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Ex On The Beach: Who’s The Hottest Guy?

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While channel surfing one day, I stumbled upon this little gem on MTV. Naturally, I stopped and watched for a bit to enjoy the plethora of buff male specimens. I had no idea what was going on but I was hooked.

Ex on the Beach is a British reality show that features eight single men and women enjoying a summer holiday in paradise while looking for love. Things become less than ideal when some of their exes show up to shake things up. Apparently, the show is a hit and two seasons have aired.

For all you reality junkies, you might recognize a few faces since some of them are recycled from other reality guilty pleasures like Geordie Shore and Celebrity Big Brother.

Check out some of my favorite guys below to hit the beach for MTV UK. Be sure to weigh in on which ones are your favorites afterwards. The juicy one above is named Jack Lomax in case you feel like voting for him.

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Since Jersey Shore is signing off forever after tonight’s series finale (Thank God), I thought I’d share this piece of eye candy. Much like the Seaside Heights crew, I haven’t watched their UK counterparts in a few seasons. That said, who doesn’t love seeing British lads drop trou for the holiday season. The sexy blokes of Geordie Shore posed for a very festive (and revealing) photo shoot for NOW magazine. The group photo is nice, but the behind the scenes videos is even better. You get to see certain parts jiggle 😉

My favorite has always been that tasty Ricci Guarnaccio (second from right). He’s so adorable and has the nicest six pack. Too bad he’s so short and straight 😉 Unlike the Jersey Shore boys, the male cast has changed several times. The only originals are Gary “Gaz” Beadler (center) and James Tindale (far right). The two on the left- Daniel Thomas Tuck and Scott Timlin– joined the cast for Season 4. Overall, a very buff and handsome crew. Check out their naughty picture below.

check out the sexy pic and sexier behind the scenes video after the jump

Marry, F*ck, Bitch Slap: Geordie Shore Blokes

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Most of us are in Whistler this weekend and truth be told, I’m a little hungover today. Last night was pretty epic and considering the copious amounts of alcohol we all consumed, writing a post about “Geordie Shore” seems very appropriate. For those who aren’t familiar with the show, it’s a UK version of “Jersey Shore” but with way hotter guys. Seriously, all four of them are totes doable.

Seeing that it’s been a while since we played Marry, F*ck, Bitch Slap, I thought pitting Gary, James, Jay and Ricci against each other would be a fun thing to do this lazy Saturday. Normally, I only give three guys for this game, but I couldn’t pick which three to feature. So this around, you get a buffer and can toss one to the side. Check out the guys below and see who’d I’d MFB.

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