes to win the coveted Mirror Ball trophy. The evening takes a LONG half hour to begin with the judges recapping all of the stars and their partners and their favorite routines so far this season. YAWN! Have to eat up a two hour time slot hey ABC? That’s really too bad. It was the most boring time filler ever. Alright, its finally time to get to the dancing.


SONG: Theme Song from Friends (I’ll Be There For You)
Last week, Brandy’s Rumba stole Bruno’s heart. Tonight, they have the theme song from Friends and Brandy is excited. Their Quickstep begins in the audience and Maks offers Brandy and lollipop before they run onto the floor and begin their actual dancing. Brandy looks great, polished and confident in her movements. Her footwork is clean and it looks like her technique is on point. I’m sure the great song is helping her feel it out. Len is so impressed with the routine as the Quickstep is a hard dance. He thought it was sassy and had a lot of energy. Bruno tells them they’ve found the right formula that makes them work. Carie Ann notices that the trust has built between the two and now, they have had a successful routine on the floor.

The Scores:
Carie Ann: 9
Len: 9
Bruno: 9
TOTAL: 27 out of 30 (Brandy’s highest score yet)

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DWTS 11: Week 4 Elimination & Video Performances

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Here we go. Another round of eliminations and as the weeks go on, they get tougher. Last night, the judges gave out two scores. One for technique and one for performance. This split in the scores really rained down hard on not only the stars but the pros as well. Technique lacked for many and performance wasn’t far behind. Jennifer reclaimed her spot on the top of the leader board receiving the first 10’s of the season. Audrina, the opponent who rose to the top last week wasn’t far behind. Mike “The Situation” fell to the bottom of the back in technique and performance, but will he be eliminated tonight? The ballroom in the round took its toll but who will be its first victim?

The leading ladies from last night are first up to hear their fate. Brandy and Maks, Jennifer and Derek and Audrina and Tony all had great performances and proved why they deserve to be here. With a dramatic pause, Tom reveals that all 3 top performers from last night are safe.

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DWTS 11: Week 4 Video Performances

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Good evening. Tonight the stars are back to win your votes America. The ballroom has undergone its biggest makeover in 11 seasons to coincide with acoustic week. Tonight, the couples will be judge with two separate scores. One for technique and one for performance. Because the audience has been closer than ever the stars are under a lot more pressure to perform this week. Its also acoustic week. That serves as a challenge for most of the pros as they usually choreograph to accents in the music which are not as prominent in an unplugged band. The pros seem a bit shaken by the change not to mention to the stars. The musicality must be on point as well as the technique with the raised floor putting everything under the microscope. Lets hope everyone has what it takes when they perform the Argentine Tango or the Rumba.

The pros begin the night with a passionate Rumba. Chelsea and Dmitri show off their sexy skills to Chasing Pavements by Adele. Their chemistry, lifts and footwork steam up the ballroom. The judges seem to approve and we begin the first performance of the night.


SONG:”Drops of Jupiter” by Train
Last week, Kurt’s charm won over Carrie Ann, but will his sexy Rumba do the same? In rehearsals, Kurt seems to have a little trouble with the new technique. Anna thinks that the sensual chemistry that is needed for the piece may be awkward. Kurt explains that being a Christian and dancing sensually with Anna is hard not knowing how is wife feels. She comes to observe a rehearsal with Anna’s husband and she approves. Now Kurt has to bring that passion to the dance floor. As I watch the routine I feel like Kurt is dancing Rumba by numbers. There is zero passion between these two and Kurt is really stiff. Anna however is giving us everything in her hot little dress. Len liked Kurt’s hip movement and thought he pitched the romantic side of the piece just right. Bruno gives Kurt some criticism on his hands and tells him it has to flow through his hands and all the way to his fingers. Carrie Ann liked the performance and thought it was intimate and honest. She does mention his musicality wasn’t as spot on as it was last week.
The Scores:

Technical: Carrie Ann-5 Len-5 Bruno-5
Performance: Carie Anne-7 Len-6 Bruno-6
Grand Total: 34 out of 60

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