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Just because NBC cut ties with Donald Trump, it doesn’t mean that Celebrity Apprentice is necessarily dead. The peacock network is looking to forge ahead but with a different personality at the helm. Though talks are still in the early stages, there is a short list of personalities that executives are eying. Find out who below.

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Kate Winslet Is ‘Outta This World’

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To say Kate Winslet leads a charmed life is putting it mildly. Not only is she strikingly beautiful, but she’s extremely talented as well. At age 31 she was the youngest actress to accrue five Academy Award nominations. Number six proved lucky when she finally nabbed the Oscar for Best Actress in The Reader. She’s even co-starred with Leonardo DiCaprio not once, but twice. Speaking of Leonardo…

Reportedly, her Titanic co-star walked her down the aisle for her recent wedding to Ned Rocknroll. Hopefully, marriage number three will be it. Winslet was previously married to Jim Threapleton (1998-2001) and Sam Mendes (2003-2010). To congratulate the happy couple, one particular tycoon gave a very unique wedding gift. Find out below who, what and why they gave Winslet and Rocknroll this present.

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Not too long ago, I wrote about a new marriage equality campaign that just launched in the UK called ‘Out4Marriage‘. The concept is simple: People are encouraged to upload a video that explains why they are Out4Marriage… people who believe that love is love.

This campaign was born out of the current battle that is taking place in the UK for marriage equality. So many videos made by people from all ages and walks of life. In fact, yesterday, founder of Virgin, Richard Branson made his own video for the cause explaining why he felt it was important and how he personally connected to the cause.

He and his company are firm believers in equality. Last year, his daughter got married and it was one of the most memorable experiences for him. He feels that everyone should be allowed to experience that should they desire. Watch his very heartfelt and noble video below.

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Virgin Oceanic: The New Submarine

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Just when I thought Virgin Atlantic figurehead and CEO Sir Richard Branson was out of ideas, he had to go out and place another one of his fantasies straight into reality. The latest endeavor (or should I say brainchild) of his ever-creating mind has caused quite a stir in the realm of what is possibly in both air and water travel options.

The latest project, Virgin Oceanic christened ‘Necker Nymph’ is being described as an ‘aero-submarine’. The concept involves applying the principles of airplanes and adapting them to work underwater, in essence creating an underwater plane. The vehicle is capable of carrying one pilot and two additional passengers to depths of around 130 feet below the surface. This revolutionary model is expanding people’s abilities to explore coral reefs and shipwreck remains in it comfort of a climate controlled cabin. The catch; however, is the cost. The current offering is a two-hour ride aboard the vessel, as well as a week’s stay on Sir Branson’s private Caribbean island all for a mere $113,000.

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