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First and foremost, huge thanks to Daniel Garofali for sending these photos our way. Much appreciated. The stunningly gorgeous stud graces the cover of DNA’s Swimsuit Issue. Those lucky Aussies are enjoying Summer while poor us in North America are in the midst of Winter. BRRRRRR!!!

Photographer Rick Day captures Garofali’s masculine beauty as he wears an assortment of bathing suits, ranging from modest to very revealing. Let’s just say you can almost see the pot of gold at the end of his treasure trail in certain shots. Check out Daniel below writhe and splash around on the beach for the Aussie publication. It’s the perfect way to warm up this cold December day.

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This post is too hot to handle for any other day of the week than Saturday. Since most of you are probably reading this while at home rather than the office, you’re in the clear to check out the slightly NSFW images. Using photos from his best-selling photo book All Players, famed photographer Rick Day picked a dozen of them for a 2014 calendar. Check out a few of the sizzling visuals below.

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ES Collection has Kirill Dowidoff. Not to be outdone. C-IN2 underwear has an equally studly underwear model of their own in the form of Mike Stalker. I sense a future Who’d You Rather battle between them soon. Prior to showing off his juicy bubble butt and rock hard abs, Stalker was a former Fordham University soccer player. That explains that toned physique.

For their latest promo vid, C-IN2 puts that physique to good use. The clip follows Mike during his morning routine which includes a sweaty workout and hammering??? Symbolism much? The vid takes an unexpected turn when a female guest arrives. Before you know it, Mike gets all up on her (lucky bitch). But wait… out of nowhere another person comes in and it’s another guy. Did someone call for a threesome. This just got interesting!!! Check out the Rick Day-directed visual below. In my next life, I want to come back as Day. That guy gets to photograph all the hottest guys.

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Looking at these images made me reminisce over Brian and my trip to Italy a couple years back. One of the things I regret most from my time it Italia was not venturing to Tuscany and hitting up Florence. Instead, we headed over to Venice for one of our day trips from Rome. It was a bit underwhelming to say the least. That said, I’m sure I wouldn’t have seen guys as hot as Fabio Mancini cavorting around in their underwear in the Tuscan countryside had we taken the train to Florence- or as they, Firenze.

The Italian model is front and center of C-IN2 clothing’s latest ad campaign. Snapped by famed photographer Rick Day, Mancini smolders in the brand’s wide range of underwear styles using the beautiful landscape of Italy as a gorgeous backdrop. Check out Fabio below in numerous photos as he shows off new colors and styles from C-IN2, including Pop, Prime, Zen, Core and Grip.

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Todd Sanfield, whom we’ve featured on Homorazzi a number of times, was featured in last month’s issue of GT Magazine for an incredibly sexy editorial shoot shot by the talented Rick Day. In this post, we’ve included some of those photos as well as some of the outtakes that didn’t make it into the issue.

The shoot took place in Kew Motel in Queens, the type of place that offers “very reasonable short-stay rates” (if you know what I mean), as well as as standard overnight rates. Todd poses in various parts of the motel room wearing different pairs of underwear, and sometimes nothing. There are some photos that are a little too racy for our site, but let me tell (as if I haven’t said it before) Sanfield has the hottest…everything. He’s got an incredible chest, killer abs, a bootylicous butt, and well…I’ll just stop there before I get carried away.

Check out the incredibly sexy pictures from the shoot below.

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Stiff Upper Lip Editorial By Rick Day

In: Donovan, Fashion

With the end of Movember in sight, I thought posting this sexy fashion editorial was very appropriate. Three of today’s hottest male models posed for famed photographer Rick Day for a photo series titled “Stiff Upper Lip“. The pictures can be found in the premier issue of ADON magazine- a new fashion pop culture magazine from New York.

Daniel Garofali, Travis Hanson, and Brian Shiamansky don fake mustaches for the shoot. Even though you can’t see much of the clothing, it’s from German brand Matistache. The underwear Garofali is wearing in the above picture has an adorably cute mustache silhouette printed on the behind. I totally want a pair. Check out a couple more pictures from Day’s series below.

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A new video that launched today, “Leaves Changing, Bodies Blooming,” introduces viewers to C-IN2 Clothing Co’s new selection of colors for its Fall/Winter 2012 Collection that stays colorful and vibrant. The video was shot on location in Tuscany by fashion photography sensation Rick Day.

“The trend with Fall/Winter color palettes is typically to go darker and more serious. We know that C-IN2′s customers like to stay colorful and have our great underwear accent their wardrobe,” said C-IN2 founder Gregory Sovell. “It’s the age of jet travel, and somewhere in the world, the flowers are always in bloom. As Isabella Rossellini says in Death Becomes Her, ‘I follow the spring. I haven’t seen an autumn or winter for years.‘ That’s what shapes Fall/Winter 2012 at C-IN2.”

The Fall/Winter 2012 features new fall & winter inspired colors for each 7 of C-IN2′s groundbreaking lines of underwear: ZEN, now in Plum Wine, True Blue, Dark Emerald, Polar Rose, and Lemoncello, is a combination of Rayon (made from Bamboo) and Cotton fibers blended to give a special transmission of comfort. An update for 2012 replaces the leg bindings with microfiber elastics. The elastic leg tension is adjusted accordingly for the different styles. Check out the stunning photos from the collection as well as the sexy video below. In case you’re wondering, the awesome song playing in the video is “I Follow Rivers” by Wounded Rhymes. Enjoy!

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Who doesn’t love when Daniel Garofali is in his underwear. To be honest, I don’t even know if I’d recognize him with his clothes on. I jest but in all honesty, I don’t think I’ve even seen a single picture of him wearing pants. I’m not complaining by any means and I’m definitely not fussing when it comes to his latest underwear campaign with C-in2 helping to promote their newest line of undies. Named GRIP, C-in2 is encouraging their customers to push their limits and take working out to a whole new level by “sweating longer.” C-in2 CEO Gregory Sovell explains:

“If sweat cannot evaporate, the body cannot cool down. If the body cannot cool down, you cannot perform at your best. We wanted to create a product that was performance enhancing and felt really great against the skin. Traditional Poly blends do wick, they simply do not feel good. We seek to deliver products that always make our customer look and feel their best. Whether you’re in the gym, on the court, on the dance-floor or in the bedroom, GRIP ensures you can “Sweat Longer. Our new GRIP line combines unparalleled athletic support and moisture transport properties, with the comfort, and quality for which we are known. We encourage every active male out there to get rid of their poly-cotton products, and Sweat Longer with GRIP.”

To help promote the campaign, Daniel completes the ultimate workout by performing a sexy pommel horse routine in only his undies. And you thought watching Danell Leyva compete in the Olympics was sexy. Try watching Daniel do pommel without getting all hot and bothered. Oh ya, somewhere in there they explain the technology behind the underwear’s fabric but honestly, I’m too distracted by Garofali. Woof!

Check out Daniel’s sexy pommel horse routine after the jump.

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