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Were you shocked by the final moments of last night’s Revenge? Did Victoria Grayson (Madeleine Stowe) blow herself up in a final act of revenge against Emily Thorn (Emily VanCamp)? It would appear so, however, the Grayson matriarch has cheated death once before. Remember the Season 1 cliffhanger where she escaped the exploding plane?

Entertainment Weekly sat down with 56-year-old actress about her character’s fate on the ABC drama. More importantly, she discusses her involvement with Revenge should it continue for another season. Keep in mind she signed a five-year contract with the show. Read some quotes from her interview below.

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I knew it. I knew it. The second I saw Justin Hartley’s character, Patrick, interact with Nolan (Gabriel Mann), I sensed there was something else going on. Whether Patrick is a full-on homosexual or just a gay-for-pay drifter looking for his next con, I’m hoping Revenge writers put Hartley in more intimate predicaments. Perhaps more poolside scenes, taking a steamy shower, or just laying around in bed? I’m really not picky, as long as he’s barely wearing anything.

Props to Nolan for upgrading to this hot piece of ass after that unfortunate encounter with psychotic bisexual hooker Tyler in Season 1. Just in case you missed Patrick and Nolan’s kissing scene last night, check it out below.

As an aside: Is anyone else watching Revenge this season? After last year’s misstep with that whole Initiative debacle, the show has returned to what it does best. Giving us those wickedly cold interactions between Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp) and Victoria Grayson (Madeleine Stowe). I just can’t enough of those icy staredowns.

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Emily Thorne Gets Shot In Revenge Season 3 Promo

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It’s no secret the sophomore season of Revenge was a huge letdown. Things got way to convoluted with the American Initiative, the Ryan brothers and other random useless storylines. In the end, fans of the show wanted more icy showdowns between Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp) and Victoria Grayson (Madeleine Stowe). I know that’s what I look forward to. With a new showrunner on board and the axing of dead weight, Season 3 promises to return back to the glorious freshman year.

ABC debuted the first television spot for the new season and I’m already hooked. Within the first sixty seconds of the premiere, we see our heroine Emily wearing a wedding dress. Instead of living happily ever after, she’s shown getting shot and falling to her watery grave. Who are they kidding? There’s no way they’re killing off Emily.

Also shown in the clip are Conrad (Henry Czerny) passing out, Nolan (Gabriel Mann) parachuting and other juicy morsels, all attempting to entice you to tune in to the premiere. Check out the promo below.

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If you were on the fence about Justin Hartley being cast as Victoria Grayson’s long-lost son Patrick, this picture should win you over. Christa B. Allen (Charlotte) treated Revenge fans with a sexy behind the scenes pic. She took a shirtless snap of Hartley and posted it on Instagram. It seems the two are hitting it off. As you can see above, Allen posted another pic of the two of them. Is someone secretly crushin‘ on her on-screen half-brother? I wouldn’t blame her if she was. Check out the pic below.

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Revenge Flies First Class To The Holy Land

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Recently, Revenge producers announced the addition of Justin Hartley as Victoria Grayson’s long-lost son Patrick. The casting department isn’t done just yet. They just announced two more guest stars joining the ABC drama’s third season. One recently appeared on The History Channel’s The Bible, and the other starred on ABC’s ill-fated Pan Am. Find out who below.

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On the second season finale of Revenge, Victoria Grayson’s (Madeleine Stowe) long lost son appeared on the footsteps of Grayson manor. While we didn’t see his face, his appearance shocked Victoria enough to drop her glass. I just hope it wasn’t expensive ;) Maybe it wasn’t shock, but rather she was taken aback how breathtakingly handsome he is. Spoiler alert: He is one hot piece of ass.

We learned last season, Victoria gave birth to a boy named Patrick when she was just 16. She gave up her child when an opportunity to attend an art school in Paris came up. E! News exclusively reports that Revenge has finally cast the pivotal role. If you’re a regular viewer of The CW, you’ll recognize this actor. Here’s a hint: He starred in a show last year that didn’t last for very long. Find out who below.

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Which Original Character Is Being Axed On Revenge?

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The Season 1 Revenge cast photo is starting to look an awful like the Grayson Global group picnic picture. You know the one where Emily Thorne crosses off each person she’s brought down. On the heels of the ABC show killing off Declan Porter (Connor Paolo), Deadline is reporting that another original character is being written off the show. Find out who below.

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When it comes to female sexuality, there’s probably no better experts than the Victoria’s Secret Angels. Have you seen those tall beyotches strut their stuff on the glittered runway of the brand’s annual fashion show? I admit, as a gay man, I probably have an unhealthy fascination with all things VS-related. When you add an annual list to the mix, you know I’m all over it.

Watch as Behati Prinsloo, Karlie Kloss, Erin Heatherton, Candice Swanepoel and Alessandra Ambrosio reveal the winners of Victoria’s Secret 8th annual list of sexiest celebrities in Hollywood. A few of the sexy honorees include Amanda Seyfried (Sexiest Hair), Blake Lively (Sexiest Legs), Kerry Washington (Sexiest Lips) and Jennifer Lawrence (Sexiest Sense of Humor) to name a few. Check out all the winners below.

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