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ricci guarnaccio

Since Jersey Shore is signing off forever after tonight’s series finale (Thank God), I thought I’d share this piece of eye candy. Much like the Seaside Heights crew, I haven’t watched their UK counterparts in a few seasons. That said, who doesn’t love seeing British lads drop trou for the holiday season. The sexy blokes of Geordie Shore posed for a very festive (and revealing) photo shoot for NOW magazine. The group photo is nice, but the behind the scenes videos is even better. You get to see certain parts jiggle ;)

My favorite has always been that tasty Ricci Guarnaccio (second from right). He’s so adorable and has the nicest six pack. Too bad he’s so short and straight ;) Unlike the Jersey Shore boys, the male cast has changed several times. The only originals are Gary “Gaz” Beadler (center) and James Tindale (far right). The two on the left- Daniel Thomas Tuck and Scott Timlin- joined the cast for Season 4. Overall, a very buff and handsome crew. Check out their naughty picture below.

check out the sexy pic and sexier behind the scenes video after the jump

Marry, F*ck, Bitch Slap: Geordie Shore Blokes

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Most of us are in Whistler this weekend and truth be told, I’m a little hungover today. Last night was pretty epic and considering the copious amounts of alcohol we all consumed, writing a post about “Geordie Shore” seems very appropriate. For those who aren’t familiar with the show, it’s a UK version of “Jersey Shore” but with way hotter guys. Seriously, all four of them are totes doable.

Seeing that it’s been a while since we played Marry, F*ck, Bitch Slap, I thought pitting Gary, James, Jay and Ricci against each other would be a fun thing to do this lazy Saturday. Normally, I only give three guys for this game, but I couldn’t pick which three to feature. So this around, you get a buffer and can toss one to the side. Check out the guys below and see who’d I’d MFB.

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